What type of Jobs will be available for computer science graduates

Graduates looking for computer science careers can reap benefits from the growing sector. As per data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is estimated that there will be significant growth in the computer science and information technology job sectors from 2020 to 2030. The rate of growth is expected to be around 13%, which is quite impressive when compared to growth rates in other job sectors. 

Opportunities for jobs for computer science degrees depend upon the degree that the candidate has acquired. Graduates with an associate degree often take up roles as web developers or computer support specialists. On the other hand, completing a Bachelor’s degree opens up many computer science career paths, including computer programing, software development, and database administration. 

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Essential skills for computer science careers

The tech world is evolving by leaps and bounds with each passing day. Skilled professionals are driving these changes by creating diverse and revolutionary systems. Computer science is one such highly dynamic field that’s evolving rapidly. 

It is important to have good problem-solving abilities to excel in this field. There will be times when the code you developed doesn’t go through successfully. A computer science professional should have the skill of working through tough times while also being agile. 

Having a sense of creativity is an add-on for candidates looking for jobs with a computer science degree. With innovative and creative ideas, you can find new and exciting ways to excel at technical jobs. 

When you think of jobs for a computer science degree, the first thing that comes to mind is critical thinking. Contemplating skills are required in dealing with numbers, looking at various screens, testing code, etc. Analyzing skills are imperative in these jobs as you have to understand all sides of a problem and resolve it accordingly. 

Different computer science career paths for computer science graduates

On completion of your graduation in computer science, you can start looking for different jobs. There are ample opportunities available to make excellent computer science careers with a Bachelor’s degree in computer science. Prospects, job roles, and salaries get even better after completion of Masters in computer science (MS in CS). 

Here are some options of jobs for computer science degree candidates:

  • Software Network Architect

With a degree in computer science or Information Systems, you can choose a career as a software network architect. These professionals are responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining data and networking communication systems. These include wide area networks, local area networks, intranets, and extranets. They are responsible for assessing the requirements of organizations for communications and data sharing. 

Computer network architects can evaluate services and products available in the marketplace. They test systems before the final implementation. After the setup is in place and some issues crop up, the professional will make sure to resolve them. These professionals need to have sharp analytical skills to evaluate computer networks with precision. 

  • Software developer

It is evident from the name that a software developer will be responsible for developing various software and applications. These software programs let users perform multiple tasks on different platforms and devices. The program should be operable on mobile devices, tablets, and computers. The software developer will be responsible for the entire development process, including testing and maintenance of software. 

Computer developers have to write codes in different languages to develop a program. If there are some hitches, the developer should have analytical skills and technical creativity to resolve the issues. 

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  • Mobile application developer

With the advent of smartphones, we tend to do most of our work from our phones. This is why businesses develop mobile apps and a full-fledged website for marketing their business. A mobile application developer creates, codes, and tests for mobile applications.

A mobile application developer should have strong coding language and analytical skills to succeed in the profession. It is highly recommended that the candidate have a solid knowledge of Java (for Android phones) and Objective-C (for iPhones) to cover the whole range of smartphones. 

  • UX Designer

When you open a website or an app, you get the interface. A UX designer creates this interface. There are many more roles and responsibilities of this professional. UX designers help create relevant and significant experiences for users using a platform or a product. If the interface of a website or an app is not appealing, the chances are high that the user will leave the page at once. 

The UX designer will design the flow of the website/app/software, the organization, the screen layout, and the overall appearance and design of the website/app/software. The UX designer has to work in close collaboration with the designer and developer to explain the details of the design. A little knowledge of computer systems and programming is an add-on for any UX designer. 

  • Computer Systems Analyst

It is the job of a computer systems analyst to assess an organization’s computer systems and make necessary amendments to software and hardware to enhance the company’s efficiency. These professionals must have business skills to understand what is suitable for the organization. Since this is an ever-developing dynamic sector, system analysts must continuously update themselves with cutting-edge systems and new technology trends.

  • Database Administrator

With vast volumes of data being created every day, finding useful and relevant data is becoming more complex. This is the reason businesses and organizations hire database administrators. These professionals can analyze and evaluate users’ data requirements. Data administrators work towards developing and improving data resources used to store and retrieve vital information. 

  • Information Security Analyst

Threats of cyber attacks and cyber security breaches are on the rise. There is lots of essential and confidential information on the web, and there is a need for high-end protection. This is where an information security analyst comes into the picture. Information security analysts create systems to protect websites and information networks from security breaches and cyber-attacks. 

They also have to research trends in data security to anticipate problem areas and install systems to prevent problems before something severe occurs. With strong problem-solving skills, information security analysts can investigate the breaches, find out the causes, and modify or repair the security systems as per the requirement.

  • Computer Hardware Engineer

The role of a computer hardware engineer is to design, develop and test various computer components like memory devices, routers, circuit boards, etc. These professionals have a combination of technical expertise and creativity. A hardware engineer has to keep on learning and studying to be aware of the latest technological trends. This will help create hardware that will be able to accommodate the latest applications and programs. 


Now that you know the job options for computer science degree students, you can choose from the various computer science career paths. The positive thing about computer science careers is that the sector is showing rapid growth and acceleration. Salaries in this job sector are also quite lucrative. Whether you are a fresher or an experienced professional, a degree in computer science can get you a great career!

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How much is the demand for computer science jobs in the USA?

It is excellent news that the demands for computer science jobs in the USA are pretty high. This industry expects a high growth rate of almost 13% compared to other sectors. Many job opportunities in computer science are available in the USA.

What are some of the jobs which I can get as a computer science graduate?

Mentioned below are some of the job roles which you can get as a computer science graduate: Software developer UX designer Computer hardware engineer Mobile app developer Database administrator System security analyst

Is getting a degree in computer science very difficult?

Computer science is an entirely technical field, particularly when it comes to programming and coding. You have to be super attentive while creating a program since even a minor error can lead to program failure.

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