Most Asked Flipkart Interview Questions and Answers – For Freshers and Experienced

Established in 2007, Flipkart is among India’s top online marketplaces. Initially launched as an online bookstore, it slowly expanded to include other things, and today is the number destination for online shopping in the country. 

This blog will discuss the Flipkart interview experience and walk you through frequently asked questions and answers. 

What Are the Most Frequently Asked Flipkart Interview Questions?

The Flipkart interview process varies with the job role being filled. Different positions demand varying levels of expertise and knowledge. For instance, candidates applying for the software developer position should understand coding, data structures, design patterns and principles properly. 

As an engineer working for Flipkart, you will create features based on the product requirements. Aspiring candidates will be expected to write extensive and maintainable codes for the company. It might seem intimidating, but you can get the job with proper guidance and practice. 

Having prior knowledge about Flipkart for interviews can also help candidates interviewing with the company. 

The most important step in cracking the interview is gaining background knowledge about Flipkart company for an interview. Being a well-established brand, the Flipkart interview questions are of an advanced level. Check out upGrad’s Master of Science in Computer Science from LJMU course to excel in computer science. 

Frequently Asked Flipkart Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers.

The Flipkart interview is conducted in mainly two rounds – the technical and the HR rounds. Let us discuss some Flipkart interview questions with answers you might get asked as a fresher:

  1. What are the approaches for developing an algorithm?

There are three main approaches to developing algorithms:

  • Dynamic approach – Dividing the given problem into smaller possible problems and solving them combinedly. 
  • Divide and conquer – Dividing the given problem into smaller possible problems and solving them individually. 
  • Greedy approach – Choosing the best possible option for coming up with a solution. 

2. What is the difference between C and C++?

Middle-level language High-level language
Procedural language Non-procedural language
Polymorphism is not applicable. Polymorphism is used.
The top-down approach is used in program design. The bottom-up approach is used in program design.
All the variables used must be defined at the start of the code. The variables used can be declared anywhere in the code – as and when it is used.

3. What do you understand by database partitioning

The process in which the logical database is divided into several independent parts is known as database partitioning. The database objects, such as indexes and tables, are divided and managed. They are accessed at a granular level. 

4. Write a code to find the number of occurrences of a character in a string. 

for (int j=0; j<string.length(); j++)


    if ( string.charAt(j)== searchedcharacter)

          result ++;



5. What is inheritance?

The process by which the sub or child class inherits all the super class’s public and protected characteristics and properties is known as inheritance. The child class can also have its properties and methods.

6 . How does the selection sort work?

In selection sort, it repeatedly selects the next-smallest element and swaps that into place. In this technique, the smallest element from an unsorted array is selected and brought to the front. This method continues until all the array elements have been sorted properly. 

7. What is polymorphism?

Polymorphism can be defined as a feature of OOPs (object-oriented programming) languages that refers to the ability of a function, variable, or object to have multiple forms. 

8. a code to find the matching elements in an integer array. 

for (k = 0; k < size; k++)  


            for (j = k + 1; j < size; j++)  


                if (arry[k] == arry[j])  




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Frequently Asked Flipkart Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced.

Here are some technical interview questions for experienced candidates: 

  1. What is recursion?

Recursion is the method by which a particular function calls itself directly or indirectly. The corresponding function is known as a recursive function. It reduces the length of the code, making it easier to read and write.

2. What is the difference between local and global variables?

Local variable  Global variable
The variable is declared inside the function of a program.  The variable is declared outside the function of a program. 
It can be accessed only in the function where it is declared. It can be accessed by all the functions present in the program. 
It is created as the function starts executing and is destroyed as the execution is completed.  Exists for the whole time the program is being executed. 
The value is more secure and reliable because it cannot be changed. Multiple functions can access it – hence its value can be changed.

 3. Write a code to calculate the number of vowels and consonants in a string. 

for (int i = 0; i < text.length(); i++) {

    char ch = text.charAt(i);

    if (ch == 'a' || ch == 'e' || ch == 'i' || ch == 'o' || ch == 'u') 

              vowels += vowels


            consonants += consonants


System.out.println("Vowel count is " + vowels); 

System.out.println("Consonant count is: " + consonants); 

4. What is a linked list?

A linked list is a linear data structure where the elements have not been sorted at contiguous memory locations. The elements present in a linked list are linked using pointers. A linked list has nodes where every node has a data field and a reference link to the node of the list.

5. What do you understand about the binary search tree?

A binary search tree stores data to be retrieved efficiently. In the left sub-tree are nodes whose key value is less than the node’s. On the right sub-tree are nodes whose key value is greater than or equal to the node. 

6. Write an algorithm to find the missing number in an array with integers from 1 to 100. 

Step 1: Create an integer array with numbers from 1 to 100. 

