IT Manager Salary in India [For Freshers & Experienced]

According to LinkedIn’s Emerging Jobs Survey 2020, technology continues to dominate the Indian job market. Information Technology (IT) remains a top hiring industry for jobs across domains such as software development, artificial intelligence, blockchain, robotics, cybersecurity, data science, and digital marketing. 

Also, the demand for IT professionals is on the rise due to the increased digitisation of workplaces in 2021. Organisations across business sectors are on the lookout for candidates who can manage enterprise-level tech solutions and lead staff members to achieve the desired results. In this blog, we will give you a summary of this job profile and discuss the  IT Manager salary range in detail. 

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What Does an IT Manager Do?

IT Managers implement and maintain a company’s computing needs. On a day-to-day basis, they ensure the smooth running of IT and computer systems in line with requirements, specifications, timelines, and costs. Here are some standard responsibilities of this position:

  • Recruiting, training, and coaching IT staff, communicating company expectations and appraising their work performance. 
  • Planning, organising, controlling, and evaluating data operations within the organisation.
  • Verifying and validating the security of data, networks, and backup systems.
  • Auditing systems, identifying problems, and undertaking improvement measures. 
  • Setting annual budgets and ascertaining cost-effectiveness. 

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IT Manager Salary in India

Payscale reports that the average salary for IT managers in India currently stands at Rs. 12,94,452 per year. Glassdoor also estimates the mean pay at Rs. 12,00,000 per year. 

As for the starting salary, employment site Indeed approximates an annual figure of Rs. 5,93,532. The highest IT Manager salary can go up to Rs. 32,00,000 per year. 

So, it is evident that IT management can be a lucrative career option in India. However, the final remuneration you receive depends on multiple factors. These considerations are compiled below.

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How is IT Project Manager Salary Decided?

  • Job Location

What IT professionals earn varies from city to city. The cost of living also contributes to the pay grades offered by companies in a particular location.

Indeed has compiled managerial compensation stats for different metropolitans of India:

With an average salary of Rs. 8,72,436 per annum, Bangalore is one of the most preferred cities among aspiring IT Managers today. Gurgaon is a close second at Rs. 7,95,446 per annum. Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Kolkata are other Indian cities that pay a premium for IT talent. 

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  • Company Size

Organisations with high-profit rates and large market shares can afford to pay higher salaries to their employees. For instance, if your employer is a multinational company, it is likely that you will earn higher compensation than your counterparts in smaller IT enterprises. 

In some cases, established companies get away with paying less by banking upon their brand name and stability. Growth-stage startups can prove more gainful for those looking for higher pay and willing to take risks. 

  • Type of Industry

In the modern world of work, IT managers are required in a wide range of sectors beyond the usual technology and tech-enabled services space. Some of the prominent industries include Finance, Manufacturing, Marketing, Business Development, Accounting, Healthcare, Education Management, and Consulting. The prevailing wage rates, economic prospects, and competition in specific lines of work are key determinants of the salary offered. 

  • Number of Years of Experience

Prior experience in technical management information analysis and managing computer hardware or software systems usually works in favour of job applicants in the IT domain. Employers also prefer candidates who exhibit superior organisational skills, having supervised projects and teams in the past. An analysis by Jobted reveals the following:

    • Entry Level (0-3 years): Rs. 4,71,500
    • Mid Career (4-9 years): Rs. 12,67,800
    • Senior (10-20 years): Rs. 20,53,400
  • Candidates Qualifications & Skills

Hiring managers prioritise a mix of technical and soft skills for high-paying IT Manager roles. It is not enough to have an academic background in computer science and related disciplines. You also need to be business-savvy and industry proficient to stand out from the competition. Applicants with master’s credentials from reputed institutes and relevant leadership experience have a higher chance of getting hired than their graduate counterparts. 

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How to Become an IT Manager?

IT management requires strong foundational knowledge of computer networks, network administration, and core management concepts. A proven track record in data centre management, data governance, and personnel management can get you brownie points in job interviews. 

You should emphasise the following three areas in your preparation:

  • Operational and Situational: These questions test your critical thinking and problem-solving aptitude under different circumstances. Case studies and project work can help build these skills. 
  • Role-Specific: These aspects relate to the knowledge and expertise of a specific domain. Here, focus on the curriculum and subject matter is crucial.
  • Behavioural: These questions revolve around your experience and engagements in IT management tasks. They investigate how you dealt with real-life problems in the past in order to predict your future actions. 

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Future Scope for IT Manager Salary in India

Going forward, IT professionals in India are projected to get an 8.6% hike in salaries in the post-COVID world. Moreover, as the world’s second-fastest digitising economy adopts more technology solutions across industries, the demand for IT Managers is expected to increase even further. 

Those with advanced training in technology, communication, and business management will fare better in a cut-throat job market. So, whether you are a fresh graduate, engineer, or experienced practitioner, do not delay your professional development. 

With the above roundup of IT Manager salary in India and the associated job requirements, you can plan your journey with confidence!

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What are the job responsibilities of an IT Manager?

IT Managers are concerned with managing and monitoring the IT and computer systems, along with the technical teams working on them. They ensure the operational efficiency, security, and cost-effectiveness of the IT processes, making continuous improvements and driving organisational success.

What is the IT Manager salary for freshers?

The average base salary for beginners in IT management is around Rs 5,00,000 per annum. Employers typically offer higher remuneration to postgraduates and certified candidates. The pay grade is also influenced by other factors, such as company size, industry sector, and job location.

What is the average IT manager salary for experienced professionals?

Experienced IT professionals in India can make an average of Rs. 12,00,000 per annum in a managerial career. The compensation packages improve as IT managers gain more experience. The mean salary for senior positions is close to Rs. 20,00,000 per annum, and can go up to Rs. 32,00,000 per annum in the late-career stages.

What are the skills that an IT manager should have?

An IT manager should have skills that fall into the category of soft skills, technical skills and leadership skills. Soft skills should include communication, listening, and being updated with the new technologies and advancements in the field. The IT Manager should be a strategic thinker, have the ability to work under pressure, be detail-oriented, and have project management skills. Project management skills include handling budgets, planning upgrades of software or hardware, mediating with vendors, installing new software and more. They should also have leadership skills which would lay the groundwork for their critical thinking and leadership.

Is an IT Manager a suitable career option?

The career path of an IT Manager is quite fulfilling. A job should provide a good work-life balance, low-stress levels, and opportunities to grow and earn a higher salary in the future. The job of an IT Manager does provide opportunities to grow and earn a higher salary in future but stress levels are high in this field. According to a report, IT Managers have the third-best job in technology, 12th best job in STEM fields, 13th best paying job, and 28th best job in overall factors. If you wish to work in a field in which there is growth and potential for career advancements, then that of an IT Manager is a suitable career option.

What are the disadvantages of being an IT Manager?

The disadvantages of being an IT Manager include a high-stress level, less work-life balance, and more. As an IT Manager, you would have to work long hours as you would be responsible for the IT work. The job can be quite stressful as you have to explain technical things to non-technical people which can be frustrating. As an IT Manager, you would have to constantly learn new trends and technologies as the field of IT is changing constantly and you would have to keep up with it. Your work-life balance will be hampered due to the long hours you put in.

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