Product Management vs Business Analyst: Which Should You Choose?


When it comes to current business scenarios, the difference between product management and business analysis isn’t felt much, because of their similar work values. Therefore, it is crucial to know the distinction between the two, when we talk about product management vs business analyst.

Based on their purpose, the observational fields of business analysis and product management form a beautiful symbiosis, essential for the overall growth of an organization. 

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What is Product Management?

It is precisely what it sounds like – complete management of the product delivered. Now, it is to be remembered that the term ‘management’ is a subjective term, relative to its context. In light of product management, it means a field in an organization that manages the lifecycle of a product. Right from the idea conception to building marketing strategies – product management involves everything that one can find about a product until it’s running actively. 


This observational field is crucial to a business for its exceedingly high potential to design unique, user-centric products that can prove to be revolutionary when done right. Learn more about product manager’s role and responsibilities.

Why is Product Management Essential?

Everything that the customer needs or looks up to goes in the market. Anything that isn’t a crowd-pleaser can land the entire brand down to rakes. At the same time, for customers, businesses are what they make. 

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With product management skills, every business can set its tone right with its target group, and keep upskilling itself to produce better output for users. Product management is a tool that makes companies understand and analyze their user requirements and deliver solutions as products that would be instrumental in organizational growth. However, this process of developing products never ends, as the needs of your users continuously evolve, leading one thing to another. Here’s how:

  • Eventually, as your customers start having more expectations and dynamic needs, your competitors may outperform you in delivering user-targeted products
  • The process could also lead to more and more extensive research and finally reach a breakthrough in the industry to cause a massive shift
  • Since all of the research and implementation takes place in a highly competitive, saturated market, to stand out, your product can reshape and realign its objectives to serve users based on trends

What is Business Analysis? 

According to the definition of the International Institute of Business Analysis

Business Analysis is the practice of enabling change in the organization by defining needs and recommending solutions.

It is a research-based study that can prove to be handy to find unique solutions to your scenario-based business problems. Learn more about What Does a Business Analyst Do?

Who are Business Analysts?

These professionals are solely responsible for having an in-depth understanding of your business architecture to come up with innovative, cost-effective ways to ensure maximum productivity and utilization of resources. They strive to keep one’s head above water, for both the enterprise and its employees to build sustainable work ambiance. 

For business analysts, the scope of work is a step-by-step process, which includes the following stages:

  • Complete analysis of your enterprise
  • Understanding the requirement of planning and management skills
  • Bringing out the business needs within an organization
  • In-depth analysis of deduced conditions, backing up with available data
  • Transparent conveyance of business essentials across all mediums
  • Figuring out unique solutions to problem statements and seeking validation from     business owners

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Why is Business Analysis Essential?

Similar to product management, business analysis as a field may also function to provide deep insights into the making of an enterprise. Business owners can gain immensely from this valuable field, as it is through business analysis that you can understand the complete operation and principle of an organization, learn about its strengths, identify focus areas, and more. 

For example, for a company that’s struggling to get on its feet with limited resources, it’s through competent business analysis that they can identify their unique strengths and solutions.

Product Management vs Business Analyst: Differences and Similarities


Product Management Viewpoint

For Product Management professionals, the work demands to focus entirely on their users or target groups, i.e., outside of the organization. These product managers are also known as product wizards, who’re solely responsible for the products they deliver and their importance of it. 

  • They are the go-to guy when it comes to resolving any pressing issue related to product development, and that generally includes gliding through cross-functional teams. 
  • They’re the product visionaries, whose job is to know what the users or the markets need as a product, work through their ways, and get it done once and for all. 
  • Throughout their work, their ultimate target remains fixed at yielding quality and satisfaction for their target groups. 
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Business Analysis Viewpoint

Their work typically needs them to brainstorm the best opportunities for resources to function at their optimal capacity. 

  • Business analysts are the engineers who drive the organization to keep up with the changing market needs, user demands, and eventually facilitate better product building.
  • Business analysts are the providers for an organization to understand its potential, resolve any underlying problems that may cause hindrance or delays in the crucial task of developing products, or on the overall brand value.
  • They analyze all the involved processes and business architecture to gather the best internal resources that could prove to be instrumental in making user-centric products for the market.
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Overall, it can be said that in the battle of Product Management vs Business Analyst, both the sides are like the two faces of a coin, which combine to give meaning to businesses and make it stronger. If you’re interested to become a great product manager, you need to demonstrate qualities of leadership, check out the Post Graduate Certificate in Product Management for it is you who’ll guide your team towards the path of success

Companies across both IT and e-commerce sectors pay excellent compensation to deserving candidates who can add value to their organization. Apart from the regular educational qualifications and work experience, having advanced Business Analysis certifications also helps in bagging jobs that offer high-level salaries.

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