Top 20 MERN Stack Project Ideas & Topics in 2024 for Beginners

Introduction to MERN Stack

MERN stands for MongoDB, Express, React, and Node, the four crucial stack technologies. If you are stepping into the world of application development, you need to have a good grip on the MERN stack. 

Learning each database, web, and JavaScript framework one by one can be hectic and tedious. Also, simply going through the theoretical knowledge might not give the best results. Therefore, the best way to gain expertise in these essential web development tools is by doing hands-on projects. 

Today, we will discuss 20 MERN stack project ideas that will take you from beginner to pro level. These MERN projects will help you learn how to build a robust, three-tier architecture using JavaScript and JSON. 

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So, let’s get started.

Basic Concepts of MERN Stack

First, let’s look at some basic concepts of the MERN stack. 

MERN is a part of the MEAN stack (MongoDB-Express-Angular-Node). But the difference is that React.js replaces the front-end framework Angular.js in the MERN stack.

Amongst the four key elements (MongoDB-Express-React-Node) that frame the MERN stack, Express and Node build the middle tire (the application), MongoDB is the document database, and React.js is the client-side framework. Therefore, making MERN a full-stack solution that follows the traditional three-tier architectural pattern. 

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Importance of MERN Stack in Web Development

MERN stack’s significance lies in its well-structured architecture, which makes it an efficient full-stack web development solution, helping developers build a wide range of web applications. 

Let’s explore other reasons why MERN remains a user favourite. 

  • With the MERN stack, you get scalable document-oriented storage for databases which is ideal for e-commerce websites and other dynamic platforms that require real-time scalability. 
  • MERN stack can easily manage non-uniform or changing, or dynamic documents. 
  • In the MERN stack, one can set a range of different data types as the default, which will not be ruled out because of user-defined inputs. 
  • MERN stack gives importance to the value-based structure and can easily handle complex data sets with the help of superficial keys. 

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MERN Stack Project Ideas for Beginners

#1: To-do List App

The to-do list app is similar to the note-keeping activity we do in our daily journals. Hence, this application needs to be user-friendly and customised according to their preferences, especially with the help of visual images and graphs. Through this project, you’ll be able to learn concepts like address authentication, CRUD, database, etc. 

#2: E-commerce Website

Working on an e-commerce website is one of the most popular MERN stack project ideas, helping both experienced and new entrepreneurs. The e-commerce platforms need to be user-friendly, and profiles made for the sellers or customers need to be authentic to regulate an array of functions, including selling, buying, extending offers and more. 

#3: Social Media Platform

Following the ever-growing popularity of social media platforms, creating this app can greatly contribute to your resume. While working on this MERN STACK project, ensure the platform is user-friendly and has a customisation option based on the users’ needs. Even images, videos, and audio can be shared with the help of these platforms. 

#4: Weather App 

A simple weather application uses scripts and codes on weather data and is a great ReactJS project idea to provide users with frequent weather forecasts. This app can be trained on arbitrary data unless all functions work correctly. 

#5: News Aggregator 

This MERN stack project is a one-stop shop for all the news where you can view your preferred news- business or sports or entertainment or international, etc., by using this application anytime and at any place. 

#6: Job Board

This application will help employers and job seekers meet one another as per their preferences. It should have several features databases containing the job information, working filters, and other criteria. 

#7: Chat Application

The prominence of social networking sites has led to increased faith in instant messaging services. This MERN stack project will help connect users with their families, friends, or even the professional world. Chatting platforms have no complexity, so the app’s design and features must meet the user’s requirements. 

A lot can be learned from this project, starting from front-end development, user experience, database management, etc., to keep real-time communication smooth using technologies like 

#8: Recipe App 

The MERN project ideas related to the recipe application help create perfect meals suited to your cravings. The app should contain inspirational designs, illustrations, and graphical elements, and users should also have options to share recipes with others, upload cooking videos, etc. 

#9: Blogging Platform

In order to create a vibrant blogging MERN stack application, take inspiration from famous blogging websites like Medium and WordPress. Add elements like signing and logging in with credentials and building a profile, after which users can upload their blogs and written posts. The project will teach you about front-end development and database management.  

