Letters From Learners: Spoorthi Madhavan

I am Spoorthi Madhavan, I had enrolled for the PG Diploma in Software Development program – Dec 2017 batch. I am writing this particular Email to share my feedback regarding the program and also how it benefited me.

To start with I am a BCA (Bachelors of Computer Applications) Graduate and was working as a System Analyst at Itron India Pvt Ltd. I had very minimum and basic knowledge regarding the programming languages but my passion towards learning them paved the way to this program. 

This program actually helped me in learning from scratch and I must say that the upGrad team has really worked on this very well. Admission team, support team, Mentors, everyone has worked equally hard! I would say it’s not just the learners who have succeeded but also the entire team and IIIT-B professors are a part of this successful year.

The entire program was bang-on and it always kept me busy in learning new things every week. I loved my projects. They were the best because it not only taught me how to apply what we learnt but also how it is implemented in the real-world. It also helped us collaborate with our group in a better way.

In-content questions were a very important part of our learning journey and that is because it makes sure that we are learning along with the video. This is the best part because it gave the entire experience a classroom feel – when each question is asked, I felt as though the professors were questioning me!

Exams were very helpful as well. I could easily clear the exams because I went through the program again and again.

My recommendation to upGrad would be to work more on the discussion forum scores and assignments since it will be pretty easy for the learners, as many of them won’t post much which will lead to low classroom participation scores. Assignments could have been little easier because most of them are working professionals and managing the time was a challenge. Nevertheless, that’s the whole point of enrolling to this program. It’s going to test us in every way possible.

Completing this program has had an immense impact on my life both education and career wise. I had planned on pursuing my Master’s degree abroad; with all the hard work and dedication, along with this program’s certification, I have been offered for the course of MS in Computer Science at one of the top universities of Germany.

This program helped me achieve all the prerequisites of my Master’s, because of which my application was easily accepted. I have received acceptance letters from several universities such as University of Paderborn, Stuttgart University of Applied Science,University of Koblenz and Landau,SRH hochschule Berlin and SRH hochschule Heidelberg.

I considered University of Paderborn’s acceptance letter as I have received very good feedback from IIIT-B alumni who have graduated from this particular university. Moreover, I received an offer from a government university with no fees (Germany provides high class educational with minimum or no tuition fees), which means that I will receive the best quality of education for free. Additionally, this certificate will definitely fetch me a good internship in Germany where I can earn while studying.

upGrad has also helped me by allowing access to the platform for the next 2 – 3 years which is going to be extremely helpful, I really appreciate and thank the one who came up with this idea.

Gauri, you, as my mentor have done a fantastic job.  I commend your dedication, much appreciate your smart work and support to every individual learner. When I was a student failed to reach my target, you have always guided me and have provided an optimal solution to every problem. Thank you so much for that.

You and upGrad’s entire team have helped me in achieving my dreams. I am finally leaving for Germany on March 7th 2019 and I think without upGrad it would have been a very tough Job!

I would love to thank and appreciate every single person working at upGrad who has helped me directly or indirectly in achieving this success. I would also like to thank the entire IIIT-B faculty who took time and taught us this program.

Thank you so much!


Spoorthi Madhavan

How is Germany in terms of job prospects for Computer Science graduates?

Being one of the most affordable destinations to pursue a Master’s degree at, Germany is an attractive choice for students wanting to pursue their post-graduation abroad. With scads of public universities that don’t require attendees to pay tuition fees, studying in Germany can be quite pocket-friendly. To add to its high return on education, the job opportunities in the domain of Computer Science are increasing exponentially which has maintained its position as the third largest economy in Europe, and the fourth in the entire world. Some major professional domains that are highly in demand in Germany are Mechanical Engineering, Data Science, Computer Science, and Automotive Engineering.

How do you know if software development is for you?

To sustain in this quite lucrative job role, one requires a bit more digging through in order to uncover his/her own interests and expectations of the domain. Being a software developer requires you to be a team player and collaborate with a number of people. When it comes to technology, while sticking to your own strong areas may be advantageous for some job roles, this field requires adaptive minds that are always willing to learn, explore languages, and adopt skills completely alien to them. Besides having a genuine interest in coding, the enthusiasm to stay constantly updated in your field, the urge to keep fixing your code even when nothing is broken, and the passion to never stop building new things, are a few of the signs that indicate high chances of a successful career in this field.

What are the tasks that come under software development?

The main duty of software developers is to maintain and enhance existing software, and through a comprehensive knowledge of their working, write efficient code to add new elements to improve its quality or to debug in case of any issues. Understanding the clients’ requirements, creating a design that maps with it, and ultimately programming and executing the devised plan describes the overall role of a software development engineer who sees a product through to the end.

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