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Over the last few years, digital marketing has shown and defined a new path for the marketing of brands and products. Every business today is compelled to be online and reach their target audience. Marketing of the product through websites is the first and foremost step in the process of digital marketing. While you, as a small or big business owner, might have a website and thousands of customers landing on it, your business may still not be fetching optimum leads.

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To deploy a competitive digital marketing strategy to turn visitors into leads is not only an art but also a science dependent on analysis of audience behavior. The business and its product should be the right fit for the consumer’s requirements and the consumer should have easy access to your value proposition. Different organisations adopt different marketing strategies depending on the industry, buyer’s journey, demographics, psychographics, lifestyle, beliefs and value, geography and behavior of their audience.

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Some of the marketing strategies and tactics which are used by Digital Marketers to turn visitors into leads:

#1. Target rich and refined personas

Research shows that a consumer spends less than 10 seconds browsing a web page or a product’s showcased value. A very small window for the marketers to capture audience attention. Gaining rich and refined knowledge about your target personas and their problems and showing exactly the necessary solutions to your audiences as per their need and comfort, is the way to combat this. This also gives the customer a good idea about your understanding of their problems.

An extensive research study of the target audience through consumer surveys, case studies, market analysis, etc., can help in gaining a deeper understanding of your target persona. In short, marketing to everyone is marketing to no one. So, create an empathy map using user experience and market research results and find your exact target audience.

#2. Remember that content is king

This is now an old saying, but highly relevant even today. A content strategy is a unified approach to generate and distribute content through a number of different channels to accomplish the marketing objective. Content strategy will include generating the right content for the right audience and distributing the same through different marketing platforms. Hence, it is vital to know and understand the digital footprints of your target audience. Content can include what your consumer sees on your website, blog posts, videos, ‘thank you’ emails, digital media advertisements, etc.

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Great content is persuasive and always attracts visitors to your websites and convinces them to take the necessary action. In short, it is the art of communicating with your potential customers without actually having to sell to them.

#3. Create well-defined landing pages

An advanced search engine optimised landing page is critical to converting visitors into leads. It needs to reflect the value proposition as promised by the business. Keep one thing in mind though – never have multiple landing pages. A single landing page where the customer finishes the call-to-action and is satisfied, is a good practice to follow. Ensure that you are giving appropriate offers for a specific marketing purpose, as expected, and not misleading the visitors. Remove the extra links which might distract the customer.

A well-structured lead landing page must include critical elements such as a headline, sub-headlines, and a brief description of the offer, a form to capture visitor’s information, as well as testimonials or security badges. It is advisable to keep it simple and embrace the white spaces while constructing a landing page.

#4. Use videos solutions

Today video marketing is an indispensable part of digital marketing. YouTube is one of the most used and dominant video marketing platforms. Producing content that is easy and swiftly comprehensible to the audience is the key to video marketing. Simple and sophisticated videos which solve real problems of customers can create high impact. Tell a tale through your video and do not sell the product directly in order to truly engage with your audience. The first ten seconds of the video are crucial to impress the audience and hit the bull’s eye.
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You can also optimise your videos and tag them as per the keywords used by the audience. A qualitative video which is optimised and designed as per your audience is the key to success in video marketing.

#5. Ace email marketing

Though it is a very old way of marketing, it is still not out of fashion. Email is a channel where you can find, engage and motivate your customers and increase your conversion rate in a very effective manner. Relevant, engaging and branded content in the email can persuade your customers to quickly take the necessary action. You can obtain and create email lists through search, display and social ads and ask your audience to fill out forms. You can also use an opt-in process to add new and potential subscribers.

An effective email marketing campaign must have the basic elements of professional emails – a captivating subject line, pre-headers header, and a concise body of the email, unbroken links, and footer with an explicit CTA (call to action) note. Ensure that you are able to retain your customer’s focus.

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#6. Retarget or remarket

A digital marketing technique that enables marketers to reach out to customers who have already visited the website. Most PPC (pay per click) campaigns target customers who have an idea and are familiar with the brand and the product. The click-through rate of the remarketing campaigns is quite high with a very low cost per click. Remarketing can be implemented through making the product visible again to the customers, giving them new offers and deals, sharing updates on new product features, etc.

You can plan and customise remarketing campaigns depending on the insights obtained from behavioral targeting or audience segmentation. Focus on content and education rather than a direct sales pitch.

#7. Test various landing pages

Whether it is a simple webpage on your website, blog post, social media ads, emails or any marketing campaigns, the most critical feature before reaching out to the customer is to test the landing pages. No matter how great your content on the landing page is, if it doesn’t appear in the right manner for the audience, it is futile. A very common way of testing the landing pages is A/B testing where you can create two versions of a landing page and make them compete with one another.

You can then evaluate which version performs the best in achieving the marketing objective. You can only test one aspect of the landing page at a time.

These are the main marketing strategies widely adopted by most of the digital media practitioners out there. There are other small steps which you can take once the digital marketing funnel is in place such as creating testimonials, exclusive interviews with industry tycoons, tweaking your call-to-action buttons as per the changing audience patterns, offering checklists, crafting user-friendly forms, etc.

If you have a business and if you want to grow it consistently, you need to have a website which converts visitors into leads and potentially, into loyal customers of the future. By using the right digital marketing strategy and branding solutions at the right time, your business will slowly but steadily reap the benefits of the magic that is digital marketing.

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What is clickthrough rate?

Clickthrough rate (CTR) is a ratio of the number of people who see your free product listing or ad to the number of people who end up clicking it. CTR is used to analyse how well your free listings, ads, and keywords are performing.

The number of clicks that an ad receives divided by the number of times it is seen is known as CTR. The number of times an ad is seen is known as impressions. As an example, if the number of clicks is 5 and the number of impressions is 100 then the CTR will be 5 percent.

Each keyword, listing, and ad has its own CTR. A high CTR is an indicator that users find your listings and ads relevant and helpful.

What is CTA?

A call to action (CTA) is a term in marketing that refers to a course of the desired action that a business wants its readers or audience to take. A CTA can potentially have a direct link to sales. It can direct a shopper to click on the buy button to complete the purchase. It can also navigate a website visitor into becoming a paying customer of a company’s goods and services.

Companies can use CTAs to notify visitors about product updates by inducing them to subscribe to newsletters. An effective CTA is easy to understand and is followed immediately by a message from marketing.

What is an empathy map?

An empathy map is a collaborative tool that organisations use to gain a deep insight into their consumers. Just like a user persona, an empathy map can represent a user group such as a customer segment.

As the name suggests, marketing teams use empathy maps to put themselves in the shoes of their customers. They are useful in tracking behaviours during customer interviews and creating user personas.

Not just businesses, even non-profit organisations use empathy maps to better their services. Institutions that work with asylum seekers use empathy maps to improve their handling of refugees.

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