Top 5 Local SEO Strategies to Increase Your Traffic in 2023


In the face of the search engine’s changing algorithms, it is very important to update your national as well as local SEO strategies. There is no margin for slack when it comes to SEO. It is either you do it or you do not; simple as that! If you choose the latter, then be ready to see your business take a downward path with zero hopes of recovery.

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Also, do not even get started on the mentality that if you are providing the right products then the right people would come flocking to your store. Sorry to burst your bubble but it can never happen! Increasing your reach requires conscious efforts. The same goes for local SEO without a few strategies in mind you can never grow your audience base or even reach your target audience. So, considering this, here our top five local SEO strategies that will bring your business the visibility it deserves!

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  1. Inbound Marketing through Great Content

When people need something or have some issues, they open up their browsers and try to look up for answers. If some piece of content appears to rid their minds of the confusion, the audience will be intrigued about the website’s owner. This can be your window of opportunity through which you can bag sales and increase your customer base.

The Importance of Search Engine Optimization

If this scenario teaches us one thing, it is that great content is the most powerful inbound marketing strategies since it always pays off. Since inbound marketing is all about search engine optimization, pumping our great yet useful content can bring your business the right attention.

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This strategy is easier said than done. For producing content that offers some kind of value to the clients, first, you will need to create your clients’ persona. Once you have successfully predicted your clients’ needs through a persona, you can get down to creating content that targets your expected audience base. Through this way, the overall user activity will increase which will help in your local optimization efforts.

2. Mention Location in Your Content

For local SEO, you need to make efforts to let people know that your business is local. To achieve this task, you can either mention your location in the contact section of your website. Or you can use your location as a keyword and use it naturally to increase your chances of faring better

For instance, if you have an ice cream parlor in the Essex area and would like to increase online local traffic, the best way to do this is by finding targeted location keywords on Google Ads. Once you have a list of all the keywords, you can integrate them into your blog posts, comments and replies to signal Google about your online store and your location. You can also include location keywords in your photos’ alt text.

Remember when it comes to keywords, relevancy is the key. Also, never stuff your website with keywords as it may get you penalized by Google.

3. Verify Google My Business (GMB)

To appear on Google Maps, you must first get yourself registered with Google My Business.. GMB is an online space that provides users with correct information concerning any business. However, GMB does not automatically collect accurate information so the business must do it by themselves.

To verify oneself on GMB, one must provide an accurate business address, location, email address, phone number, operating hours, and links to the original website. If you are a restaurant, you can add links to your eating menu and if you deal with footwear, you can add links that take the users to your promotional offers and likewise. Keep in mind that providing incorrect information to the GMB will not produce any positive results.

Google My Business helps with increased visibility, improves your website’s traffic and provides an overall better shopping experience for your users. For more information about how GMB helps with local SEO, consider reading this article!

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4. Get Others to Talk about You

Have a new product coming out? Or perhaps you have a new addition in your menu that you would love others to try out? Getting other people to know about such changes can be a tad difficult. This is why you need to get other people on board to help you. This not only helps in improving search ranking but also aids in forming new bonds. Also, gaining high-quality and relevant backlinks from authoritative sources will help with local search visibility.

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There are two ways through which you can do this. The first one is to have a local press center cover you. This is a great way of boosting your online business since you have a chance to appear in magazines or e-newspapers. The second method of increasing your visibility is by collaborating with your local influencers.
It can be a popular blog owner or it can be someone with a small YouTube following. Get them to talk about you and your products. Ask them to include a backlink to your website. Of course, they will not do it for free; however, this method can cement your reputation even further. Overall, both of the methods work just fine. This is because both of them talk about your business and both of them provide a passage for users to visit your website.

Customer Reviews

A recent survey showed that around 84% of the customers read reviews before making a decision. Out of those 84%, 64% immediately form a decision and decide whether they want to do business with a specific website or not. Still think that customer reviews do not matter?!

So, the next time someone purchases your products or services, politely ask them to provide a great review. If you maintain your good service streak, half of your clients will provide a great review and the other half you can persuade by offering some kind of benefits in return. Something like promotional offers and ‘refer a friend’ offer can provide users with a push they need to post a good review. Also, you can hire PHP programmers to develop an open-source feedback application that accrues and manages the reviews on your behalf. On the other hand, you can also register your business on TrustPilot or other similar websites for customer reviews.

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Google constantly updates its algorithms and, with 2019 already in action, it becomes extremely important to modify your SEO strategies for boosting your performance. So go through our top 5 tips and try to adapt your business to those strategies. Also, if you fail to see any results, we suggest tweaking the strategies until you reach a form that works perfectly in your favor!

What are the best SEO strategies to drive organic traffic?

Some of the top SEO strategies to drive organic traffic include on-page SEO, using long-tail keywords, find appropriate keywords, writing compelling headlines, use social media channels to promote content, using varying lengths and formats of your content, using schema microdata, internal linking, making sure website pages are technically optimized for faster loads, optimize meta titles with CTA, optimize voice search, etc.

Can I use SEO for inbound marketing?

SEO is a form of inbound marketing, which means targeting customers that are the right fit for the company. The right fit customers include those who have already purchased your product or have followed you on social media or have shown interest in buying the product.
Through inbound marketing strategies, you engage with potential customers by using keywords that customers are already searching for and creating good content optimized with the keywords.

What is EAT in SEO and why is it important?

EAT is an acronym for Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness and is an important metric to rank top in Google SERP. Through this metric, Google evaluates the overall quality of any webpage to ensure users get the information looking from a trusted source
For example, a medical topic written by a medical research fellow or an experienced doctor will provide more value compared to a random blog post by an unverified user.
Therefore, if you make the content and webpage as per EAT standard, the chances of ranking high on SERP. To improve on EAT SEO, you should build the right backlinks, get mentions from trusted sources, get more reviews, and keep content accurate.

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