Top 16 Open Source Project Ideas & Topics [For Freshers & Experienced]


The open-source presents an immense opportunity for the programmers who want to learn and practice in the open-source projects; they can also contribute to multiple open-source projects and enhance their abilities.

Understanding the Importance of Open Source Project Ideas & Topics

In the rapidly growing technological domain, great open-source projects have evolved as the basis of collaboration and innovation. These open-source project ideas foster cooperation and community engagement and provide software developers with worthwhile possibilities to hone their aptitudes and add to the growth of the programming community. Moreover, among the vast assortment of open-source project examples, Python emerged as one of the most prevalent programming languages that revolutionized how software is designed, shared, and improved. Below are some reasons that state the importance of top open-source projects.

Facilitating Cooperation and Community-driven Development

Open-source projects are created on the principles of cooperation and community-driven growth. Moreover, when software developers from diverse educational backgrounds and expertise collaborate to contribute to Python open-source projects, it promotes a culture of information sharing and learning. This collective approach results in high-quality software development and provides a medium for aspiring software developers to acquire real-world knowledge and enhance their coding aptitudes.

Innovative and Diverse Solutions:

Open-source projects comprise an expansive range of specializations and industries. This diversity authorizes developers to work on tasks that align with their expertise and interests, leading to creative solutions. Also, whether it’s artificial intelligence,  website development, data analysis, or automation, Python open-source projects offer prospects for developers to research and experiment with advanced technologies.

Skill Development and Learning

For budding software developers or even proficient programmers looking to diversify their skill set, great open-source projects offer an outstanding avenue for learning. Furthermore, contributing to these tasks introduces developers to collaboration instruments, code inspections, and project administration, mirroring real-world software development situations.

Creating a Robust Portfolio

For individuals aspiring to build a career in software development, contributing to the best open-source projects can be a rational approach. By actively participating in open-source assignments, software developers can create a robust portfolio that showcases their functional capabilities and dedication to the community. Organizations usually value contributions to open-source undertakings as they exhibit a developer’s capability to work on real-world tasks and contribute to a more extensive codebase.

List of Open Source Projects

Here is the list of open-source projects; it’s helpful to the developers and designers to explore and develop and enhance their skills in the open-source projects. Google open-source provides extensive levels of the environment, where they can do practice and deploy the applications. 

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1. AdaNet

Agile and adaptable AutoML with best learning capabilities 

AdaNet is a flexible and lightweight TensorFlow-based framework for automatic learning with best-quality models with minimum expert advice. It uses the AdaNet algorithm with Cortes. It determines the structure of a neural network as a collection of subnetworks with the best learning guarantees. AdaNet implements a comprehensive framework for learning neural network architecture.

AdaNet Git-Hub Source code link.

2. Stackdriver

It has the best features for cloud-based applications of monitoring, logging, and diagnostics.

Google Stackdriver implements robust monitoring, logging, and diagnostics. It provides interactive insight features of monitoring the performance, health, and availability of cloud-based-powered applications. It allows us to detect, discover the issues, and help to fix the problems in a faster way. Google is the best example where most Google applications run on Google Cloud Platform with Stackdriver features.

Cloud SDK is for the client-side projects, and for the reporting and tracking of the errors; we can use Stackdriver Error Reporting.

Stackdriver Git-Hub Source code links

Stackdriver Error Reporting for client-side JavaScript

Stackdriver Debugger for Python

3. Nomulus

Excellent domain signature name registry software

Nomulus is a scalable and an open-source cloud-based platform for managing top-level domains(TLDs). It is a reliable source for the TLDs.It works to track domain name control ownership, handle registrations, renewals with availability checks for the new End-user registrations, and collect people and their organizations’ information with the domain name details.

Nomulus operates and runs on Google App Engine and is composed originally in Java.

Nomulus Git-Hub Source code link

4. OpenCensus

It is a stats model and single shared tracing framework.

