MBA Project Ideas & Topics for Consumer Behaviour

Consumer behaviour is not just about people making purchase decisions, but also about how they feel about the things they do not have and the influence of other people’s buying decisions. Consumer behaviour studies customers to determine how they select and use products and services. In market research, it is also vital to identify their behaviour and how customers choose a world with many alternatives.

Some distinguished project topics are:

The Micro and Macro Marketing in an Organization and Developing a Marketing Strategy. 

What are the key elements that influence buyer behaviour? How do consumers make choices from various alternatives? How do consumers behave while shopping and researching? These are all essential questions when considering and developing a marketing strategy that fits an organisation. Look into tactful micro and macro marketing techniques and showcasing ways to apply them to your target audience to better understand them.

Consider your target audience and segment them accordingly to develop an appropriate marketing strategy based on their sub-divisions. 

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Strengths and Weaknesses of Types of Research Designs and its Influence of Consumer Behaviour and Market Research

Different types of research designs come with their pros and cons. However, most follow a similar outline and consist of the following steps in their design:

  • The Objectives
  • Research Design
  • Testing
  • Collecting Data
  • Analysing Data Collected
  • The Outcome Report

 Consider each process within the research design and analyse its influence on consumers. Can you revisit the testing phase to ensure the consumer sampling can be ‘fine-tuned’? Determine the strengths and weaknesses of the design model and validate its effect on market research. 

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How to Acquire Customers and Keep Them

The million-dollar question! This could be derived by looking at the customers and studying the factors that influence their choices. Try and put yourself in the consumer’s shoes to understand what the consumer wants. Customers purchase behaviours depend on various influences that are classified as internal and external. Both of these play a critical role in their choices, making it imperative to analyse while considering consumer behaviour.

Influencing Factors:

For one thing, factors such as age, gender, profession, culture and background can influence their buying habits. A consumer’s personal interests, as well as their opinions, play a big part too. 

Psychological factors, such as a consumer’s perception and attitude, also greatly influence their buying styles. Social factors also play a massive part in influencing consumer decisions. These include the influence of their family, friends, peer-group and social media. An individual’s social class and education level can also be taken into consideration.

Managing Standards:

‘What you can measure, you can manage. Consider looking into what you can do to reinvent your process to suit the consumer – it should revolve around the consumer—measuring key factors such as standards and collecting data that is relative to your area of needs. Also, consider what NOT to do to retain consumers, as sometimes over-doing something can drive away loyal consumers. 

Based on these factors, it is imperative to design a marketing strategy that will bring in customers and keep them in the long run. Here are some additional MBA Project Topics for consumer behaviour:

 Internal and External Influences of the Consumer

 Celebrity Endorsements and Influence Intentions

 Social Status and its effect on Consumer Behaviour

 brand-conscious Consumer Choices

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Influence of Price and Price Change on the Consumer

Anything is worth buying if the price is right! What are the factors that influence the consumer based on the cost of the products/services? Does the consumer believe the value of the product or service is equivalent to its price? The relationship between consumer behaviour on the cost of a product and its cost/value ratio compared to its competitors also significantly influences the consumer and determines the habit/trend of purchases. Also, you can find MBA Project Topics for consumer behaviour on similar lines, below:

Consumer Perception of Price

 Consumer Perception of Quality

 Impulsive Purchase Patterns

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Customer Relationship Management

 What defines success with Customer Relationship Management? 

 CRM is a potent tool, so choosing the right CRM, technical requirements, and tools is critical. Consider the options of the future – is it people-oriented or technology-oriented? What are the strategies that can be implemented? Can you automate the personal touch? How can you best organise customer service for the future?

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Consumer Behaviour

Abraham Maslow infamously known for creating the hierarchy of needs clearly defined and categorized the needs and desires of consumers in a pictorial pyramid diagram. He clearly states that every individual has some basic needs that need to be met first, before looking into other needs. A marketer, who can identify these needs and wants of the target market, can utilize this as a selling point in their marketing strategy.  This model clearly depicts the basic needs of each human, i.e. food and safety, in addition to additional desires, such as the self-fulfilment and psychological needs of individuals, and is a great topic to explore. 

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Global Dynamics and How it is All Inter-Connected

 The world is more interconnected than ever before. With the addition of social media accelerating these influences, you’ve got an inter-connectivity between all corners that moves at rocket-speed. Trends, global issues and global processes are seen to have a ‘dominos effect. There is a universal influence, including those based on socio-economic factors. It is vital then to analyse how consumers behave and what they are currently influenced by, and other various issues. Other MBA project topics for consumer behaviour include, but are not limited to:

Social Media Influences on Consumers

 Purchase Style of a Hedonist

 Consumer Behaviour Trends in Online Shopping

 Product’s Country of Origin, and It’s Influence on Buyers

With the continued growing needs of consumer behaviour analysis, there are limitless opportunities to look into new trends and techniques to improvise and implement them for an organisation’s long-term goals. You can touch on various sub-topics and do a thorough analysis that can be foundational as well as to touch on current techniques and developments.

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