How to Build Power BI Resume? Step by Step Guide [For Freshers & Experienced]


So you are looking for a Power BI Developer Job and are on your way to make a sparkling resume. We all can agree on the fact that in recent times, getting the dream Power BI Developer job has been difficult due to such increasingly high competition. Recruiters go through lots of resumes to sort out the best ones in terms of accomplishments as well as presentation.

In this article, you will be learning all the tips to make your resume stand out from the rest in terms of presentation.

Let’s get started.

General Tips

There are some general instructions that you should always keep in mind before making a resume – be it for a Power BI Job or not.

  • Always try making a resume using LaTeX or some standard external software.
  • Always use Professional Font like Arial or Verdana in your resume.
  • Always use a Professional Email-ID name and not some random gibberish names.
  • Always try to use a single font-style and colour throughout the document.
  • Always mention projects or work experience that is related to the job posting.
  • Pick a professional template for your resume.
  • Do not make your resume too long. Keep it within 1-2 pages.
  • Your final resume should be foolproof.

With these general tips in mind, we shall now craft our resume to apply for a Power BI Developer Job.

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Your Name & Other Personal Details

Your name and your other personal details should be on the top of your resume. This is like introducing yourself to others. Your other personal details may include your Email-ID, contact number and any website you own. You can also add your LinkedIn Profile link, Github Link in this section.

Avoid mentioning your whole address, as most recruiters do not require any knowledge about where you reside exactly.

From now on, based on your template, the position of the upcoming sections might change. But make sure you do not miss any of these sections.

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The summary section in your resume helps the recruiters understand the skills you possess. This is merely 3-5 sentences and should be written in a clever way to make the recruiter interested in reading more about your resume.

‘Experienced Power BI Developer with 4+ years of experience in developing BI applications like Power BI and Tableau. Rich experience in creating enthralling reports and dashboards to visualise situations.’


Unless you are a hugely experienced individual, it is always good to provide some knowledge about your past education. You should mention your university name for your bachelor’s degree and also for your master’s degree(if any). You can add your CGPA if you find the number to be hugely appealing. If you have done any course from a recognized institution, it will increase your resume’s weight.

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This is where you should mention the name of the tools you are experienced with. You can categorise the level of your knowledge in those tools as Experienced, Familiar, etc.

Experienced: Power BI, Tableau, MS SQL Server, Excel, SSAS, T-SQL, DAX, C#, Python

Familiar: HTML, CSS, JS, SASS, Angular.JS

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Work Experience

If you are an experienced person looking for a new job, this is where you should concentrate the most. This section consists of all the relevant work experiences you have for this job. Recruiters will mainly sort resumes based on this section. If you have too low or irrelevant work experience, you would not be considered. You might have huge and relevant work experience, but you should also know how to craft it properly to showcase your efforts in front of the recruiter.

Write your previous job title, followed by the company name and the duration you have worked under that company. Immediately, below this, you should mention the role you worked for the company. And always try to mention the profits or good changes you have made for that company.

Especially for a Power BI Developer, you need to have strong SQL development skills along with strong knowledge in coding on some of the most popular languages like C#, Java, Python, etc. Alongside, you need to have excellent analytical and communication skills.

Power BI Developer – ABC Company – (May 2018 – November 2020)

  • Created highly informative visual dashboards using advanced DAX that helped solving problems at a faster rate by about 17%
  • Performed various types of transformations in Power BI query editor
  • Was responsible for installing and configuring Enterprise and Personal Gateway
  • Was responsible for generating huge data extracts and queries for data analysis with the help of various database schemas like Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle

Similarly, mention all the relevant experiences you had for other companies. Accordingly, mention the details about how your efforts made the company better.


Projects are the second-most important section in resume-making. In this section, you have to list out all the relevant projects you have made until now. Really cool and excellent projects attract a lot of attention, even if you do have relatively less work experience. Having good projects in your resume means you have managed to successfully provide a solution to various real-world problems as well as applying those various tricks you learned in Power BI.

Especially when you are creating a Power BI Resume, you need to have some cool projects that denote you have applied visualisation tools like PowerBI and database tools like MySQL, MongoDB, etc.

Examples of some Project you can add in your resume for a Power BI job:

  • Job Trends – You can scrape job postings from the web for some particular year. It will have details such as job types, salary offered, vacancies, country details, etc. Based on that, you can create dashboards using PowerBI and tell various important details about the jobs tradition worldwide.
  • Library Management System – This is a very common project which utilises extensive use of databases. You need to maintain the record of every book being issued to a user. You also need to check the issue validity of a user and check whether he has any fines due or not. You can also use some web development tools like HTML, CSS, JS to make an attractive page for users to login.

That’s it.

These are the important things you should never forget while you are making a resume for your next Power BI related job.

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In this article, you have gathered knowledge on how to make a perfect Power BI resume. You have looked into the general mistakes one makes, and now you know how to avoid them. You have also learned about some tips that you should always keep in mind while preparing a resume. Remember, Power BI jobs are in great demand and hence there is always tough competition.

If you have made the resume following all these tips, Congrats! You are now a step ahead of your competitors.

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What are the different components of Power BI Architecture?

The list of Power BI components seems to be never-ending. It offers various features that you need not go anywhere else. Some of these components are as follows: Power BI supports various kinds of files and allows data and file transfer from a wide range of sources. To transfer large data files, the users can either use Power BI premium or Microsoft Azure. Power BI Desktop is a powerful tool that allows you to visualize your data in multiple ways. It offers you different types of charts and graphs like scatter charts and line graphs. Power BI Service is a cloud platform where you can upload your work and share it with your team. It also allows you to create your customized dashboard to collaborate with other users. Power BI Gateway allows you to link your information to the on-site resources without moving your data. This keeps your work updated and you can easily query big datasets.

What are BI tools and why are they used?

BI or Business Intelligence tools are software that helps in efficient data analysis by providing various powerful features and options including interactive reports, intuitive dashboards, cloud support, and integration with various applications.
There are many popular BI tools out there in the market providing some unique features to help effective analysis of complex data for organizations. With industries generating huge datasets, it becomes highly counterproductive to handle these datasets manually. BI tools come with varied price ranges to suit all types of businesses.

What are other popular BI tools?

The following are some of the other popular Business Intelligence tools which you can definitely lookout. Zoho Analytics provides a reporting tool that allows you to create reports and dashboards with a simple drag and drop feature and works well when integrated with Google apps. Google Data Studio allows you to create reports and dashboards for your company by using a set of raw data from multiple sources and also provides a variety of marketing templates. BiG EVAL provides powerful tools to test the quality of the data and manage it. These features have been designed and improved as per the reviews of the customers. BiG EVAL DTA helps in automating the testing of the data.

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