OpenCensus is a unique combination of open source libraries for instrumenting and implements observability into shared distribution systems. It was built to score minimum overhead so that with the scale deployment process. OpenCensus automatically handles traceability from the applications and represents them locally.

It is public-facing APIs, For Example, gRPC.

OpenCensus Git-Hub Source code link:

5. Google Cloud Datalab

An interactive tool for data examination and exploration, analysis, visualization with machine learning open-source projects.

Cloud Datalab is a robust interactive mechanism that creates machine learning models to examine, explore, and analyze. It also transforms and provides the insights of data on Google Cloud Platform. It works on Google Compute Engine and correlates to various cloud services quickly for data science-related tasks.

Google Cloud Datalab Git-Hub Source code link.

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6. Outline

The outline presents safer access to open internet with the best network connectivity.

Outline is an open-source VPN software and released by Jigsaw academy in March 2018. It provides the personal and corporate VPN server on a cloud provider from the user’s preference, with minimum effort. 

Once its setup is done, Outline server administrators can receive access to other users connected to the VPN using Outline clients.

It is produced for Windows-based, macOS, iOS-based, Android, and ChromeOS based application softwares.  It works the Shadowsocks protocol ( for communication between the client and the server. 

Outline Git-Hub Source code link.

7. Intra

Intra is an Android-based app that provides you more competence with the best open Internet access capabilities.

Intra shields you from DNS manipulation, which is a kind of cyber-attack related to block from social media platforms, access to news sites, and messaging apps.

Intra operates and encrypts your internet connection to a public Domain Name System (DNS) server. DNS servers operate as a contact list for using the internet, with the DNS server providing the accurate addresses that we can visit a website. It also provides the best security to the user with encrypted internet connection features.

Intra Git-Hub Source code link.

8. Flutter

Flutter is an open-source project, which provides the best high-accuracy result with beautiful insights into apps for iOS and Android from a single codebase.

It is a mobile-based app SDK for developing high-performance, high-accuracy based apps for iOS and Android, from a single codebase with scrolling behaviors, typography, icons, and more.

Flutter Git-Hub Source code link.

9. ION

ION is a compact and portable scale of libraries and tools for developing client-based applications, particularly in graphical areas.

It is inadequate, secure, fast, and robust, which is cross-platform with many devices, with mobile-based devices and browsers.

Why should we use Ion?

Small: It has the capability of < 500k binary size on portable platforms.

Robust and Powerful: It provides faster potency on developed application software.

Memory allocation.

Threading capabilities

  1. Run-time environment setting editing features 
  2. Spontaneous performance in the production environment

Graphic tools

  1. It examines the best graphics pictures to discover better performance
  2. Use best pictures to display sources in various connections, automatically
  3. Best run-time graphics capabilities for run-time shader editing features.

Tested: It is well-tested and provides the best testing solution to your application with the below details.

  1. 100% testing capabilities
  2. Black and white-box test solution, with unit and integration tests results


  1. Provides the Desktop-based cross-platform environments: Linux, Mac OSX, Windows.


  1. It provides a cross-functional environment by different teams across Google and runs on billions of devices through various Google products.

Where we can use Google uses Ion.

We can use ION in Daydream, Google Earth, and different other internal applications at Google.


ION Git-Hub Source code link.

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10. DeepMind Lab

A DeepMind Lab is an open-source and customizable 3D platform for agent-based AI research.

It is a 3D game program developed to analyze and advance general artificial intelligence and machine learning-based applications. It executes a sequence of stimulating exploration and puzzle-solving tasks that are especially useful for deep support learning. It is a manageable and extensible API that allows productive task-designs, Artificial Intelligence-designs solution capabilities.

How Google works on DeepMind Lab

DeepMind Lab is used internally at DeepMind to research and also trains the learning agents.

DeepMind Git-Hub Source code link.

11. V8

V8 is an open-source and JavaScript engine with high-performance, which runs on a standalone-based application, a JavaScript engine that can also run on embedded based code environments. It collects and combines the JavaScript to machine level code before executing its handles, manages the memory allocation for garbage collected objects, and provides the best techniques for faster execution results. V8 also provides stable and interactive, responsive web experience results to the users.


