Online vs Offline Degrees: Which is Better?

Do you still need to decide which university you want to attend?

This is quite reasonable given the wide range of possibilities that have emerged as a result of COVID, which has essentially changed how one can obtain a degree.

It is only natural to ponder on which university to select since the pandemic has opened up a wide range of opportunities in the education sector. As a result, the Indian education system has reformed to cater to the needs of the highly motivated population. 

With the current Global Scenario and recent pandemic, even the education system in India is going through many reforms. 

To help you understand what is the best option for your future, keep reading.

Quick Intro to Online Degree

When compared to an offline/on-campus degree, an online degree is a UGC-designated degree (Government Approved) that carries the same level of legitimacy. That is equally legitimate.

Whether a degree is earned online or in person, the university’s pedagogy (method of instruction), credits, and recognition all stay the same.

MBA, MCA, M.Com, MSc.Ds (Data Science), MA, BBA, BCA, B.Com, and BA are among these degrees.

Also included in these degrees are all specialities that are applicable to the sector, like marketing, finance, human resources, operations, data science, artificial intelligence, and others.

How are they different from each other

S.No What are you looking for  Online Degree  On-Campus Degree Distance Learning
1 Government Recognised  Yes Yes Yes
2 Fees Low High Very Low
3 Study Abroad / WES / Global Recognition Yes Yes No
4 Placement  As per University As per University Usually not provided
5 Exam Online Proctored In Campus In person at campus
6 Approved for Higher Education in India Yes Yes May vary as per College /Degree
7 Credit Transfer Possible Possible Not Possible
8 Learning Session Pre recorded + Live Session over weekend Live class-room sessions Self Learning

Is an online degree the same as a Distance learning/degree?

NO, distance learning and online learning are not equivalent in terms of recognition, pedagogy, and government policy.

Reiterating that an online degree is identical to one earned offline or on campus, while distance learning employs an entirely separate method of instruction.

Which one to choose: Online or Offline Degree?

In terms of placement, content, and faculty both remain the same but when it comes to fees and mode of communication the students can make a choice as per their requirements.. 

An online course at the same university often costs 1/4 as much as an offline one.

The adaptability of learning is another benefit of an online degree.

The sessions can be completed at the student’s leisure, and any live sessions missed will still be available on the student’s Learning Management System (LMS).

The advantage of offline learning is that, despite being more expensive, it offers deeper peer-to-peer engagement than occasionally scheduled university-sponsored meet-ups in online courses.

Offline also gives the student the chance to make use of the resources available on campus.

Please be aware that several online degree programs now include e-Library access and other online resources as well.

Why do employers prefer online degrees?

  • Learners with self-discipline: Learners who have finished online education are more self-disciplined. It occurs because online education requires students to set their own deadlines, understand the regulations, and complete tasks on their own. It improves consistency, sincerity, and organisation in whatever one does.

Learners who obtain their degree through online education tend to be more self-disciplined than the others. They develop this behavior since they have to set their own deadlines, understand the regulations and complete tasks on their own. It improves consistency, sincerity, and organization in whatever one does.

  • Proper schedule management: You know what timetable works best for you and can plan your life and online education accordingly. It teaches kids how to manage their time and stick to a schedule, which is a crucial skill.

Online education helps you in improving time management skills. It helps learners in preparing their own schedule for the day.  

  • Builds strong determination: To succeed in online education, you must be constantly motivated and determined. When a student overcomes all obstacles and distractions to earn an online degree, they become more motivated and focused. As a result, businesses choose individuals who have demonstrated the ability to focus despite work constraints and other barriers.
  • Self-improvement platform: Online learning is a platform where you must correct your mistakes and enhance your skills on your own. This practice of continuous self-improvement develops into a skill that adds value to any business or organization. Self-improvement and dedication lead to success in any employment function. As a result, employers prefer to hire such applicants.
  • More tech-savvy: Students become more tech savvy as a result of online education. They learn how to use new software, attend online conferences, create presentations, and do a variety of other things. Employers look for this quality. Almost every organization needs staff who are knowledgeable in technology and software to ensure that operations run smoothly and accurately.

Value of Online degree in the Industry

Although students may be concerned that their degree would be reduced because it was obtained online, this is not the case for many businesses. As long as the college/university that awarded the degree is authentic and accredited, the degree is just as valid as the one gained through traditional learning. It is significant in some occupations that the degree is obtained in a specific field rather than where it was obtained.

In some cases, an online degree is more appealing to potential employers than a traditional degree. It may be appealing to an employer to see that the student was able to balance a career and a family while simultaneously pursuing an education. Excelling while pursuing an online degree demonstrates dedication, intelligence, and a strong work ethic. It also demonstrates to potential employers that the student is self-sufficient and capable of working effectively without direct supervision.

It is critical to understand that not all employers will see online degrees in the same way. Some may have had negative experiences with employees who obtained an education through online diploma institutes. This is one reason a student could consider attending an online campus affiliated with a traditional, on-site school. Employers may be more likely to hire someone with a degree that is backed up by a reputable reputation, whether achieved online or not.

Dispelling Common Online Degree Myths

Even if you are debating whether to pursue an online degree or a traditional degree, you may have some reservations. Let’s look at some common misconceptions concerning online degrees.

Interacting with Professors and Peers

When pursuing an online degree, many people believe there will be little social connection with professors and students. Higher education experts, on the other hand, will be actively involved in your courses in an online degree programme. While online learning might be a hands-off procedure because you don’t have to keep to the same schedule or attend lectures at a particular time, guided courses enable students and professors to establish strong relationships.

Course facilitators respond to feedback via email, video calls, and other channels. Their role is to provide any assistance you may require while completing your self-paced courses. If you prefer more structure and connection with classmates and teachers, you can always enroll in term-based courses that start monthly or quarterly. You can study with a group of peers and receive more individualized support from your lecturer in these courses.

These types of courses may suit you best, or you may like to mix self-paced courses with more interactive term-based courses. The message is that you may pick the level of connection you have with your professors and peers when getting your degree online.

Preparing for a Career

One of the primary reasons you may be obtaining a college degree is to prepare for your future employment. You may be concerned that an online degree may not be valued as highly as a “conventional” degree by a future employer. However, most employers are more interested with whether you have a degree at all, than than where you obtained it.

In many circumstances, an employer will not even ask until you provide information about where you obtained your degree. Employers are more interested in whether you have taken courses, obtained an education, gained experience, and prepared to perform effectively in the workplace.

Even if your future employer is curious about whether you received an online degree or a traditional degree, studies have shown that businesses respect online degrees. Your online degree is just as valuable as a traditional degree if you are enrolled in a recognised online university.

Can you pursue two degrees at the same time ?

Yes, as per the new regulations by UGC a student will now be able to pursue specialties in two fields of their choosing, in a fully physical class setting and a wholly online setting.

This essentially means a learner who is pursuing a B.Tech in an engineering college in Mumbai, can also pursue an online BBA degree by a university in Bengaluru.
Similarly, Masters programs are also eligible for the same.


Although the final choice is up to the Learner as per his/ her needs.

We recommend in these uncertain times, the online degree has better advantages. 

The student has the potential to earn money while studying because they can schedule their time to focus on their job or improve other necessary skills with help of flexible learning.

Additionally, these degrees are already adapted to the ways of teaching online and will cost the learner a lot while yet offering the same degree in case of any COVID situations where the learner needs to return to online learning.

If you want to learn more, chek out our online degree courses, & book a career counselling session for free.

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