Online LLM Degree 2024: Duration, Colleges, Jobs

Most professionals are currently gravitating towards online and distance learning to advance their professions. Thanks to these modes, you can still learn pertinent information in your profession even if you are not physically present in class. Access to open education has been motivating me to pursue exactly what sparks my curiosity and fuels my career growth. Do you also intend to pursue a career in law and pursuing Master of Law distance education program, taking a sabbatical from your practice? Fortunately, pursuing an online LLM degree that can help you advance your career without leaving your legal practice or corporate employment is now possible.  

Universities have started offering one-year, fully accredited online LLM degree for working professionals in India. If you’re pursuing a Master of Legislative Law or LLM, you will get a thorough understanding of national and international law and order. If you choose this online law master’s program, you’ll get a wide range of employment options in both the public and private sectors. You can check Law Courses online and choose the right one for yourself. 

Let me help you understand the benefits of choosing a master of law distance education.

Why choose LLM Distance Education? 

One of the main options available to everyone in any line of employment is to pursue a master’s degree to grow in their profession. This applies to law also, making distance education for a Master of Law a very popular option. You can learn in-depth about commercial law, legal education and research, environmental law, industrial and intellectual property law, law and social transformation, and many other legal subjects with a distance learning or open learning master’s program. 

It can be difficult for professionals working to carve out time for a set course schedule. This is resolved by LLM distance education, which allows students to learn at their own speed and offers them flexibility in their learning. Some key benefits of remote learning that entice applicants to enroll in this program are no set hours of instruction, no commute, and inexpensive costs. 

Key Features of Online LLM Degree 

With a strong track record of students enrolling in LLM distance learning in India, this course continues to be highly sought after by professionals and students who are still required to devote their whole time to their studies. 

The following are some noteworthy aspects of this online learning program: 

  • It allows you to complete a master’s degree without requiring a full-time workload. 
  • You can save money on transportation costs and time by attending the lectures from any location. 
  • You can continue working while you learn because of the flexible timetable. 
  • It assists you in acquiring the same degree of knowledge that an ordinary LLM online program would be expected to impart. 
  • The course’s key selling point for many applicants is its reasonable pricing range. 

Masters of Law in Arbitration and Dispute Resolution from OPJ is another popular course. Through this online learning program, you may learn how to communicate effectively, both written and verbally. With this adaptable and convenient online LLM degree, you may take advantage of the opportunity to learn and earn simultaneously. 

Duration of LLM Distance Education 

LLM correspondence courses are postgraduate degrees typically lasting for two years. A one- to the two-year program is available for LLM specializations. Moreover, the duration of the LLM from distance learning depends on the university you choose and can be finished within the allotted time frame. Applicants wishing to pursue law in this program are advised to choose their university only after considering this particular course parameter. 

LLM Distance Education Program fee 

Distance LLM courses in India typically costs between INR 18,500 and INR 67,500. Government colleges charge INR 5,000–15,000 annually for their LLM programs; private universities and National Law colleges charge INR 1 lakh–2 lakh annually. When compared to the regular method, the average cost of an LLM online course is significantly lower, and the course can be completed for INR 50,000 or less. 

Leading Universities Offering LLM Distance Education in India and Worldwide 

Some of the best LLM remote learning institutions in India are listed in the table below, along with their associated costs: 

College Name  Average Fees 
Annamalai University  INR 19,300 
Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University  INR 15,000 
Kurukshetra University  INR 36,000 
Karnataka State Open University (KSOU)  INR 20,000 
Kuvempu University  INR 24,000 
Andhra University  INR 15,000 
Acharya Nagarjuna University  INR 25,000 
Berhampur University  INR 20,000 
Kakatiya University  INR 40,000 

 Some of the global LLM institutes abroad are listed below: 

College Name  Average Fees 
Georgetown University Law Center (GULC)  USD 71,536 
Boston University School of Law (BU Law)  USD 61,160 
University of London   EUR 10,000 
University of Edinburgh – Edinburgh Law School  EUR 24,700 
University of Southern California – USC Gould School of Law  USD 55,734 

Career Perspective after LLM Distance Education 

An LLM correspondence course in India is a fantastic option for people who want to practice law or become judges. After completing the LLM program, a wide range of employment options are accessible. The compensation plan is one of the best in the sector. 

LLM graduates can find employment with corporations, UN agencies, FMCG firms, and public tribunals. Working as a judge or an attorney (criminal, property, civil, etc.) is an option. It is possible to pursue a PhD in law after earning an LLM. 

