Most Asked Social Media Marketing Interview Questions

Social Media Marketing is one of the top specializations to pursue today. It has slowly and steadily evolved into the robust, well-established serious business sector today from a fun-filled source of entertainment to one of the greatest tools to reach a worldwide audience. Most forms of businesses, whether small scale or large scale, now strive to maintain a social media presence. 

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From CEOs of large corporations to small-scale business owners, everyone uses social media via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Snapchat, etc.  Many marketers extensively learn about social media marketing because of how huge a market the online platform is. Businesses and multinational corporations now have an entire team of strategists who study patterns and develop marketing strategies for the best reach. 

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If you are interested in pursuing social media marketing or have already completed a course in this field, you must know the nooks and crannies of social media marketing to crack an interview and nail a job. If you are struggling at this point, we have prepared some of the most popular social media manager interview questions when you apply for a position in social media marketing.

Basic Social Media Interview Questions

In most cases, interviewers start with simpler social media marketing interview questions to help you ease into the interview process. Here is a list of some basic questions:-

1. What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is a professional marketing field where one must use social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., for promoting products and services to boost online traffic and convert them into loyal customers.

2. Describe one strategy for succeeding as a social media marketer.

Always be authentic and genuine, no matter which company you apply to. This will ensure the trustworthiness of the brands to their audiences. 

3. How can a business benefit from social media?

A business can benefit from social media by primarily establishing proper communication with its customers. Through social media, brands can directly talk to consumers, promote their products, answer queries, and solve doubts. This helps establish an interpersonal relationship between brands and customers. 

4. Which are the best social media platforms to establish a business presence?

It all depends on whether the organization is a B2C or a B2B company. If you focus on the said brands, make sure you prepare your answer based on the company you’re applying for.

5. What is the process for creating a social media calendar?

The answer to this question varies and depends on social media enthusiasts and social media managers. Ensure that you have a clear knowledge of the two so that you can describe a plethora of the best social media marketing practices.

6. What are the five pillars of social media marketing?

The five pillars of social media marketing are as follows:-

  • Strategizing
  • Planning and publishing
  • Engagement
  • Analytics
  • Advertising

7. How does social media impact marketing?

Firstly, social media consumption is exponentially high because billions of people all over the planet have multiple social media accounts on various platforms. Hence, if brands use social media marketing as one of their marketing strategies for reaching a targeted audience, it can potentially convert them into users. This creates engagement and helps retain existing customers who stay loyal to the brand. 

Advanced Social Media Interview Questions

Interviewees applying for senior-level roles requiring more skill and experience face complex or advanced questions. However, if you have a few years of industry experience, you’ll be able to answer most social media marketing interview questions confidently.

8. What tools are used for managing social media channels?

One of the most important strategies social media managers use is not to overwhelm their channels by constantly posting content. They use professional tools for monitoring the effectiveness of their content strategies. Most good social media specialists use dashboards like Sprout Social and Hootsuite, via which they not only manage channels but also perform basic analytics from a single interface.

9. How do companies measure their success in social media marketing?

This largely depends on the organization you are applying to. You can generalize the answer by describing several scenarios. Some are given below to give an idea of how to answer:-

  • If the company wants more engagement, one must learn how many people are active in the conversation, the number of comments, reposts, replies, retweets, etc.
  • If the company wants conversion, one must track content downloads, webinar registrations, online sales, online form submissions, etc. They can easily make out how many people took action.
  • If the company’s goal is to make people aware, it must monitor the reach, exposure and volume to know the outreach of its campaigns/messages.
  • If the company wants more traffic to the website, it must monitor clicks, conversions, URL shares, and how people land on various pages.

10. What metrics are used to measure the success of the company’s social campaigns?

The two primary metrics imperative for social media are leads and engagements. Be it any social media platform such as Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, or LinkedIn, a social media specialist should be able to show proper evidence that they’re reaching people who can be potential buyers.

11. What are your thoughts on the current social media efforts? 

A professional in social media marketing should be deliberate and thoughtful and can make out what works well and what doesn’t. When a pre-made strategy, it is easier to offer methods to build upon it. Even if they don’t have one, they should be prepared with ideas that perfectly sync with the company’s goals.

12. Which are the most important marketing metrics that one needs to track?

This question also depends on the company you are applying to. Do thorough research about their business and monitor their social media presence to get a comprehensive idea about your marketing metrics recommendations.

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An interview is the first step to your professional career, and you must be adequately prepared before appearing for one. You can kickstart your social media marketing career by enrolling in a course to gain a 360-degree idea of the domain. It will help you acquire industry-relevant skills and make you an eligible candidate for recruiters.

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How should one prepare for a social media interview?

To prepare for a social media interview, you must monitor your favorite brands, how they engage with their target audience, and their social media campaigns. You can also actively engage with said brands via social media and note their way of interaction. Ensure you have enough examples to cite when appearing for these interviews because most interviewers want to assess your depth of knowledge about how to be successful online.

How to nail a social media marketing interview?

Here are some points to keep in mind when you are answering social media interview questions:- Read up. Keep track of popular articles and blogs on social media marketing. Have in-depth knowledge about the company's strategy. Get hands-on training on the different tools used for social media marketing. Connect one-on-one with a social media marketer.

What are the different types of social media?

There are six types of social media: Social networking Bookmarking Social news Media sharing Microblogging Online forum sites.

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