Most Asked Tech Mahindra Interview Questions and Answers – For Freshers and Experienced [2023]

Information technology (IT) has evolved rapidly in the past few years, with students opting for a flourishing career in IT. Getting into a well-known company is the first step towards a successful career in IT. Tech Mahindra is one such company specialising in BPO and IT services. An Indian MNC with its operations spread across 90 countries

The Tech Mahindra hiring process is quite challenging and detailed to assess its candidates thoroughly so that only the best get on board. This blog guides freshers and experienced candidates through the Tech Mahindra interview questions to secure lucrative jobs in Tech Mahindra.

Some Important Tech Mahindra Interview Questions

There is no hard and fast rule on what questions can be asked in the Tech Mahindra interview. Candidates with diverse fields can apply for different roles in the company. For instance, anyone who has pursued a Master of Science in Business Analytics from GGU can also apply for a post in finance at Tech Mahindra. Questions vary from candidate to candidate, depending on their educational background and the post they are applying for.

However, some basic questions asked in the interview include a brief introduction of the candidates, their previous work experience, and questions about technical and non-technical areas.

Candidates are asked questions about the job role they are applying for to test their competency. They may also be asked questions like “Where do you see yourself in five years?” or “Why should we hire you?” to understand the candidate’s mindset. The questions are, however, different for freshers and experienced candidates. 

Most Popular Tech Mahindra Interview Questions with Answers for Freshers 

Leading IT companies hire candidates through different placement drives conducted in different B.Tech colleges. The questions asked of them are different from those that are asked of slightly experienced candidates. 

Some of the questions that may be asked of freshers are:

1. What do you know about Tech Mahindra?

I am aware that Tech Mahindra is one of the largest companies providing the best IT and consultancy services to its clients all across the globe. It was established in 1986 by Anand Mahindra as a part of the Mahindra group. 

Tech Mahindra has its headquarters in Pune, and its offices are spread all across the country. This also creates employment opportunities for skilled youths pursuing different courses from reputed colleges and aiming to establish a successful IT and consultancy services career. 

I try to remain updated on the share price and other relevant news about the company.

2. If hired, how would you contribute to the growth of Tech Mahindra? 

I believe that my course has instilled in me the right set of skills with the help of which I can contribute successfully to the company’s goals and objectives. My quick-learning abilities will be an added advantage; I shall be able to quickly grasp new concepts and adapt to the rapid changes of the trending market. 

3. How will you apply your knowledge from previous projects to the new role this job will offer you?

Since I am a fresher, I do not hold any professional knowledge. However, I possess some knowledge gained from doing projects and an internship. The internship, especially, has been remarkable as it allowed me to put my learnings to practice and gather hands-on experience.
The project I took up during my internship helped me hone my programming skills. I am confident I can apply the same knowledge to work when needed.

4. How did you develop your interest in IT?

I come from a family that has mathematicians, technicians, and engineers. Their guidance has helped me build a strong foundation in these subjects. I have been exposed to technology and its rapid advancement through visiting science exhibitions and museums from an early age.

I learned programming very early and developed a knack for it. I slowly developed strong technical and analytical abilities; my creativity is an added advantage. I decided to leverage my skills to help me emerge as a successful IT professional.

5. Can you relocate to another part of the country for your job?

Yes, I am comfortable with relocating to another part of the country for the job. I read that point in the job description. Working in different parts of the country will also help me explore the cultures in different places across the country. 

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Some Tech Mahindra Interview Questions and Answers Asked of Experienced Candidates.

The Tech Mahindra interview process for experienced candidates differs from that of freshers. Some of the probable questions and answers are discussed below.

1.Can you explain the difference between #include <file> and #include “file”?

This is to include files in a C or C++ program. The first syntax helps to include the headers that are a part of the included directories of the system. The use of angle brackets helps to look for the files that are in the standard system directories. 

On the other hand, double quotes refer to including headers that are user-defined or a part of the project’s directory structure. When double quotes are used, the preprocessor will look for the file in the current directory and then move to the directories specified by the user’s project settings.

2. Name some object-oriented programming languages. 

Some object-oriented programming (OOP) languages are C++, Java, Python, JavaScript, and PHP.

3. What is structured programming?

Structured programming maintains a pre-defined controlled flow. A structure can be defined as a block with certain rules and a defined control flow. It is used in almost all programming languages, including the OOPs model.

4. What is function overloading?

Function overloading is a feature in object-oriented programming with the help of which two or more functions can have the same name, but their parameters will be distinct. In function overloading, multiple jobs are assigned to a function name. The “Function” name is kept the same, whereas the arguments are different, which allows the function to perform different tasks.

