Online Degrees Transforming the Indian Higher Education System

Online degrees are becoming the norm. As institutes all over the country adapt to a post-pandemic world, students are opting for online programs as they offer a ton of advantages and security over traditional degree programs. 

Learning online helps students gain new skills and expertise from the comforts of their homes and much more. Eager to learn more about learning online and the best online learning platforms? Keep reading till the end!

But before that, let’s begin with the pertinent question – why online learning?

Why opt for an online degree?

Online courses are suitable for both freshers and working professionals. In addition, they are highly flexible because most online courses are self-paced – you can learn and progress at your convenience. As a result, they are becoming the go-to choice for many learners. 

The following points will throw more light on why an online degree is suitable for you:

1. Online learning is free from disruptions (such as COVID-19)

On March 16, 2020, the Government of India had declared a nationwide lockdown, including schools and colleges. Since then, there has been a series of lockdowns and curfews all over the country due to the pandemic, which disrupted the conventional education delivery system. (Source)

While schools and other educational institutions remain closed, teachers and learners globally shifted to the online domain. Both paid online learning platforms like upGrad and open-source platforms such as Microsoft Learn and IBM Training gained massive popularity with aspirants looking to upskill. 

That’s because online degrees allow you to continue with your studies safely without going anywhere. An offline degree would require you to go to a college physically, which could put you at additional risk of contracting the virus. With an online degree, you’ll not have to worry about this!

Consequently, since 2020, we’ve witnessed the lines between classroom education and online learning. Today, many colleges and universities offer blended programs as well. 

2. Online learning is different from distance learning

There’s a significant difference between online learning and distance learning. Learning online involves in-personal interactions between the teachers and the students, whereas distance learning has little or no scope for such interactions. 

Online distance courses, in an online course, you’ll be interacting with your peers and mentors through live sessions. Thus, while online programs offer a similar experience to classroom learning (only virtually), online degrees are equivalent to a regular degree. Furthermore, the concept of blended learning is absent in distance education. 

3. Online courses offer quality education

An online degree allows you to learn from highly experienced instructors, sometimes even from highly qualified foreign faculty. You get to study through live sessions, videos, and projects that help you understand complex concepts easily. 

Reputed online programs offer dedicated mentorship to ensure that you can resolve doubts quickly without wasting any time. Live lectures and videos make online learning a comprehensive and interactive experience. Not to forget, students get access to credible learning resources, including case studies, whitepapers, etc. 

4. Online courses offer higher flexibility

Another notable advantage of online programs is they are significantly more flexible than regular degree programs. It makes them the ideal choice for working professionals as they already have busy schedules. Online degree courses enable students to align their learning preferences according to the prior-set routine. Plus, they can choose which shift (day/night) they wish to study since different professions have unique time requirements. 

The bottom line – online courses do not disturb your professional life. 

Take the online learning path! 

Today, upskilling isn’t limited to on-campus courses but it has shifted to an online learning model. Both students and professionals are steering towards online degree courses as they offer the flexibility of self-paced learning from the safety of one’s home.

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By now, you know how online degrees can be a huge boost for your career. If you put in your earnest efforts and dedication to learning, online programs can help you climb up the promotional ladder much faster. Whether you want to transition into a new industry or pursue senior roles in your present industry, an online degree would definitely help!

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