Top 3 Open Source Projects for C [For Beginners To Try in 2023]

C has to be one of the most popular languages on the planet. Or at least it used to be. There has been a downward trend in the popularity of the C language over the course of the past decade or two.

One of the main reasons for that is the presence of languages like Python or Java. C’s problem is that it is very hard for humans to read and understand, especially when we compare it to something like Python, which is famous for the English-Like syntax which it has. Not only that, languages like Java and Python do most of the heavy lifting for us, like memory management whereas, you would have to implement these specifically on languages like C/C++.

It is very saddening to see developers abandoning the first language they begin their journey with for a much easier alternative. C at the time could indeed prove to be very handful. However, there is still no match for the speed at which a C program compiles and runs.

Python seems like a sloth when we compare the run and compile times. Also, most of the libraries available for languages like Python use some sort of wrapper of C or C++ to ensure that the code runs faster and does what it is intended to do. 

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While it is true that Python is getting all the praise these days, and it is by far the most in-demand language for any Software developer profile. But, that does not mean C is not needed anymore.

You will find many job openings (if you want a job) that specifically want a C/C++ background. Not just that, you learn some key components like pointer when you work with the C language. So, there are still quite a handful of reasons to learn C in the current day and age. 

So, if you have learned all the syntax, it would not take you long enough to write programs that would include arrays, pointers, stacks, functions, etc. If you can write such programs in C language, you must move into the programming world and get some “real” coding experience.

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There are many ways in which one would be able to manage that, but in our experience, we have seen that projects are by far the best way to increase your proficiency with the language. For that reason alone, you should be writing as many projects as you can. However, projects also help you gain the edge over your peers when you are out in the corporate world hunting for jobs. 

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To help you in your holistic development, we have listed the best open source projects for c and C projects in GitHub that we were able to feast our eyes on. Before we begin, we must mention that the open-source projects for c and C projects in GitHub that we have listed below are in no particular order. 

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So, without any further ado, let us begin our discussion on open source projects for c: 

Top C Open Source Projects

1. Mini Bank Management System

In this project, you will be creating an interface that will be responsible for Customer Bank Management System. You will be adding the ability to add an account into the database. You also would code into the feature to remove and even edit the back account.

You can also check the details of the transactions and manually add details of it on your own. You will be creating what the bank does but on a smaller scale. However, one thing to note is that this project does not have a Graphical User Interface or GUI. It is entirely based on a command line interface. That would limit the number of people who would find this project to be intuitive.

But that should not put a damper on your spirits. This project would look very good on your resume and get a lot of valuable coding practice. There are about six hundred lines in this code. So, you can definitely say that this project would take some time for you to complete. But, you will get a good sense of accomplishment if you manage to complete it.

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2. Calendar

You can also create a calendar with the help of the C language. Once again, you will not be working with any graphical user interface. You will have to make do with the console and bash scripting. You can, however, use many colors that would help you in adding some color into the calendar which you would be creating.

You can also put color coding. Meaning, you can either choose to make each day stand out from one and another by having a separate color for each of the days, or you can adopt what most calendar manufacturers do, use color-coding to separate out the weekends from the weekdays.

If you want to find a very specific date of a given month of a very particular year, you can also do that very easily with the help of this project. So, you would have to code in this functionality as well. The moment you begin coding for this project, you will see that this project would feel like a breeze when compared with the one which you did earlier, that is, the bank management system one. This project is also shorter in comparison with the last one standing at only about four hundred lines of code. 

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3. Contact Management System

Building a contact management system in C would be another very cool project that could improve your coding skills. In this project, you will be building out a system that will allow you to add, delete, modify, search, and even view all the contacts which are present on the database.

You will also be able to list out the various contacts you have in any way you want. So, let us say that you would want to see all the numbers that you have in your contact. You can choose to list it in the ascending order of the phone numbers or also sorted based on the name which is associated with each of the contacts.

You can also choose to diversify your project by adding in the functionality to add even the email addresses and the physical addresses of your contacts. Remember, if you chose to add this functionality, then you would have to also code a way that would print out all the information also in a very pretty and human-readable manner.

You should be using your knowledge of Data Structures and Algorithms to be able to store all the necessary information about the contact at the same place. One good thing about this project is that it is not very long. You would be done with this project is about a hundred to about two hundred lines. 

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4. Cricket Score Sheet

This project is for all the cricket fans out there. With the help of your programming skills, you can easily create a project which would be used to store all the information for any given cricket match.

You would be stored in the score of the teams, the runs which each of the playing batsmen have made, the runs which their partnership has produced, the wickets the batting team has lost, the names of the batsmen which are currently on the pitch, the amount of runs which are made by extras, the economy rate at which the bowler is bowling at currently.

These are just only a few examples of which you would be able to add. You can also easily get all the information that you have entered out very easily as well. You would find this project to be very interesting if you happen to like cricket.

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5. Cyber Management System

Now this project would be a difficult one for the ones who do not have enough experience with the C language. In this project, you would be using the various features of languages like Socket and even multi-threading. In this project, you would be able to create a management system for all the projects that you have created.

Like if you have been following this list of open source projects for c, and C projects in Github and you have already created all of the above four which we have mentioned, then with the help of this project, you would be able to manage each and every one of those projects very easily. 

Wrapping up

These are some of the Open Source Project ideas in C which may be developed conveniently using c#. While in no way an exhaustive list, these should be a good stepping stone for incubating exciting C projects with C#.

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Why is open-source software considered to be more secure?

Whether open-source software offers greater security than close source platforms has been a topic of debate for a long time. Various schools of thought focus on the point that open source software prioritizes security. There is no guarantee that open-source code can always be more secure than closed source code, but it is more likely to be safe for some specific reasons. Firstly, open source offers a higher degree of transparency to developers with the best visibility of the actual code and how it is being maintained. Besides, it encourages collaboration and input from the community, which promotes growth and better troubleshooting. Open source releases security updates much faster, thereby making it secure.

Is C easier to learn than Python?

The primary difference between Python and C is – while C is a structure-oriented language, Python is based on object-oriented principles. However, given that both of these programming languages are hugely popular even among beginners, it can be tough to decide which is more difficult to learn among the two. Python offers a starkly simplistic intuitive syntax compared to C, which comes with keywords and a more difficult syntax when it comes to ease of development. So Python provides greater convenience in this regard. On the other hand, Python programs run much slower since it takes a longer time for the CPU to interpret the language, so C programs run much faster.

Where is the C programming language used nowadays?

Even with the emergence of higher-level computer languages, C retains its significance and use. There are endless examples where C is used today and continues to empower applications. Some of the most famous and popular software systems programmed using C are Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac and several mobile operating systems like iOS and Android. Databases like Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server are also built using C. C is also used in embedded systems in cars for creating sophisticated displays, climate control, keyless entry and other high-end features.

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