The Bar Council of India has not approved online LLM Distance Education. The course cannot be taken by students via distance learning. For litigation, BCI only accepts ordinary degrees. To practice law, one needs a standard degree in the subject. You can opt for LL.M. Master of Laws from GGU to achieve your goal. 

Several popular careers that follow an LLM 

  • One can pursue a career in various fields after earning an LLM, including fields that offer financial stability and employment satisfaction and are highly regarded in society. The following is a list of a few of these careers: 
  • One of the world’s greatest and most prestigious positions is judge or magistrate. You will surely reach new heights in your legal career if you are given the chance to work as a judge or a magistrate. Every law graduate aspires to hold a position of unparalleled responsibility within their nation’s legal system. Becoming a judge requires many additional qualities in addition to in-depth topic knowledge. 
  • While keeping the interests of his organization in mind, a legal consultant or legal associate helps with assignments involving contract administration, contract summarising, legal research, drafting, litigation, and research. You can work as a Legal Advisor or Legal Associate at any corporate institution if you pursue an LLM in Corporate Law. 
  • A legal document reviewer’s duties include negotiating and reviewing legal documents. To get employed in this field, you must possess correct legal knowledge, writing skills, and an awareness of the compilation of legal papers. 
  • In this industry, lawyers have long been significant professionals. A lawyer should be well-versed in the nation’s laws to carry out their duties, which include working to give justice to the people. Additionally, this line of work requires knowledge of psychology and human behavior. A lawyer needs to be knowledgeable about the nuances of the law and a wide range of other abilities, including honesty, integrity, and moral fiber. 

There are many government sector chances for an LLM candidate who meets the requirements. They are qualified to serve as public prosecutors, judges, jurists, and magistrates. After passing the NET or another pertinent exam, developing a teaching career in government and private universities is possible. The following are a few government positions that a graduate can obtain: 

Position   Average Salary (Annual) 
Law Clerk  INR 3,60,000  
Law Assistant  INR 5,50,000  
Legal Researcher  INR 8,00,000  
Civil Judge  INR 10,00,000  
Legal Officer  INR 8,40,000 
Public Prosecutor  INR 5,00,000  
Guest Faculty  INR 4,80,000 

Is LLM Distance Education Recognized in India? 

One of the most commonly searched questions regarding the best online LLM courses is whether or not they are recognized. It’s important to note that in India, the Bar Council of India (BCI), a government organization responsible for overseeing the legal profession, does not recognize LLM online courses. Therefore, it is advisable to exercise caution when selecting Indian universities and other organizations that offer this program solely for profit. 

While this applies to the online LLM degree for working professionals, there are other recognized legal education modes that can be used for upskilling. There are several different options available besides earning an LLM through distance learning to progress in your legal profession. For instance, you may consider enrolling in various other short-term legal courses that are fully recognized in India and beyond. These institutions offer these short-term courses online to make them accessible to you. 


Upskilling has become the sole option to stay current with industry changes. I have realized that one of the finest methods for someone with a background in law to improve in their career is through a master of law distance education online. It gives you a thorough understanding of the subject and access to the most recent procedures employed by various organizations’ legal departments. 

To make their final choice, prospective LLM students can review the minimum requirements, admissions procedure, and career scope of online programs. LL.M. in Corporate & Financial Law from OPJ is also a great option to choose for your career. 

Following completion of an LLM program, master of law distance education graduates can find employment in any field requiring legal expertise, including Indian Legal Services, Lawyers, Legal Experts, Solicitors, Law Lecturers, Advisors, Legal Writers, and so on. They can also take the SET/NET exams and apply for a legal Ph.D. Additionally, you can advance your career in this profession more quickly by using the list of best colleges that provide LLM through distance learning. 

Can LLM be done from a distance?

Even when done remotely, the postgraduate LLM program can be finished in two years. Universities that offer this program may be able to extend the course duration by one additional year. Additionally, you can spend it online in a year and a half.

Can I become a lawyer by distance education?

Online and remote learning are prohibited for UG and PG legal degrees in India. Interested students must attend regularly scheduled classes. The Bar Council of India does not accept students who have obtained a law degree through distance learning.

Does distance LLM have value?

The Bar Council of India has not approved LLM correspondence. The course cannot be taken by students via distance learning. BCI only accepts candidates with a standard degree in the subject of litigation.

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