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As businesses are becoming more prominent and more complicated, the need for skilled managers is growing accordingly. If you wanted to become a corporate leader, then the best method would be learning management. To help you in achieving these dreams, upGrad has launched its upStart program. It allows you to take free courses in popular skills and become a more skilled professional. You don’t have to spend a dime to enroll in these programs. 

If you want to learn management, you can enroll in our “Management Essentials” course. To join this program, head to the upStart page, select the “Management Essentials” course, and click on register. This article will discuss why learning management is beneficial, the contents of our management courses free, and its advantages. Let’s begin. 

Why Learn Management?

If you have always wanted to climb the corporate ladder, management might be the perfect subject. Managers lead businesses and make executive decisions to pave their way forward. The demand for management professionals is also very high in our country. Between 2018 and 2019, around 70% of global recruiters hired more than one management graduate. (Source

On top of that, management is a business skill with demand in every sector. Whether it’s tech or petroleum, industries are continually looking for skilled management professionals. If you’re a working professional and want to switch industries, then learning management would be perfect.

You can learn management skills to get a raise or pursue leadership roles in your organization. Management offers some of the highest-paying jobs in our country too. For example, investment bankers earn an average of INR 9.83 Lakh per year. So you can see why taking management courses free would help your career. 

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Why Choose Management Essentials from upGrad?

Learning management can be quite cumbersome. It’s a broad subject with many branches. Our free management courses online help you substantially by simplifying many of its concepts you would have found challenging.

The course covers various management topics and enables you to develop the most in-demand skills. Apart from these advantages, here are some additional reasons why you should choose the “Management Essentials” course from upGrad:

Check out our management courses to upskill yourself.

1 to 1 Industry Mentorship

You get 1 to 1 mentorship from industry experts during this course. Having a mentor ensures that you can overcome any doubts or issues quickly. All the instructors in these courses are seasoned industry leaders. 

Cutting Edge Content

Industry experts professionally create all the content of our management courses free. For example, you get to study economics for business from the Chief Economist of the Piramal Group. Such quality content ensures that you learn concepts efficiently.

Weekly Live Lectures

You’ll get live lectures from your instructors every week. During those lectures, you can ask questions regarding the topics and remove any doubts. 

Free Certificate

After you complete the course, you’ll get a completion certificate from upGrad. The certificate will help recruiters know that you are proficient in these management skills and, thus, enhance your CV substantially. 

Apart from these advantages, our management skills courses free help you start your learning journey without spending a dime. You only have to invest 30 minutes per day for a few weeks. 

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What Will You Learn?

Management is a critical skill to have if you want to pursue leadership roles in companies. Organizations always look for skilled managers, and if you have the necessary skills, you can bag lucrative jobs easily. Our free management courses online will help you learn vital management skills that will enhance your resume.

By the end of our management courses free, you’d know most of the essential skills a professional needs. This course would benefit you even if you’re not a manager. Our course is divided into three sections, namely:

  • Communication Masterclass
  • Marketing Masterclass
  • Economics Masterclass

The course lasts for three weeks and offers live lectures and mentorship. Let’s discuss each one of these sections in detail:

Communication Masterclass

Communication is among the most important skills a candidate can have. Recruiters always prefer candidates that have adept communication skills. Good communication not only helps the person but their team also.

Whether you’re working as a leader or as a follower, knowing how to convey your thoughts properly is always a great skill to have. In this section of our management skills courses free, you’ll learn about multiple communication aspects such as Presentation, Influencing, Persuasion, and Negotiation.

Your instructor for this module would be none other than Rakesh Gowdwani. He is the author of What to Say and When to Shut up. He has covered many of these topics in his book. 

Learning these communication skills will help you in becoming a competent leader. You’d know how to present your ideas to others, how to get better deals from vendors, and how to generate more sales for your company. All of these are valuable skills that can boost your career prospects substantially.

Rakesh is a seasoned expert himself, and his guidance would help you understand these concepts quickly and efficiently. You’ll learn about his famous AEIOU framework for persuasion during this masterclass as well. 

