LLM Course Fees Explained 2024

I hear a lot of buzz about LLM courses all over India. After understanding the huge demand for this course in the country, I felt the need to make everyone aware of what this course comprises and other fee-related concerns around it. In this post, I am going to provide you with a detailed LLM course fees guide and inform you about everything important that you must know when enrolling in this course.  

LLM course includes Law and Social Transformation in India, Constitutionalism, Legal Research and Methodology, and Judicial Process in the curriculum. Each country has a different LLM course duration. In India, an LLM program normally lasts two years. The average LLM course fees are between INR 1,00,000 and 2,50,000. In contrast, the lengths in the US, Canada, and the UK are 2.5 years, 1 year, and 2 years, respectively. In comparison with India, LLM fees from abroad will be higher. 

Part-time and distance Master of Legislative Laws programs are also available in India through several colleges, including Acharya Nagarjuna College, Jamia Milia Islamia University, The W.B. National University of Juridical Sciences (NUJS), NLU Jodhpur, and National Law School of India University. You can also check Law Courses online. 

Why Study LLM? 

Students pursue Master of Laws or LLM degrees for a variety of reasons. Among them, the typical causes are: 

  • LLM programs that specialize in international law can be beneficial for students. They will be able to establish themselves as leaders in the global arena. 
  • With the LLM program, students can focus on a specific area of law, and hence, they can pursue their careers more efficiently. 
  • Students may pursue an LLD degree after earning an LLM. Moreover, compared to LLB, LLM provides greater employment and pay chances. 

Factors Affecting LLM Course Fees in India 

Indian Law Institute LLM fees depend on various factors . Whether the program is offered at a national law, private, or government university may affect the costs. Moreover, course fees also depend on the specialization you choose. You will find that LLM abroad for Indian students is higher due to a number of other factors involved in the study. 

Check out the LL.M. Master of Laws from GGU  Masters of Laws from GGU 

Global Comparison of LLM Course Fees 

We have discussed the cost of an LLM degree for different countries in this section. Here is the basic LLM fee structure for different countries. 


The first year’s tuition for candidates wishing to study in Australia would cost a total of AUD 55,322. In Australia, the average annual living expenses and the average LLM course fees are AUD 12,908 and AUD 49,790, respectively. 

University  Program Details  Tuition Fee (First Year) 
The University of Melbourne  Master of Criminology  AUD 35,775 
The University of Sydney  Juris Doctor  AUD 50,528 
RMIT University  Master of Justice and Criminology  AUD 40,200 
Curtin University – Australia  Master of Philosophy (Law)  AUD 36,882 
Deakin University  Master of Laws  AUD 38,910 


In Canada, the first year’s tuition fee can be around CAD 56,986, while the average annual living expense is around CAD 9,772. The average tuition for an LLM program is around CAD 32,053. 

University   Program Details   Tuition Fee (First Year)  
University of Toronto   Master of Laws (LLM)   CAD 11,283.96 / year 
The University of British Columbia   LLM – Master of Law   CAD 29,415.60 (program total) 
University of Alberta   Master of Law   CAD 30,000 / year 
McGill University   Master of Laws (LLM)   CAD 20,000 / year 
York University   Professional LLM   CAD 1,727.54 / term 


The one-year LLM course fee in Germany is around EUR 8,893, while the average annual cost of living in Germany is approximately EUR 4,447.  

University   Program Details   Tuition Fee (First Year)  
University of Hamburg   Masters in European and European Legal Studies   EUR 8,500.00 (Program fee) 
Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg   LLM   EUR 650 / Semester 
Dresden University of Technology   Master of Laws in International Studies in Intellectual Property Law (In German)   EUR 2500 / Semester 
University of Augsburg   LLM in Intellectual Property and Competition Law (In German)   EUR 19,750 
Universität Konstanz   LLM in Comparative Studies of German, European, and Chinese Law (In German & English)    

EUR 500 / Semester 


The first year’s tuition in Ireland would cost a total of INR 30 lakh. The average annual cost of living in Ireland is approximately INR 4.75 lakhs, whereas the average LLM tuition is INR 20 lakhs. 

University   Program Details   Tuition Fee (First Year)  
University College Dublin   MCL Common Law   EUR 8400 
Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin   LLM in Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law   EUR 10,960 
National University of Ireland Galway   LLM (International & Comparative Business Law)   EUR 8,390 / year 
Griffith College   LLM in International Commercial Law   EUR 8,000 (program fee) 
Dublin City University   LLM   EUR 7,700 (Full time) 

LLM Course Fees Structures 

Candidates must have completed their degree in the legal stream with a minimum of 55% to be eligible for this course. Candidates require a five-year BA/LLB, BSC/LLB, or BBA/LLB degree with an aggregate score of 50–60%. 

The outcomes of the entrance exam at the national, state, or college levels decide admission to the LLM program. The outcomes of the entrance exam determine admission to most schools and institutions. Several respected universities in India offer LLM programs. LL.M in Corporate & Financial Law from OPJ is a great option for pursuing your master’s degree in law. 

