Top 6 Major Projects For Computer Science [CSE] Students in 2022

Major Projects For CSE

CSE or computer science and Engineering is one of the most coveted branches of engineering in India. There is a growing need for professionals who are well versed in the ways of Computer Science. 

In today’s day and age, the skills which you would be expected to have if you are a computer science and engineering graduate include the ability to write excellent and meaningful code, a data-minded approach to problem-solving, good networking and network analysis skills, knowledge on how to keep information secure, the architecture of web, design, and analysis of algorithms, knowledge of storage systems, disk management, development of mobile and web-based apps and even machine and deep learning. 

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Importance of Major Projects for CSE

Since there is such a high skill required to be successful in this industry, people often get demotivated or feel highly daunted. However, with enough practice, we believe that even the toughest of the skill could be mastered.  

There is a pathway through which you would be able to get new industry-ready skills and even practice the ones you already have. That fabled way is by doing as many major projects for cse as you can. Projects, especially the complete end-to-end ones, provided the students with a taste of what working in the industry would feel like.

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You also would be getting the thrill of seeing something that you have developed into action. Moreover, you will have a chance to work with many different libraries and codebases, which would only broaden your knowledge and help you stand out from the crowd.

The icing on the cake would come in the form of the weight it would give to your resume. With a complete end-to-end project, you would be able to impress almost any recruiter, which in turn would boost your chances of getting selected for your dream job. 

There are many major project ideas for cse for you to choose from. You can opt for the ones you feel the most comfortable in or grow by moving out of your comfort zone by choosing something brand new. Whatever be your choice, the list of best major project ideas for cse that we are about to provide you should come in handy.

One final note before we begin our discussion is that the projects on this list are major for a reason. In theory, you might be forgiven to think that these projects are easy, and you should be able to get all of them in no time.

The truth, however, would only strike you when you begin writing your first line of code. The projects on this list are very comprehensive and would require a great deal of time to complete. 

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With that being said, let us jump straight into the best major projects for CSE.

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Top 6 Major Projects For CSE

1. Crime rate Predictions using the K-means algorithm

We begin this list with one of the most exciting projects that you would be able to make. You would need the dataset of crimes, and using the K-means algorithm, and you are required to predict the crime rate. This project has overarching importance in our society because we see an upward trend in the number of crimes committed daily.

Even the law enforcers are having a field day in trying to curb crimes in a particular part of the world. This project would help those law enforcers. All you have to do is feed the data of the crimes that have occurred in the past. The data which you enter would automatically be mined, and special care would be taken to ensure a smooth pipeline of the entire functioning of the project.

K-means algorithm would be at the heart of this project. It will help us in clustering all the things like co-offenders and also help us in finding the missing link that humans would have commonly missed. This project could really prove to be fruitful if you would be able to package everything like the model and the pipeline in an easy to use Graphical User Interface package which even the non-tech people would be able to enjoy.

2. Detection of brain tumor with the help of image segmentation

For all the machine and deep learning enthusiasts out there, this one should fit right into your alley. The premise of the project is straightforward. You have to create a classifier that should be able to find tumors just from the pictures of the brain that you would provide the model.

This project, if you are able to implement it correctly, you should be able to save a lot of lives. Cancer still happens to be one of the deadliest diseases that is known to humankind, and if the detection of the tumor occurs at a later stage, then the chances of survival of that human become very low.

You should ideally use the process of image segmentation and use the perfect features, which should give your classifier good accuracy. Actually, in cases like cancer, prediction accuracy is not useful metrics to judge the classifier (because of the apparent class imbalance issue that dealing with this problem would present). You should use different metrics and try to make this an end-to-end model, and if you have the resources at hand, you should also put this model of yours into production for maximum effect. 

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3. A battery saver program for Android devices

Android devices are infamous for the amount of battery that they consume. Because Android is open-source, there are a lot of different devices out there. Optimizing apps for such a vast ecosystem is still a massive challenge for any app developer. Due to this poor optimization of apps, they tend to consume more battery.

Another reason which could be said for the rapid decline of the battery percentage is the poor ram and other resources management, which you would find on the third party reskin of stock android. Your task in this project would be to create a battery saver app to help this omnipotent issue. This battery saver should be built natively for android.

You can use a few different tricks like stooping the apps running in the background by force, ensuring that the user is notified of any app is draining large chunks of battery. Finally, you can also use ram management to your advantage by limiting the number of apps that are opened at any given time.

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The final decision lies in your hand. If you plan to take up android development as your career option or want to polish your app development skills, we would recommend that you pick this project up. You can easily upscale this project by putting the app you created on the app store and ensuring that the app runs smoothly by fixing the bugs upon your user feedback.

4. Product review analysis to find the ratings which were given by genuine humans

This project might seem redundant at first glance because there is no way that a machine would leave product reviews, right? You would be mistaken here. Computers are getting smarter as each passing day, and with the help of web automation, it will not take any experienced programmer more than five minutes to whip up a script that fills a particular product page with jargon reviews.

Your job in this project would be to filter out these weeds from the real ones. One fundamental reason to do so is to ensure fairness. These jargon reviews would be counted to determine the final rating, and these reviews could easily skew the rating to be on their side.

To prevent this from happening and ensuring that no customer is tricked into buying a lousy product or tricked into not buying an excellent product, this project is essential. With that said, your job might not prove to be quiet as easy as you might think. While some of the reviews would be very easily removed from the clutter, some cleverly masked ones could be hard for any algorithm to distinguish.

Your job would be to create this algorithm. Your algorithm should find features that make a human written review unique and remove all the clutter from the product page.

5. Creating a messenger app that uses the technology of Bluetooth

Yes, in this project, you will be creating a messaging app like WhatsApp, only that it will be using Bluetooth instead of the internet. On paper, you would be forgiven to think that this app serves no purpose whatsoever. But, if you are able to create a fully functional app that runs on Bluetooth and gives the ability to have a chat with another person.

It would have the potential to change lives. You would only need Bluetooth to be able to communicate with others meaning in areas that have poor connectivity, and you would be able to send and receive text and files from another person without having to wait a long time for them to download. Another immediate benefit of using such an app would be in case of danger.

You would need just a Bluetooth connection through which you would send SOS if you are in a life-threatening situation. Now, while you work on these significant projects for cse, you would be working on two of your skills. First, you would be improving your app creation skill.

Secondly, you will also be able to gain valuable network knowledge. You will be creating an app that uses the one to many connection formulae. That means at a time, and the communication would occur from server to one person. You will not be given direct access to chat with others. The transmission would occur only through the server. You will also be able to save chats.

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6. Fingerprint voting system

These major projects for cse have the potential to touch a lot of lives. Since all the fingerprints in this world are unique, this project leverages that exact fact. The specifics on how you implement the project lie in your hand, but you can try out different things like automatically casting a vote when the machine recognizes the finger print, Only unlocking the voting interface when the machine reads your fingerprint correctly, etc.

This project in democratic countries would help in doing the elections more fair and overall work in favor of democracy. It would be best if you gave this project a try because it will test out a number of tech stacks at a time.

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These projects encompass the popular applications of programming. While all these projects require different tools under the umbrella of programming, they all have some things in common. Executing programming project ideas require willpower, perseverance, and a thirst for knowledge.

Taking up programming projects will improve your practical skills and help you learn more, network with people, and understand the basics of subjects, which are even beyond your scope of expertise.

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