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Marketing Masterclass

Knowing how to market your products or services can do wonders for your organization. That’s why many organizations look for marketing skills in their candidates. Marketing is a broad subject, and in the current day and age, it has become more important than ever before.

In this section of our free management courses online, you’ll get to learn the basics of marketing from the former MD of The Walt Disney Company India. This section discusses many important topics, including Brand Strategy, Pricing, and making the product available to the right audience.

The sole purpose of marketing is to generate revenue for a business. That’s why a candidate with excellent marketing skills gets preference over others. 

Marketing is highly complicated and requires a lot of effort. This section of our management courses free would help you understand many of its fundamentals. You would know how you should decide your product’s (or service’s) price, how to target the right audience, and how to promote your product to them.

Understanding marketing basics is essential to learn its more advanced concepts. This module will help you build a strong foundation so you can master marketing in the current industry. 

Economics Masterclass

In the final section of our management skills courses free, you’d get to learn how you can apply economics to your daily problems. Your instructor for this module would be the Chief Economist of the Piramal Group. The module covers many economics fundamentals, including Demand, Supply, Macroeconomics, Pricing, and Case Studies. 

Economics is the social science where you study the interactions between people and things of value. It studies the production, consumption, and distribution of goods and services. It has many applications in business, and this module will help you understand them well.

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For example, knowing the concepts of demand-supply and their relation with pricing can help you make better business decisions related to product marketing. It can also help you with many business problems related to resource allocation, employment, and other prominent sectors. Other sections of this module, such as macroeconomics, will help you see the broader picture and help you understand your industry better. 

upGrad has now partnered with top institutes in India like IIT Delhi and IIM K to provide industry-relevant courses. upGrad with IIT Delhi offering three courses in collaboration with upGrad. These include Advanced Certificate Programme in Machine Learning, Executive Management Programme in Strategic Innovation, Digital Marketing and Business Analytics, and Certificate Programme in Operations Management and Analytics.

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How to Start

If you want to join our “Management Essentials” program, you can follow these steps:

  • Head to our upStart page
  • Select the “Management Essentials” course
  • Click the “Register” button
  • Complete the registration process

That’s it. You can start learning vital management skills for free through this course. The course doesn’t require any monetary investment. You’d only have to spend 30 minutes a day for a few weeks to learn multiple management concepts. 

Sign up today and kickstart your learning journey.

If you have any questions or suggestions for this article, please let us know by dropping a comment below. We’d love to hear your thoughts. 

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Q1. Is hospital management a good career?

With the rise of corporate hospitals today, a career in hospital management is very rewarding too. Efficient hospital administrators are in huge demand nowadays for the smooth management of hospital and healthcare operations. Hospital management ensures smooth interfacing between the healthcare services providers, medical facilities and their consumers. They are responsible for the overall patient care, community health care, and research related to different healthcare organizations. Career opportunities in the field of hospital management are evolving and increasing. And top corporate hospital groups in the country like Tata, Apollo, Max, and Fortis are always looking for qualified and efficient hospital management professionals.

Q2. What are my career opportunities after doing an MBA in finance?

An MBA in finance is one of the most lucrative choices among management career aspirants. One of the main reasons this is a highly-coveted specialization is that an MBA in finance comes with a vast career scope. Subjects like accounting, financial planning, asset and risk management, and pricing are taught in this management program. And aspirants can sharpen their knowledge and skills to analyze company reports, balance risks and profitability, maximize company stock value, select investment portfolios and predict economic trends. After completing your MBA in finance, you can become a financial analyst, accounting manager, relationship manager, finance analyst, financial consultant, chief financial officer (CFO), and even an equity research analyst.

Q3. Can you become an investment banker after studying MBA?

Yes, you can become an investment banker after completing your MBA. Investment bankers are mainly responsible for generating capital for corporate bodies, governments and other financial entities. They are also known to work in the roles of financial advisors to different financial institutions and governments. It requires business acumen and high-profile skills to become an efficient investment banking professional. Investment banking is a hugely popular career choice among MBA graduates, especially those who choose MBA in finance. Investment bankers are recruited by top organizations across the world and are offered exciting salaries.

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