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12. OpenWeave

An open-source technology implements the Weave network application layer, which provides the protected, dependable and reliable communications resolution for the applications.

Weave protocols perform the connectivity between one to more devices and also with device-to-mobile and device-to-cloud, which communicates data and control in the Internet of Things (IoT) extent. Weave can allow point-to-point communication and IP network For-Example: Thread, Cellular systems.

OpenWeave Git-Hub Source code link.

13. KuberFlow

The Machine Learning Toolkit for Kubernetes

The Kube Flow project primarily focused and dedicated to performing deployments of machine learning (ML) based application workflows on Kubernetes in a very modest, compact, portable, and scalable way. It provides an honest and accessible approach to deploy the best OS operations for ML to various foundations.

KuberFlow Git-Hub Source code link.

14. Magenta

Magenta is an open-source-based examination project that explores machine learning performance in the method for creating architecture and music. It includes new deep learning methods and develops the support of Machine learning algorithms to create songs, pictures, designs, and sketches.

It’s also an exploration in developing smart devices that allow the best mechanism to the artists and musicians, with the help, they can explore more and create the best music and design.

Magenta Git-Hub Source code link.

15. ZXing

ZXing is an open-source project and also a barcode image processing library that performs and executes Java language with the ports to other languages. It is also known as (“zebra crossing”)

ZXing is performed and implemented with web research to obtain millions of barcodes on the web indexable. It also establishes the foundation of Android’s Barcode Scanner app, which is combined into Google Product.

ZXing Git-Hub Source code link.

16. Open Images Dataset

Open Image Dataset is the collection of the Dataset of 9+ million mixed images with a rich combination of annotations; these images are different and also with complex visualization; with the help of Open Image dataset, we can connect and solve these problems with the use of the image-level labels annotations, with object bounding boxes, with better segment suggestions and visual connections, and also more features.

Open Images Dataset Git-Hub Source code link.

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Final Thoughts 

In a nutshell, open-source project ideas are key in the Python community. They facilitate cooperation, encourage invention, and offer a useful learning and aptitude development medium. The assortment of projects guarantees that developers can look for something that matches their interests and knowledge. Moreover, as the Python ecosystem continues to thrive, the importance of open-source undertakings will only rise, modifying the future of software development and technical progressions. So, if you’re a Python developer aspiring to contribute to society or a budding coder keen to gain hands-on knowledge, leverage open-source projects, and be part of something interactive.

Hopefully, this article helped you with understanding about the List of Open Source Projects. The article has described all the fundamental details about the open-source related projects.

Why should we do open-source projects?

There are many reasons to do open-source projects. You are learning new things, you are helping others, you are networking with others, you are creating a reputation and many more. Open source is fun, and eventually you will get something back. One of the most important reasons is that it builds a portfolio of great work that you can present to companies and get hired. Open-source projects are a wonderful way to learn new things. You could be enhancing your knowledge of software development or you could be learning a new skill. There is no better way to learn than to teach.

Can I contribute to open source as a beginner?

Yes. Open-source projects do not discriminate. The open-source communities are made of people who love to write code. There is always a place for a newbie. You will learn a lot and also have the chance to participate in a variety of open-source projects. You will learn what works and what doesn't and you will also have the chance to make your code used by a large community of developers. There is a list of open-source projects that are always looking for new contributors.

How does GitHub projects work?

GitHub offers developers a way to manage projects and collaborate with each other. It also serves as a sort of resume for developers, with a project's contributors, documentation, and releases listed. Contributions to a project show potential employers that you have the skills and motivation to work in a team. Projects are often more than code, so GitHub has a way that you can structure your project just like you would structure a website. You can manage your website with a branch. A branch is like an experiment or a copy of your website. When you want to experiment with a new feature or fix something, you make a branch and experiment there. If the experiment is successful, you can merge the branch back into the original website.

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