Top 10 Job-Oriented Professional Courses After Graduation [2024]

Are you a fresh graduate hoping to embark on exciting adventures in the job world?

If yes, take a step back and just consider one thing – is a graduate degree enough to land a promising job that pays well too?

No. In the competitive world that we reside in today, a graduate degree no longer holds the same value as it did about ten to fifteen years ago. Earlier, if a person was a graduate, he/she was considered to be a well-educated individual for whom plenty of job opportunities would come knocking at the door.

However, today, it is not so. Graduation is now viewed as a part of the basic level of education that everyone should complete. Employers are always looking for advanced qualifications, certifications, and skills for high-profile jobs. This is primarily the reason why people are upping their educational qualifications by opting for job oriented courses after graduation or post-graduation courses and even a Ph.D. degree. As the educational standards continue to improve, the bar is set high for each of us.

The period after graduation is hugely significant. This is the time when you have to start mapping out your career options – what field do you wish to land a job in, what further qualifications do you need for it, and so on.

Thankfully, there is a wide range of short-term and long-term courses after graduation for a job. And the best part, you can choose from an extensive spread of fields like HR, Marketing, Business Analytics, MBA, M.Tech, PGDM, and Tally, to name a few. However, the choices are so many that it’s natural to feel overwhelmed in choosing the right course for you. 

That’s why we’ve created this list of the top job oriented courses after graduation that you could consider!

Learners receive an average Salary hike of 58% with the highest being up to 400%.

Top Job Oriented Courses After Graduation

1. Digital Marketing Certification Course

Thanks to the rapid proliferation and adoption of digital and social media channels, Digital Marketing has become one of the most powerful marketing tools today. Since most businesses now leverage Digital Marketing, there’s a massive demand for skilled Digital Marketing professionals. Usually, Digital Marketing courses cover a wide range of concepts, including SEO, SEM, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, PPC Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, Web Analytics, and much more. 

upGrad has two excellent short-term Digital Marketing programs – Digital Marketing Certification Program (5 months)and PG Certification in Digital Marketing and Communication (6.5 months). The 6 month courses after graduation help in getting instantly employed.

2. Diploma in Data Science/Machine Learning & AI

The rapidly growing demand for Data Science and ML & AI skills across the industry is encouraging students to opt for PG diploma courses in Data Science and Machine Learning & AI. upGrad has some excellent courses on Data Science and Machine Learning & AI. while these courses teach extensively about Data Science and ML/AI concepts, students also get to work on real-world industry projects and assignments. It is one of the best course for job after graduation which helps in getting a good stipend as well.

Also, upGrad arranges for one-on-one interactive sessions with top industry leaders in the field, mock interview sessions, resume creation sessions, and much more. Overall, upGrad PG Diploma courses in Data Science/Machine Learning & AI present a fantastic learning opportunity for aspirants hoping to build a career in Data Science.

3. Blockchain Certification Course

Blockchain is another emerging technology that has taken the world by storm. First, it revolutionized the BFSI sector, and now, it is finding applications in various areas of the industry, including healthcare, logistics & supply chain, and governance, to name a few. It is one of those placement courses after graduation which increases the employability of an individual.

Since the demand for Blockchain professionals is much higher than their supply, it is the perfect time to acquire Blockchain skills and bag high-paying Blockchain jobs. upGrad’s PG Certification in Blockchain Technology (6 months)is a fantastic option to pursue.

4. Full-Stack Development Course

There’s a massive demand for Full-Stack Developers in the IT/ITES sector. Full-Stack Developers are IT experts who take care of both front end and back end portions of an application. In a Full-Stack Development course, students learn how to optimize front-end code in HTML, Java, JavaScript, etc.; how to create backend APIs; how to work with system infrastructure; understand the basics of networking and security, and much more. Students apprehensive about after graduation and which course is best for the job should rest assured that it is FSD is one of the top courses to pursue.

upGrad offers a PG Diploma in Full-Stack Software Development. Apart from learning about all the fundamental concepts of web development, this course also provides placement assistance.

5. Certification in Finance and Accounts

As the name suggests, a Certification in Finance and Accounts is a certification course and not an undergraduate or postgraduate degree. This short-term certification course is offered by numerous institutes across India and is exclusively designed for students who have completed or are pursuing B.Com. The course duration is around four weeks, which is perfect for those who wish to earn the certification without dedicating too much time to it. One can get those job oriented diploma courses after graduation which facilitates getting a stipend as well.

