Crucial PR Skills: What Makes PR Effective in 2023? 

Public Relations has always been a demanding field. Only the toughest survive the cut-throat competition and succeed in making a mark for themselves.

Being at the forefront of manipulating a business’s brand image in the public domain, a PR executive is required to be quick, decisive, and bold. Not to mention, extremely skilled.

Yes, you heard that right. Relationship-building skills and influential writing are only part of what a potential PR is expected to be excellent at.

With globalization and advancements in technology at an all-time high, Public Relations demands that you have valuable technical skills like SEO, social media advertisement, and programming to effectively manage the perceptions of the public.

In this article, we will take a look at the necessary skills that are required in PR practitioners that will help them carve a niche for themselves in the field.

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Top 5 Skills Required for PR

Most multinational companies almost completely rely on PR to manage their public image. Since it’s a continued effort, businesses will have it no other way. If you plan on getting into Public Relations, you must be prepared for the challenging road ahead of you.

Here are the top skills companies look for when hiring a Public Relations representative:

1. Ability to Conduct In-Depth Research

A PR representative must be able to familiarize himself with a client’s background, motives, market, and key trends regarding the industry they are in. This will help serve them better in achieving their goals. Since they are required to work with people from diverse fields, they must remain up to date with the needs and desires of each client and their expectations.

Pairing up with analysts and journalists to stay on top of market trends will help assist clients in meeting their needs.

This also requires working on your logical and reasoning skills, and the effective use of technologies and tools to conduct research.

Public Relations is a profession that relies heavily on your reputation. It requires you to be honest, bold, and principled. To build a positive reputation in your networks, you must remain true to your craft and values.

Indulging in deceptive ways, manipulating the truth, or misleading the public with false facts can land you in a whole world of trouble. Thus, it’s best to steer clear of dishonest measures.

2. Communication Skills

Communication is the bread and butter of PR. Whether it’s through words or writings, it is important to polish your communication skills.

Publicists are required to have compelling writing skills to influence the opinions of the audience. You should be able to write articles or blog posts that can engage people and motivate them to share these within their circles.

Press releases must be gripping enough to generate interest in existing or upcoming products of the company.

Also, it is a good idea to work on your verbal communication and presentation skills since you’d be required to communicate a brand’s message to the audience now and then. One must be good at writing their speeches as well.

Apart from this, public speaking abilities and how effectively you initiate and maintain relations with the media are huge indicators of a PR campaign’s success.

Public Relations is of great significance if a company is in a major crisis or accident or has suffered a financial scam. At this junction, effective journalism is needed to accurately present the situation in front of the media.

3. Skills to Form and Maintain Relations

PR people are actively involved with a ton of people who help companies send out the desired message to the audience. Maintaining productive relationships with shareholders, customers, investors, employees, media, etc., contributes to the success of a campaign.

4. Expertise in Handling Social Media 

Since social media is a significant part of every business advertising campaign today, companies seek PR professionals who can effectively leverage multiple social media tools. Businesses have dedicated departments that work on creating a digital presence for themselves.

Curating targeted content for the brand on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc., is the most reliable way to communicate a brand’s message.

Having a knack at handling social media campaigns by conducting analysis, marketing, and managing content and releases will go a long way in determining your success in this field.

Content marketing and digital marketing skills are a huge plus in this industry. Knowing these will maximize the potential of your campaigns and increase your reach.

Social media platforms also come with tools to monitor the success of campaigns. Learning to study these reports and creating strategies based on the data will improve the effectiveness of client campaigns.

5. Ability to Create Cross-Border Campaigns

A good PR practitioner is familiar with the customs and standards of various cultures. This helps them target people from different backgrounds and positively influence their mindset.

A PR representative that can enhance a company’s objectives across the global population is highly sought after. Businesses rarely ever have budget constraints when it comes to expanding into international media.

As a PR executive, being able to speak more than one language can work in your favor. Furthermore, you would be required to create unique strategies and content for different cultures.

Researching skills are of vital significance here. You can take up a language course to diversify your portfolio and enjoy the benefit of working in a foreign country.

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Public Relations Courses

If you are looking to get into Public Relations, we have just the right opportunity for you. upGrad offers a Master’s degree in Public Relations from the University of Mumbai through its 2-year online program. There is a 6-month inbuilt internship included in the curriculum that comprises 30 learning hours.

The course is available both in English and Marathi.


As we discussed above, working on your researching abilities, fostering productive relationships with all those involved, an international mindset, and social media savviness are among the most sought-after qualities in a PR representative. Strategic thinking, planning, and time management are some other soft skills in PR that have a significant impact on your success. Whether you are a fresher or an experienced professional,  it is a good idea to acquire a Master of Arts in Public Relations

Imbibe these skills and values in your PR campaigns to improve their effectiveness!

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