5. State some advantages of a Database Management System. 

Some of the advantages of a Database Management System are as follows:

  • A DBMS helps control the redundancy in the database.
  • A DBMS can also keep the data safe by restricting unauthorized entry. 
  • It helps keep the data consistent.
  • There is little or no risk of data loss due to the backup and recovery services offered by the DBMS. 
  • DBMS makes data easily accessible. Since it uses queries, extracting and processing data becomes easy.

6. What is Java Virtual Machine?

Java Virtual Machine has to be implemented in a computer system, and it allows a computer to run a Java program. JVM helps compile Java code into Bytecode.

7. State some advantages of Java Packages.

Some advantages of Java Packages are as follows:

  • Packages help avoid name collisions.
  • Accessing files becomes easier.
  • Classes that are linked can be easily located. 

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Tech Mahindra Interview Process

The minimum eligibility criteria for a candidate to be employed in Tech Mahindra are:

  • A B.E. or B.Tech degree in CSE, IT, EEE, CE, TELECOM or EI, or an M.Sc in Computer Science and Information Technology. 
  • The candidate should have opted for a full-time regular course.
  • A minimum of 60% score. 

Tech Mahindra takes the most skilled and qualified candidates on board. The recruitment passes through several stages, which are mentioned below. 

Stage 1: Aptitude Test

Stage 2: Psychometric Test

Stage 3: Essay Writing

Stage 4: Technical Interview 

Stage 5: HR Interview 

Interview Rounds in Tech Mahindra

The above section has already discussed the interview process for Tech Mahindra recruitment. Let us delve deeper and have a look at each of these. 

Written test

This test evaluates the technical skills and aptitude of the candidates. It is divided into three sections- Aptitude, English Essay Writing, and Technical test. This is generally the elimination round. 

Psychometric test

Although optional, this test helps assess a candidate’s work behaviour. In this round, candidates are given to solve approximately 80 questions in 20-30 minutes.

Written technical test

This eliminative test is conducted to assess the aptitude and technical abilities of the candidates. They are asked questions from sections like Linux, data structures and algorithms, software testing methodologies, languages like SQL, etc.

Technical interview

In the round, the candidate is asked technical questions based on the role they are applying for. Interviewers may ask questions about the company’s technical activities or assess the candidate’s technical abilities to solve a problem with the help of situational questions. 

HR interview

This is the final step in the Tech Mahindra interview process. This round helps assess the candidate’s personality and suitability for the role. The Tech Mahindra HR interview questions can include a wide range of areas such as the candidate’s introduction, educational background and qualification, experience, industry-specific knowledge, strengths, weaknesses, family background, salary expectations, etc. 

Tips to Crack Tech Mahindra Interview 

You can make it through the Tech Mahindra recruitment with sheer determination and dedication. You can also learn from the Tech Mahindra interview experience of other candidates who have cracked the interview. Here are a few suggestions to help you prepare for the ultimate interview: 

  • Work on your verbal abilities: To excel in the interview rounds, the most important thing you must master is your verbal abilities. Try to cultivate your communication skills, develop a reading habit, and make notes to recapitulate while revising. 
  • Soft skills matter: You also need to work on your body language. The way you present yourself speaks volumes about you and your background. 
  • Improve your technical skills: Candidates must also improve their technical and coding skills before applying to Tech Mahindra. This includes the basics of Linux, fundamentals of programming, and basics of the languages like C, C++, OOP, Java, etc, RDBMS, and general knowledge about computer science, to name a few. 

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The IT industry is undoubtedly one of the fastest-growing sectors. It offers many opportunities to anyone looking forward to establishing a successful career with handsome pay. Tech Mahindra, one of the oldest and best names in IT and consultancy services, is a great place for an individual to work and add weight to their resume. 

Tech Mahindra has openings suitable for candidates with various educational backgrounds. If you possess an  Advanced Certificate in Supply Chain Management from IMT Ghaziabad, offered in collaboration with upGrad, you can apply for a managerial post in Tech Mahindra. 

How many rounds are there in the Tech Mahindra interview process?

The Tech Mahindra interview process consists of five rounds — written test, psychometric test, written technical test, technical interview, and HR interview.

How can one impress HR in an interview?

Some tips and tricks can help an individual impress the HR manager. The way you dress imparts the first impression. Also, some other tricks include arriving on time, doing adequate research on the company, greeting the interviewers, and engaging in an interactive conversation with the HR.

How to prepare for a Tech Mahindra technical interview?

To face the Tech Mahindra technical interview questions, candidates should be prepared with topics like DBMS, algorithms, data structure, OOPs, networking, and any programming language. Candidates coming from different branches should be prepared with at least two subjects.

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