Many colleges across India provide part-time and distance learning alternatives (source).  

Course Fee Structure  Fees (in INR) 
Admission fee  INR 6,000/- (one time) 
Tuition fee  INR 80,000/- per annum 
Hostel Amenities Fee  INR 8,500/- per annum. 
Hostel application fee  INR 100/- 
Hostel Deposit  INR 5,000/- (General Category) 
Infrastructural fee  INR 12,000/- per annum 
Internet fee  INR 10,000/- per annum 
Library Deposit  INR 5,000/- (one time) 
Library fee  INR 8,000/- per annum 
Medical fee  INR 1,000/- per annum 
Mess Basic / GWC  INR 13,200/- per annum 
Mess Deposit  INR 1,000/- (one time) 
Room Rent  INR 12,000/- per annum 
SBA & Moot Court fee 

INR 3,000/- per annum 

Sports and gymnasium fee 

INR 5,000/- per annum 

Smart Card Fee  INR 100/- (one time) 
Total Fee  INR 1, 69,900/- per annum 

Tips for Affordable LLM Course Fees in India 

Here are some suggestions for finding low-cost LLM programs: 

  • Evaluate the cost: Consider the program’s entire cost, which includes living expenditures and tuition. 
  • Seek out financial aid: Think about financial aid and scholarship opportunities. 
  • Think about online or part-time courses: These choices might fit your professional and timetable objectives. 
  • Serve as a research assistant: By assisting professors with their research, students may be able to lower their tuition costs. 
  • Select an overseas LLM: Think about pursuing an overseas LLM if you can pay the tuition or receive a scholarship. 

You will find the lowest LLM fees in India in government colleges. You can also check and compare University of Law LLM fees for various subjects. 

Future Prospect after completing LLM 

Following an LLM program, individuals have the option to continue their education by pursuing an MPhil or Ph.D. in law. Aspirants are advised that passing the All-India Bar Exam is a requirement for practicing law in India (AIBE). You can also check LLM admission fees for different colleges to understand your estimated budget better. 

LLM Jobs and Salary 

The following table gives you an idea of prospective job roles one can be placed in after LLM and the receptive salaries.  

Job Profile  Job Description  Salary (In INR) 
Advocate  A person in such a job profile must conduct an extensive investigation to obtain tangible evidence to support their claims and factual data. In addition, advocates are responsible for reviewing and writing contracts, among other things.  4.7 Lakhs per annum (Source) 


Solicitor  An individual with such a work profile typically specializes in a particular field of law, such as property, tax, litigation, or family law. Legal counsel is provided by solicitors to both individual and corporate clients.  12 Lakhs per annum (Source) 
Judge  In a position like this, one must ensure justice is served, and everyone’s legal rights are protected. A judge is in charge of trials and hearings when they hear the arguments made by solicitors  15 Lakh per annum (source) 
Legal Advisor  Applicants who choose to work in this type of role are lawyers with specialized legal knowledge. Large organizations, corporations, and governments frequently employ legal advisors. A legal advisor’s primary responsibility is to shield clients from potential legal ramifications.  5.8 Lakh per annum (Source) 
Notary  The central government hires people for such a job description for the entire nation or for a particular region. A candidate for a notary position must be a licensed attorney who has been in practice for at least ten years. A notary performs the following duties: 

To confirm, validate, accredit, or attest to the performance of any instrument. 

Easily convert any document across languages and double-check its translation. 

3.05 Lakh per annum (Source) 
Oath Commissioner  A person with such a work profile is permitted to confirm affidavits. The Chief Justice appoints an Oath Commissioner, who is typically a lawyer. But things aren’t always like this. An Oath Commissioner’s duties include the following: 

Ensuring that the draft affidavit, or the proof, is in writing. 

Make sure the individual in front of you has read the draft affidavit and is aware of all of its contents. 

4.76 Lakh per annum (source 


You must know that LLM is a two-year, full-time program divided into four semesters. After the last semester, you must turn in your dissertations and finish the necessary amount of credit units. I strongly recommend going for Executive mode for LLM if you are an employed professional. 

For graduates, I suggest going for a two-year degree to find employment as a legal writer, Indian Legal Services consultant, advisor, and consultant. LL.M. in Intellectual Property & Technology Law from OPJ is a popular course. However, you must crack the LLM Entrance exam to enter top universities. 

What are the fees of an LLM degree?

In India, the typical cost of an LLM (Master of Law) program can vary from approximately INR 1,00,000 to INR 4,00,000 or higher (source).

Can I complete LLM in 1 year?

Although LLM programs normally last one year, some private universities may provide part-time or extended programs that last two or three years. A standard LLM program may last anywhere from a year to two and a half years, depending on the university. Depending on the topic and university, regular courses could take one to two years to complete.

What is the eligibility for LLM?

Applicants must have graduated from an accredited university with an LLB or a five-year integrated LLB. To be able to pursue an LLM, they also needed to have completed their course with an average score of 50%. The minimum graduation score required for candidates in reserved categories is 45% overall.

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