#10: Music Streaming App

Online music streaming on websites and other digital audio content like podcasts has gained popularity. Examples include Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

The must-have features include shuffling songs and making your own playlist. The recommendations suggested based on your previous music taste are also one of the benefits that can be incorporated within this media player MERN stack project idea. 

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#11: Video Streaming App

Another media player application in our list, this MERN stack project idea, demands cutting-edge technology to be implemented in its creation. Therefore, making it one of the most dynamic MERN stack project ideas. From designing a complex database schema to setting up the backend with Node.js and Express, candidates will practice it all. 

#12: Fitness Tracker

Following the search for motivation to actively involve in physical activities, the fitness tracker app would require users to create a visually compelling fitness application with all the essential features like step count, calorie count, heart rate and more. The UI/UX used for designing the application will help tackle the physical hurdles, therefore demanding extra effort from the developer. 

#13: Quiz App

Quiz apps are dynamic and engaging yet very beginner friendly. You can build an app or an online platform. While online platforms are more responsive and user-friendly, mobile apps make more sense since we spend more time on our mobiles than PCs. Therefore, you can choose from either of the options. 

Adding questions and answers and customising the design according to user preferences will help it to become more exciting. 

#14: Expense Tracker App

The expense tracker is the platform that helps present income and expenditures. Various sources, like medical, salary, travel, education, etc., can be considered by you while tracking your expenses. Users will sign in to their accounts and find visually represented data for a better understanding.

#15: Event Management System

With the help of such MERN stack projects, users can manage and monitor events using the data available on the platform. 

The software should have features that help organise plans, execute, and report events, enabling users to set budgets, decide on timelines, and arrange the basic requirements for the event. 

#16: Movie Recommendation System

The content-based movie recommendation system will recommend similar movies to you based on your likes. The sentiment analysis used in this system is based on the user’s reviews. 

#17: Travel Booking Platform

An online booking tool is a web-based platform that keeps your travel interest in mind. This platform also helps in booking trains or flights and even hotels. This MERN stack project will require you to create a strong front and backend to support features like routes and user authentication and embed external APIs to add features such as a payment gateway.

#18: Personal Finance App

Implementing MERN to build a personal finance app can lead to a robust and scalable solution comprising account management solutions and financial transaction functionality while putting special emphasis on security and data encryption. 

#19: Gaming Platform

Working on gaming platforms as your MERN stack projects can be an exciting idea to strengthen your development skills. All you need to do is incorporate key components like implementing search functionality to help users find their choice of games, social interaction, game hosting on the platform server and other dynamic functionality to make it suit user taste. 

#20: Crowdfunding Platform

In this MERN stack project, you build a website that helps users interact with the crowd and raise money for the campaign by increasing the crowd’s awareness. Some of the major components of this platform will include project management, profiles, a reliable payment gateway, social media sharing and analytics. 

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Conclusion and Future Developments 

This concludes our list of popular MERN stack projects. We hope working on these projects will add weight to your portfolio, helping you acquire leading industry opportunities. On the other hand, consistent upskilling with upGrad’s Master of Science in Computer Science by Liverpool John Moores University is another great option you can opt for to fuel your career!

If you are still in the initial stages of upskilling, we recommend enrolling in Full Stack Software Development Bootcamp by upGrad to get started.

Is MERN stack in demand?

Web development is a rapidly growing career in 2024, so calling it in demand will be an understatement. Knowing MERN stack aids with the knowledge of full-stack development so you can get a job as a front-end, back- end or full-stack developer.

What is the salary of a MERN stack developer in India?

In India, the salary of a MERN stack developer starts from INR 4.2 LPA. However, it can easily escalate to INR 9 LPA based on experience and other factors.

What is the best book to learn MERN stack?

There are many leading options, but if you are a complete beginner, go for “Beginning MERN Stack Development” by Greg Lim, and you can pair it with “MERN Projects for Beginners” by Nabendu Biswas. This combination will help you learn the basics and also guide you to make practical implementations.

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