Step 2: Get the sum of all the numbers. Find the summation using the formula I*(i+1)/2, where i is the number of integers. 

Step 3: Subtract the missing element from the total summation of the numbers.

7. Explain the bubble sort algorithm using a code. 

for(i = 0; i < array.length; i++)


        for(m = 0; m < array.length-m-1; m++)


            if(array[m] > array[m+1])


                t = array[m];

                array[m] = array[m+1];

                array[m+1] = t;




8. What effect does variable declaration have on memory?

The amount of memory that is being reserved or allocated depends on the type of data being stored. For instance, 32 bits are reserved for the particular variable if you store integer-type data. 

Steps Involved in the Flipkart Interview Process

The Flipkart interview depends on the job role you are applying for. If you are interviewing as an SDE intern, the interview is carried out in four steps:

  • Round 1: Online coding round 
  • Rounds 2 and 3: Online coding round (data structure/problem-solving)
  • Round 4: Hiring Manager round 

However, if you are interviewing for the full-time SDE position, the interview is conducted in five steps: 

  • Round 1: Phone Screening 
  • Round 2: Machine coding 
  • Round 3: Problem-solving and data structure
  • Round 4: System design
  • Round 5: Managerial round

What Are the Flipkart Interview Rounds?

Interview rounds for the SDE intern position:

Round 1: Online coding round

This round has two coding questions based on DSA to be completed within 60 minutes. 

Round 2 and 3: Online coding round 

These are technical interview rounds testing the candidate’s proficiency in data structure and algorithms and problem-solving skills. The candidate’s knowledge of data structure concepts such as graphs, trees, arrays, lists, recursion, and linked lists is assessed.

Feel free to clarify your doubts with the interviewer. Conversing with the interviewer when coding and discussing your approach is recommended to gain extra points. 

Round 4: Hiring Manager round 

The engineering manager conducts this round to test the candidate’s soft skills, including communication skills. Here the candidate will be asked resume-based, behavioral, and scenario-based questions. 

This round is mainly focused on evaluating whether, as a candidate, you are eligible to fit into the Flipkart work culture. It is best to be true to yourself and answer the questions honestly. 

Interview rounds for full-time SDE position:

Round 1: Phone Screening 

This is a 60-minute round. In this specialized screening round, you will be questioned about your past job qualifications, past work insights, and some critical thinking questions based on the role you are interviewing for. It is generally conducted over the phone or in Hangouts. 

Round 2: Machine coding 

The Flipkart machine coding round spans 2 hours. In this round, the candidates must create a complete working code (with an error-handling mechanism). A detailed discussion is carried out on the approach taken by the candidate to solve the problem. 

This round has been divided into 3 sections — pre-coding, coding, and post-coding. The coding section lasts 90 minutes, and the remaining time is divided between the other two rounds. 

Round 3: Problem-solving and data structures

The candidate has to solve various data structure programming questions in this round. Candidates must have a solid foundation in queue, array, stack, heap, linked list, tree, hashmap and graph. Some common questions asked during this round include sorting, two pointers, bit manipulation, searching, backtracking and dynamic programming. 

Round 4: System design round

This round is conducted only for candidates appearing for the senior SDE position. This is a 60-minute round and has two kinds of design interviews— Object-Oriented Design (OOD) and System Design. 

Round 5: Managerial round 

Also known as the team and culture fitment round, in this round, the group fitment capabilities will be assessed based on your interests, experience and qualities shown in previous rounds. It is a 60-minute summary round. 

The interviewer discusses the candidate’s abilities shown during the previous rounds. You will be asked questions about your strengths, aspirations and weaknesses. The candidates are expected to be well-versed in the values of Flipkart and remain candid during the interview. 

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Things To Keep in Mind When Preparing for Flipkart Interview Questions

The hiring process for Flipkart is challenging and rigorous. However, it is an outstanding opportunity to show your capabilities. 

If you are appearing for the Flipkart interview, there are a few things you must be aware of. 

  • Data Structure and Algorithm: You must be clear about the concepts such as arrays, linked lists, graphs, trees, sorting algorithms, searching algorithms, etc. 
  • Coding: Practise coding in any OOPs language. 
  • Low-level design: Practice designing a process view and a logical view. 
  • Have a good understanding of system architecture and its components. 

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Are the Flipkart interview questions and answers easy?

The Flipkart interview questions are not easy. The level of the questions ranges from medium to advanced level.

How many rounds are there in the Flipkart interview?

If you are interviewing as an SDE intern, there are four rounds. Whereas, if you are interviewing for the full-time SDE position, there are five rounds.

How much salary is a Flipkart software engineer paid?

The average salary of a software engineer working for Flipkart is Rs. 17,37,983 per annum.


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