Top 3 Open Source Projects for C++ [For Beginners To Try in 2024]

Be it the tech giants like Google Chrome, Adobe Photoshop. YouTube or even games like Doom 3 or even trading websites like Bloomberg trading, the common link between them is using the prevalent language of C++. C++ has the post-increment operator attached with C. Those who are familiar with the post, and the pre-increment operators would know that C ++ is supposed to be one step ahead of C. 

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Yes, that is true. C++ is actually modeled after the language of C, and it was created with the sole purpose of adding more depth to the already very versatile language of C. C++ is responsible for adding both the graphical and the object-oriented model to the C language, both of which are very important to developers of today.

We can rarely imagine not having GUIs or Graphical User Interfaces or not having classes and objects which so accurately depicts the real world. Because of this addition, which C++ made to C, it allowed C++ to be useful in things which C was traditionally not used for, like the development of Web and Web-Based Application. 

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Since we get Objects, we also get OOPS or (Object-oriented programming concepts) as well. Meaning, you would be able to make use of Polymorphism, Abstraction, Encapsulation, and Inheritance in your projects if you decide to use C++. Because of all such benefits, C++ has evolved into one of the best scripting languages. There is no way we can imagine a world without C++.

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However, even with all the apparent benefits that C++ has, it still is being overshadowed by languages like Java and Python. Mainly because coding with C++ is much harder than using a language like Python. It is because Python has a straightforward structure.

You do not have to worry about things like dynamic memory allocation and memory cleansing after use. If you are to use C++, you will have to ensure that no memory is being wasted by manually coding in the features. That is perhaps the reason why some C++ is a very archaic and challenging language. 

But, even Python would not be Python if C++ would not be around. Because of the speed of C++, it is used as a wrapper in many python libraries. Also, C++, because it is old, it has a great community. Not to mention the plethora of pre-written code libraries. If you want to use C++ to develop projects, there is no chance that you would be pegged back because of anything if you know your way around the language. 

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In our experience, we have seen that C++ is an essential tool to have in the arsenal of any software engineer and the best way we found which has helped most people learn the language was through the project. You can write one as well. It is generally seen that the more tasks you do, the better you get at the language. Also, projects induce more hands-on learning, which is always a plus whenever you are making a transition into the corporate world. 

To help to the best of our capacities, we have listed some of the best open-source projects for c++. We have chosen C++ projects in GitHub because GitHub has to be the best platform for developers, mainly because it allows everyone to come together to solve the problem. Also, each code line on GitHub is under the MIT license meaning you would be able to use them in your own projects without having much of a consequence. 

So, without any further ado, let us jump into the best open source projects for c++ and C++ projects on Github.

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Top C++ Open Source Projects in GitHub

1. ClickHouse

It is an open, sourced database management system. It allows for the generation of data reports as and when the data comes (meaning in real-time). When you stumble upon this repo, you will be welcomed with a clean readme.

You will see everything that this repo has to offer in this readme. As for information, you would have to visit external links which they have included in the readme. They even have a YouTube channel, which should help clear any doubts that you might have on this repo. There is also an upcoming event section.

In this section, you get a list of all the events which would be coming in the near future, and you can join if you feel like it. If you are thinking of using this Database management system, then we would suggest that you wait because there are over one thousand and three hundred issues on this GitHub page.

However, on the split side, if you really like to contribute, then you would like this project very much because you will have significant issues to which you can contribute on. There are also over two hundred pull requests been made. Meaning there has been a significant amount of work done.

You can also take a look at these Pull requests, see which ones are good, and try to mimic them when contributing to this project. Another thing to note about this project is that there are over thirteen thousand stars that are made to this project. This means that there are many people who are interested in working on this project. 

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2. GoogleTest

GoogleTest is Google’s C++ testing framework. The repo which houses this project is were two before. Yes, the current version of Google Test is the one in which it has Google Mock’s project amalgamated into it. Google says these two projects were so closely related that having two different repos and codebases for these two projects was becoming a futile task.

In the readme of this repo, you will find all the necessary information about what is these C++ projects on Github. You would get a list of all the features and all the platforms in which this platform is suited to run. You can also find open-source projects which are closely related to this project listed in the said readme.

You also get a list of all the requirements that you would be needed if you are thinking of running this testing platform in your own system. If you are willing to contribute to this project, you can find all the needed information in the, which is linked in the readme.

There are about one hundred and twenty-four issues that are currently opened in this repo. Meaning, you have ample options to choose from when you are working on this repo. There are also about twenty-two pull requests, which means people are contributing to this project. Google Test also has over one thousand stars, which means there are many people who would like to watch the development of this project with keen eyes.

3. RapidJSON

Those people who like to game on their mobile and have played either of the two, Call of Duty or PUBG Mobile, would be well aware of this RapidJSON project publisher. Yes, this project is Tencent’s contribution to open source. While going through this project, we have found some salient features.

For once, this project might seem small, but it checks the boxes for everything because it supports both SAX and DOM style API. The parser for SAX is about half a thousand lines of code. RapidJSON has the name Rapid in its name for a reason. This framework is stupid fast, and you can compare the performance of this entire framework to a simple strlen() function.

