List of Best Universities for Masters in Finance in The UK for Indian Students


The UK is an excellent destination for pursuing higher education for Indian students due to its world-renowned universities and top-notch courses. These universities are known for their compelling teaching methods, superior educational infrastructure, and wide range of courses and specialisations. 

A Master in Finance is one of the most sought-after courses in the UK, and many universities offer excellent courses and programs in this field. The listed universities in UK for Masters are renowned for their student-friendly environment and offer international students multiple scholarship opportunities. 

They have a long-standing tradition of excellence in finance and provide students with access to the latest research materials and resources. Moreover, they have a strong reputation in finance, making them the ideal choice for Indian students wanting to pursue their Masters’s in Finance. 

The faculties of these universities are highly qualified and have years of experience in the field. Furthermore, they provide guidance and assistance to students throughout their course. This article will give students the information they need to make an informed decision regarding their Master’s in Finance in the UK. The list of universities also includes details on their fees and admission criteria.

Definition of Masters in Finance

A Master’s in Finance is a postgraduate degree that provides students with advanced education in finance. It is designed to produce graduates with the skills and knowledge required to succeed in the finance industry. This degree focuses on the financial aspects of business, such as financial management, financial analysis, investments, financial planning, and risk management. It also covers economics, accounting, taxation, and business law. 

Students learn to use financial theories and models to make sound financial decisions for businesses. They also learn how to interpret financial statements, analyse economic trends, and develop strategies for financial planning. Upon completion of the program, postgraduates will have a strong foundation in the fundamentals of finance, and be prepared to join the corporate world as financial planners, analysts, or portfolio managers.

Overview of the UK Education System for Masters

The UK education system is renowned worldwide for its quality and rigour. UK universities offer a wide variety of disciplines, allowing students to study whatever their interests and career aspirations may be. Masters programmes in the UK are designed to challenge and develop postgraduate students, preparing them for successful careers in their chosen fields. 

 Masters programmes consist of taught modules and research-based projects, with the option of completing a dissertation. As well as providing students with the necessary technical knowledge, they also foster skills such as research, analysis and communication. 

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 Many programmes also provide opportunities to pursue internships and work placements, allowing students to gain valuable experience in their chosen fields. The UK’s world-class universities are also supported by an excellent network of support services, such as career advice and student counselling. All of this makes the UK an attractive destination for master’s students from all over the world. Hence, if you’re looking for a master’s in finance, the UK is the right destination.

Advantages of Studying Masters in Finance UK

The UK is abundant with universities that deliver exemplary education to its students. Let’s take a look at what makes a Masters in Finance UK extra significant in the job market.

  1. World-class universities: The UK is home to renowned universities offering quality education in finance. Studying for a Masters in Finance UK can provide access to world-class teaching and research facilities. 
  2. Networking opportunities: Studying in the UK provides excellent opportunities to network and contact finance professionals. It can be invaluable when searching for jobs and internships. 
  3. Financial support: Many UK universities offer scholarships and bursaries to help finance a master’s in Finance. 
  4. Cultural experience: Studying in the UK offers a unique cultural experience, allowing students to immerse themselves in a new and exciting culture.
  5. Relevant curriculum: Many UK universities offer courses designed to help equip students with the skills and knowledge. Graduates can be confident that they will obtain the relevant skills to excel in their chosen fields. 
  6. Access to top-tier employers: UK universities have strong links with top employers, which can help students to gain valuable work experience and job opportunities. 
  7. Global recognition: If you’re looking for a Masters in finance UK is highly respected in the global job market, making it an excellent choice for those pursuing a career in the field.

Top Finance Universities in UK

University of Oxford 

The University of Oxford offers a range of postgraduate finance courses, including an MSc in Financial Economics and a Master’s in Financial Strategy and Management. Furthermore, the Department of Economics offers a range of programmes, including an MSc in Finance and Economics and a DPhil in Finance. 

Many of these courses are taught by leading finance academics and practitioners and provide a comprehensive overview of the field. The university also offers a range of executive education courses and seminars, allowing students to understand the subject more broadly.

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University of Cambridge 

Masters of Finance programs at the University of Cambridge are offered through the Judge Business School. The Masters of Finance program is a 12-month program designed to give students a comprehensive understanding of the financial markets and how to apply theories to the real world. 

The program consists of a series of core courses and electives designed to give students an understanding of the financial markets and how to use this knowledge to make decisions. The curriculum includes financial statement analysis, corporate finance, investments, and financial risk management. The program also offers an internship, allowing students to gain practical experience.

London School of Economics and Political Science 

Masters of Finance at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) is a one-year, full-time program designed to equip students with the skill set for a successful career in finance. The program combines theoretical knowledge with practical training and provides students with the skills needed to succeed in the dynamic and constantly changing world of finance. It covers corporate finance, investment banking, asset management, risk management, derivatives, and quantitative finance. 

Core courses focus on financial analysis, financial markets, corporate finance, and risk management, while elective classes cover corporate governance, investment banking, and derivatives. The program also offers international study trips, professional development courses, and internships.

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University College London 

Masters of Finance at University College London (UCL) is a one-year, full-time program designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge required for a successful career in finance. The program includes courses in corporate finance, financial markets and the economy, financial analysis and valuation, mergers and acquisitions, and portfolio management. 

Additionally, students are exposed to both theoretical and practical aspects of finance and have access to industry-standard software and tools. UCL also offers a range of elective courses, allowing students to tailor the program to their interests and career objectives.

Imperial College London

The MSc in Finance and Economics at Imperial College London is a two-year Master’s programme that provides a comprehensive range of core and elective courses in finance, economics and quantitative methods. The programme gives students the academic foundation and professional skills necessary to excel in the rapidly changing world of finance and economics. 

The programme provides a comprehensive introduction to finance and economics, supplemented by various electives such as corporate finance, financial markets and institutions, behavioural finance, quantitative finance, and financial engineering. The programme also provides opportunities to gain professional qualifications, including the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) programme and internships with leading financial institutions. 

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Obtaining master’s from one of the top finance universities in UK can be a remarkable boost to your candidature. From attaining in-demand skills to excellent work exposure, enrolment in leading universities in UK for masters can be all you need to attain your dream job in a global company. We hope our list encourages you to apply and become a part of the leading education institutes!

Does the UK offer specialised courses on Masters in Finance?

Yes, the UK offers a variety of specialised finance courses. These include postgraduate studies in finance, accounting, investment banking, and financial engineering. Popular courses include the MSc in Finance, Investment Banking and Accounting, MBA in Finance and BSc in Financial Engineering.

Is a finance job lucrative in the UK?

Finance jobs in the UK are generally lucrative. It is due to the potential to earn a high salary and the possibility of career progression. Additionally, the UK has a solid financial services industry, which often provides high-paying jobs. Furthermore, the UK has a low rate of taxation, which can help to increase an individual's take-home pay.

Which are the top-most universities to study Finance in the UK?

Colleges like the London School of Economics and Political Science offer an internationally renowned and highly specialised finance program, which provides students with an in-depth understanding of finance. Other colleges like The University College London (UCL) are famous for their interdisciplinary research, which allows students to acquire a more comprehensive knowledge of finance than other universities.

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