JQuery Tutorial for Beginners: Step-by-Step Explanation

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It can be regarded as one of the best-used programming languages even after the pandemic year of 2020. Since it has excellent versatility and extensibility, the language has successfully changed the methods of writing JavaScript used by billions of people. JQuery can create things such as HTML document transversal, handling of events, animation and an API accessible via various servers.

Regardless of several concerns about the language, it is still the best JavaScript library that you can learn as a beginner. 

If you are wondering where to get a JQuery tutorial for beginners, this article will pave your path to the basics of this language and the courses available. 

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What is JQuery?

JQuery is an open-sourced, highly featured JavaScript library. Its primary function is to simplify the creation and navigation of data applications, especially HTML Document Object Model (DOM) manipulation. Other objectives include asynchronous JavaScript and XML, along with event handling. Also, JQuery uses JavaScript functionalities by focussing on CSS properties to include effects such as fade-in and outs for websites.

DOM Manipulation allows users to search, select, and construct elements with certain specific properties. Users can mark changes in various attributes and be a part of several events. AJax is mostly used to share data between browsers and servers without the necessity of reloading webpages. Event handling deals with an event handler who gets an object upon an event.  

A JQuery guide can help you understand the details of such processes. 

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What are the types of JQuery Methods?

  • DOM Methods:

    Some of the DOM Manipulation methods include:  

  • addclass(): This builds up the specified class or several classes to the events.
  • afterclass(): Insert a specific data or content after each mentioned tag.
  • clone(): This refers to the deep copying of a sourced element.
  • Hasclass(): This involves the addition of a specific class to a certain applicable element.
  • Position(): It adds a specific element to the parent specimen.
  • text(): This brings about a string value to the texts built with particular elements.
  • wrap(): This involves building a distinct structure all around the set of determined elements.


  • Traversing:

    This pattern follows a parent-child hierarchy while navigating one element to another.

  • closest(): This component identifies the ideal element for the determined selector.
  • has(): A specified selector is added if the element requires one.
  • prev(): This brings about the immediate sibling of current selectors.


  • Event Triggering:

    This takes care of browser interaction. These include:

  • bind(): Involving attachment, this function imparts stronger event handling abilities to the particular element.
  • error(): Error handling is mainly managed to turn the specified element more accessible.
  • focus(): This creates a focus event handling for a particular set.

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What are the uses of JQuery?

JQuery is an extremely well-defined language because it did not have any changes or new methods added to it. Here is a JQuery guide regarding its following uses:

  • Plugins: Plugins are referred to as pieces of code mentioned in any JavaScript file.
  • DOM Manipulation: Selection of DOM elements, modification and negotiations using Sizzle, a cross-border source selector.
  • Animations and AJax Support: One of the main features of JQuery is its inbuilt animation effects. An accountable and responsive feature can be developed using AJax technology. Hence, it can turn web pages more exciting and more user friendly.
  • Cross-browser Support: This system functions on every possible browser. It also supports basic X path syntax and CSS3 selectors.
  • More Performance than WriteUps: Various tasks are required for JavaScript codes to build a single line. This refers to the faster loading of web pages.
  • Easy Learning: Since it is built on comparatively shorter code than JavaScript, JQuery does not require complex prerequisites. The time taken to perform the whole act is also reduced and simultaneously provides a set of plug-ins. 
  • Usage of SEO: Search Engine Optimization is used almost everywhere right now. Almost similar to Flash, it provides content to all search engine bots.
  • Visual Studio IDE: It creates extensions that can integrate due to the JQuery library. An IntelliSense item can be switched on, allowing you to easily recognise syntax errors and support methods of auto-population. 

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Benefits of JQuery: 

Using JQuery offers the following advantages: 

  • A widely used language: Used mainly by website developers, the language provides you with the scope of various information such as code snippets and blog posts. 
  • Promotion of simplicity: Since the language is based on short and simple codes, it promotes great work within a short period. 
  • Lightweight and Lean: Due to such characteristics, most functions have been disabled, and the remaining ones are sent to the plug-in sections. The core JQuery library is around 24kb, smaller than the size of a photograph.
  • Fast loading of pages: Search engines such as Google consider load time as a primary factor in ranking websites. JQuery also stores files separately, which emerge on the page. It allows developers to design modifications to the whole website after using a specific repository instead of going through several folders. 
  • Utility Features: The language provides several utility functions, such as coding string operations, array manipulation, and trimming. The code-writing procedures turn easy and hassle-free with such characteristics.

Summing Up

JQuery is one of the most popular languages you can ever grasp due to its simplicity. JavaScript will turn more accessible once you comprehend the whole language. A Jquery tutorial can be taken if you want to proceed with programming languages. It’s a proficiency that can be beneficial for your resume.

Wondering how to be a part of the Jquery tutorial for beginners

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What should be learnt before understanding Jquery?

Beginners can learn JQuery if they have a good grasp of HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

What is the major disadvantage of JQuery?

The most critical point of JQuery is that it is a vast library that is too hard to function altogether at times. It also does not help you solve the complex portions of languages such as JavaScript and HTML.

Which should be learnt first: Javascript or JQuery?

JQuery is a comparatively simpler language than JavaScript. It covers several portions which will also help you understand the basics of the other popular programming language.

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