It is also self-contained and header-only, meaning you would not need any other external libraries (even boost) if you are planning to use it. It also is very memory friendly. JSON exactly takes about 16 bytes (or 32 bytes depending on the system), so it means it would occupy less amount of memory. Not just that, RapidJSON comes loaded with fast memory allocation and parsing tool.

It also is UNICODE friendly. There are many other features too, which we were unable to mention in this list, but they are definitely worth checking out. You can do so by going through the link which they have provided in the readme. Talking about the readme, you will find all the information you will ever need to know about RapidJSON in the readme.

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This is one of the better readmes, and you would not need any external support. There are about four hundred and twenty-eight issues which are currently there on this readme. Meaning there is a huge chance for anyone to make a contribution.

There are also about a half a century worth of Pull Requests, which is always a good thing to see on a repo. There are also about ten thousand stars. That would mean that there are many people interested in this project and would like to keep a close eye on it and the way its development happens.

Top reasons to use C++ for an open source project – 

C++ is a programming language that is widely used. We have already listed the 3 best open-source C++ project ideas. Now let us understand the top reasons why you should learn C++ for an open-source project – 

  • It is efficient – Functional and object-oriented programming are all supported by C++ language. It is a quick language with a shorter build and run times than other programming languages. As C++ is an intermediary language and they are not close to machine code, large enterprises rely on C++ to get high performance with fewer resources.
  • It is great for large projects – The programming language C++ is ideal for large-scale projects. C++ is used to build a wide range of applications, including cloud storage systems, compilers, databases, application development, visual designs, etc. Additionally, C++ is also used to create 3D visual projects. These projects need effective control over vast volumes of data, and C++ is one of the best options for that. There are a variety of C++ project ideas like YouTube, Spotify, Amazon, and more that have taken off. These projects still require C++ backend coding to develop them further.  
  • It makes the learning of other languages easier – Learning the intermediate-level language C++ can help you gain a deeper grasp of how programs are structured. Because everything in C++ must be written and explained in the source code, you gain a greater understanding of every component of the program. Additionally, learning Java and C after C++ will be quite simple because the syntax of C, C++, and Java is nearly identical. The programming aspect is simply because you don’t have to specify everything when writing its code, but you can’t study the program’s logic structure as you could with C++. With the help of C++, C programming projects for students will become simpler. 
  • It is highly versatile – You may wonder why is C++, a language that is nearly 40 years old, still among the most used. The flexibility and adaptability of C++ make it a very useful language. It is still helpful when it comes to creating software and video games because of its high versatility. It has been so widely used for so long that it supports a wide range of languages and is in demand across numerous industries. Furthermore, top businesses look for candidates with solid C++ programming skills. It will make C programming projects for students much easier to learn. 
  • C++ is used for simulations – For simulations, C++ is also utilised in addition to Python. The C++ library, seen as an alternative to the Python language, is used to generate several simulations. The object-oriented method offers enhanced base language accessibility, portable models, and supplementary development tools in addition to speedier execution. The tool-built simulation has enclosure and versatility as advantages of object-oriented architecture.

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Open-source software has revolutionized Computer Science in many ways. It is now a field powered by a vibrant community of developers who work on their passion projects while making a living with their skills. Open source projects drive many people from beginner to expert levels of knowledge and skill. These are vital to the growth of any aspiring programmer.

GitHub alone is a treasure trove for programming hopefuls to start their careers. For beginners, it is the best platform to work with their peers and learn as you contribute. There are projects exclusively for beginners, and there are also humongous repositories of high-level ideas that allow newcomers into the fold. Use these chances wisely to learn as you grow, and hone your skills as a developer.

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Why should we use C++ for open source projects?

C++ is utilized as a wrapper in many Python modules due to its speed. C++ also has a strong community due to its age. Not to forget the abundance of ready-made code libraries. If you make your way around C++ and want to use it to construct projects, there is no way you will be held back. We can hardly fathom a world without GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces) or classes and objects that faithfully represent the real world. Because of this addition to C, C++ has been beneficial in areas where C has traditionally been underutilized, such as web and web-based application development.

What is Open Source?

Under a permissive license, open source applies to source code that is shared with the public to see, use, change, and distribute. Whether you're a freelancer, a company, a local business, a non-profit, or a government agency, it's typically in your best interest to open-source your code. Open source projects can be a great way to learn, teach, share, and gain expertise. There are numerous reasons why you should make a contribution to an open source project, including the desire to improve the software you use on a daily basis, the desire to find a mentor if you need one, the desire to learn new skills, the desire to share your skills, the desire to gain a much deeper understanding of the software you use, and so on.

How to Contribute to Open Source?

You don't have to commit to the codebase to help out with an open source project. There are numerous ways to contribute to open source. To elaborate on a specific point, you may add comments to a project's documentation. On a single project, you can provide direction. To demonstrate how the code works, you can include examples. For the project, you can create tutorials. You can volunteer to help another contributor by mentoring them. Typos can be corrected, and the project's work folder can be properly organized.

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