This program offers foundational training specific to the accounting industry. So, students get to learn about the basic concepts of finance, management, taxation, and auditing. This certification can be an excellent stepping stone for a career in accounting.

6. Tally

Tally is a very popular accounting software among small and mid-sized companies. Explicitly designed to cater to the accounting needs of small and medium-sized businesses, it includes all functions of accounting taxation and payroll that are required by firms of this size. Since every business cannot afford SAP, Tally comes in as a handy replacement for it. It is one of those job oriented courses after degree which sets one up for a successful career as one gets more skilled and experienced.

Acquiring Tally skills can get you accounting jobs in small and mid-sized firms. Tally courses usually cover all the essential accounting topics like billing, payroll, taxation, etc. The best part about Tally courses is that the fee for most Tally courses is relatively low, and even the time commitment isn’t highly demanding – the course duration can be anywhere between one to three months.

7. Business Accounting and Taxation

The Business Accounting and Taxation course helps students to become skilled and become technically advanced. The course aims to increase the employability of individuals. This is one of the job-oriented courses after graduation

The course covers various policies of payroll, financial statements, and MIS Reporting. Moreover, the course aims to provide a realistic exhibit of business accounting and taxation.

8. Business Analytics

The marketplace has become advanced and the organsations aim to become data-centric institutions which allows them to make informed decisions. The subject of BA is applicable in almost every field, from marketing, sales, finance, banking, and so on. 

It is one of the best job-oriented courses after graduation, where the students get to learn about various algorithms, pattern matching, data mining, and data visualisation along with other technicalities.

9. Big Data and Hadoop

The subject of Big Data aim at describing a large lot of information that is in a format both structured and organised. It leads to making informed decisions and make major decisions that help businesses grow. It is one of the best professional courses with job placement as you can get a good stipend from the beginning.

10. M.Sc in Biotechnology

If you have done a bachelor’s in biotechnology or a related field, it makes more sense to go ahead and do a master’s in biotechnology. It is one of the best job-oriented courses after a degree, which is highly recommended. The pay scale keeps increasing as one goes up the ladder and becomes more skilled and experienced in their field. 

 Wrapping Up

By now, you must have gained a reasonably good idea of the kind of job-oriented courses after graduation that you can take. These courses are high in demand in India. However, there are many other courses that you can consider, such as M.Com, PGDEMA, Business Accounting and Taxation, PG Diploma in Instructional Design, Diploma in Education Technology, Digital Marketing Certification Course, and so on. 

 The ultimate choice of a job-oriented course after graduation will depend on which career field you want to enter and the kind of jobs you wish to get. Once you have a clear picture of these two things, the choice of course will become much easier for you. 

Can I learn a course which is not related directly to my field of study?

Recruiters in today's world are focusing more on skill-based hiring; a graduate degree is not enough to serve the purpose. Plenty of people hone their skills in a field they are interested in through such professional courses which are not related to their field of study. For instance, owing to the recent shift towards Data Science, a lot of the newly hired Data Scientists do not belong to the field of Computer Science. The key is to be open to unlearn and start afresh. Don't be afraid to try out new tools and put your talents to test; this will help you stay current with industry trends. Identify potential barriers and set a new learning goal to make things easier for you.

What is the difference between a certification in Financial Accounting and Tally?

Financial Accounting teaches you the basics of accounting theory and terminology. Tally teaches you how to function in an organisation by providing you with practical knowledge and experience. Moreover, while the Certification in Finance and Accounting is more suited for someone who wants to start their journey of learning in the given field, Tally is a software which is used to perform functions of accounting and is well-suited for someone who wants to learn to use such tools. Hence, accounting is a concept and Tally is a tool to implement the concept.

What is the BFSI sector and how is Blockchain used in it?

BFSI is the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance industry. The upheaval of the BFSI business by blockchain is highly transformative in the payments process, allowing banks to process payments with greater security and reduced costs. Banks are attempting to use blockchain technology to tackle problems with Letters of Credit (LCs), GST invoices, and e-way bills processing. Blockchain assures faster payments, reduces needs for verification, improves peer-to-peer transactions, and provides a direct clearance and convenient settlement system.

What courses have the most job opportunities?

The courses which have the most job opportunities are Machine Learning, Data Science, Data Analysis, Business Analytics, Finance, Marketing

Which skills get highly paid?

The skills that get highly paid are Data Analytics, Software Development, User Experience, Project Management, Content Creation.

What is the best degree today?

The best degree today are Biomedical engineering, Pharmaceutical, Computer Engineering, Machine Learning, Finance, Software Engineering.

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