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One of the most vital elements for data visualizations in Microsoft, Power BI can be used for conducting reports and insights. BI reporting tools prepare the data to avail the insight and information. Also, it is easy to share with a large number of people since it contains a varied range of data settings. You can provide the whole corporate feeling, which is only possible after a Power BI tutorial from experts.

Every organization in the world uses Microsoft, which is why Power BI is the software you should have a grip on. It functions as a solution to complex actions, making it simple for everyone to understand.

If you are searching for a  Power BI tutorial, this article will provide you with the necessary information about power BI.

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What is Power BI?

Power BI can be regarded as a business analytics software that represents and visualizes data to present information used in the Microsoft platform. It is required to convert data from various sources to create a Power BI dashboard and reports on Business Intelligence. Different graphs and charts can be generated with the help of Power BI.

You can download Power BI for free. You can get it in two ways: 

  • Installing it like an app in the Microsoft store
  • Downloading it as an executable on your desktop

What are the types of Power BI services?

Customers can utilize three services to make their work more comfortable and hassle-free. These include:-

  • Power BI Desktop: The Windows Application is present in each desktop worldwide. Installing Power BI in your machine can bring about a smooth ride when making visuals.
  • Power BI Web App: It can be recognized as an online app or a Saas, i.e., Software as a solution, accessible from every browser. The Saas does not even require you to download it and functions at a similar level to the desktop.
  • Mobile Power BI: Available in tablets and phones, this comes in handy when you do not have a laptop or have left it at your home, and an important meeting is about to start. You can procure the saved items or use BI reporting tools even from these devices.

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Why is Power BI an important platform?

Every Microsoft user should know why and how Power BI plays a crucial role in our lives. The following reasons are as follows:- 

  • Features: Packed with abundant features that go hand-in-hand, apps such as Power BI look up to every customer’s demand. The app, with these features, produces concrete information through the form of images based mostly on business data. In addition, power BI Pro supports graphical data visuals, both in single and collaborative environments.
  • Strong attributes: Customers can function with this app in business forums due to the Power BI dashboard, which helps to create databases. It can be customized adequately with business requirements.
  • Expert accessibility: As we have seen, Power BI is available on various devices. Advanced accessibility is found in Android, IoS, and Windows, where many apps are unable to function. Simple graphic functions do not require a Power BI tutorial, but it is essential for expert accessibility.
  • Connectivity: The app has an excellent connectivity level as it provides you access to Azure Cloud, on-premise, and other third-party sources. Using all of these together, new datasets can be created that’s essential for several business objectives. The best part is that it guarantees 100% security when you access the other apps. 
  • Updates: Monthly updates are received by those who use Power BI. It also adds up suggestions if mistakes are visible. Proposed functions are mentioned to fulfill the task. 
  • Refreshing Data: The latest versions of Power BI allow to refresh data 8 times at the most while Power BI pro can support 48 times of data refreshment. The deployment leads to smooth flexibility of the projects covered, resulting in a smooth performance by the apps.
  • Cost ranges: Power BI Pro, mainly required in the functions of Azure Cloud, is available at an extremely low cost. On the other hand, power BI Premium is comparatively expensive but does not demand licenses.
  • Acquiring information quickly: Unlike other apps, Power BI provides concrete information rapidly. Power BI supports the drag-and-drop methods, i.e., producing reports that can be performed at a quick rate.

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Which skills are mandatory to become a Power BI developer?

The journey to becoming a Power BI developer can be only possible if you acquire the following skills.

  • Data modeling: Without understanding data modeling, your Power BI report would be difficult to maintain and can lead to total failure. Data modeling can be understood as the concept of tables, columns, and their relations. Although done through non-digital spaces, it helps you to master the app.
  • Power BI desktop tool: You should know the general procedures to generate accurate reports. This tool is the highlight for all your creations.
  • Data Transformation and ETL: The term ETL stands for Extract, Transform and Load. The source system helps to convert the data into the desired form and arrive at its goals. There are two kinds of developers who have expertise in ETL – Enterprise ETL Developer and Power BI developer.
  • Analytical Language: Since Power BI is a tool primarily used in analytics, it also has a separate language that you have to learn. A Power BI tutorial can come in handy to learn these lessons.
  • Visualization: This can be regarded as the most vital skill to become a Power BI developer. It will help you to convey the message which aligns with the objectives.
  • Understanding the deployment and architecture: These mechanisms are necessary because it is mainly about the platform’s structure. Considered as the critical components, it is essential for adopting Power BI.
  • AI and Machine Learning: Cognitive learning, Azure Machine Learning, and Python are some of the essentials which can help you get a good grip of Power BI. You will receive extra value if you are well acquainted with these.

Summing Up:-

Power BI can be regarded as lightweight and mandatory for understanding Microsoft. It is essential for business analytics and is considered to be more efficient than MS Excel. Taking a Power BI tutorial makes you a master of Microsoft within a short period yet in great demand from most sectors. Power BI plays an essential role in logistics, human resources, financial statements, market analytics, and sales. Hence, it is considered a proficiency that can implement solutions for various issues.

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What are content packs in Power BI?

The content packs can be referred to as pre-built solutions in the Power BI platform. The account is connected to check on data from a Power BI dashboard. In addition, these packs can help to share the reports at a faster rate with valuable information. These packs can be organizational or self-made but have similar purposes.

What are the types of visualizations present in Power BI?

Graphs are mainly used for visualizations. But it also includes other types such as bars, columns, pie charts, area charts, cards, maps, matrixes, and slicers. Combo charts, decomposition trees, gauge charts, funnel charts, scatter are the other available visuals.

When was Power BI invented?

Ron George designed the app, previously titled Project Crescent, in 2010. However, it was available to the population in 2011, mostly bundled with Denali, a SQL server codename. In 2013, its name changed into power BI, with BI standing for business intelligence. Microsoft exposed it, especially for Office 365, making business analytics simpler for the upcoming years.

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