5 Tips On Tackling The ‘Introduce Yourself’ MBA Essay


Preparing for the big interview? 

Congratulations on this next step in your application process. MBA salary range in India clearly shows how well MBA can lift you. The question in this topic is a predefined tool in the selection process of every major interview, whether for a curricular admission process or a job profile — the answer to the same question that landed you here. MBA admission methods mostly have this as a part of the candidate’s essay. The intention of the question is simple.

There are various sentence structures to present this question, like, “Tell us about yourself,” “Introduce yourself,” or any related proposal of jumbled words (that pleases the interviewer), with the same underlying meaning. The only condition the interviewer is looking for is if you’ll fit in the space or not. The balance is weighing on both sides. The interviewer has this cumbersome task to fill in the vacant seats (a part of his job profile), and the interviewee has an anxious role in clearing the selection process successfully. 

A careful preparation before-hand will avoid all the regrets that would later pile on. You need to know what to include in your answer and what not to. This topic will cover the dos and don’ts of your response to this essay topic. Here are a few tips on how to handle the ‘Introduce Yourself’ question:

Points to Omit

The admission committee members who are evaluating your essay will also be having twenty other similar applications with them. You don’t want to be the crowd. The assessor intends to know how well you’ll provide for the MBA seat, after evaluating your resume, backed up by the essay you present.

Your essay here is a vital part of your candidature and should present a concise, bright, and forward description of your educational, professional background, and your interests. It would be best if you did not look at this question with the literal meaning of the words in it. Although the question might seem informal, don’t get too casual or relaxed on the presentation. 

The following heads need to be taken care of on what should ‘not’ be part of your answer’s content:

  • Do not repeat what is already included in your resume. The last thing the person on the other side of the table wants is another description of the application form, which he/she already has in hand.
  • Your MBA ‘introduce yourself’ question essay should not have unwanted details like your native city or its neighborhood, family member’s introduction, and their backgrounds or your pet’s breed. You don’t need to add adverse events or family instances in your record.
  • Do not circle undesired childhood hobbies like singing songs or painting (unless you’re a professional) or listening to music. Flat details present an utterly negative impression. 
  • Do not stretch or over impersonate yourself. The assessor has enough experience to spot a fake candidate. Do not counterfeit skills or achievements. Adding points in the essay that don’t reflect your resume will add contradictory aspects to your profile.

Points to Consider

The following points should be taken care of to present a clear, professional inclined candidature:

1. Plan Your Presentation 

Have an overview of the target group (institution offering the course), the specifications they want from their candidate. Delve into professional skills and traits that would fit the application. The opening presentation of your essay will form a vital part of the decision-making process. 

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This section should present your particular and latest educational qualification, relevant achievements that would fit the demand, and reason as to why you want to be a part of the course that you’ve opted for. If you are a graduate, start with your qualification and then proceed to what your plan is, moving ahead with the course program you’ve chosen. If you’re a professional, begin with a crisp history into your job’s managerial roles over the years.  

2. Exclusive Accounts

It would help if you convinced the team as to why they should accept your application for the admission process. After researching the institute’s key traits, and specific demands of the MBA course, add those to your MBA essay. Tell them of your unique characteristics in skills and expertise, training, or achievements that meet the profile’s demand.

Showcase character traits from your professional experiences and abilities with bullet points. Find what is best for the institution and highlight details as to how you can improve your personality and professional skills through learning and growth. Add value to your application with significant experiences, including impressive accomplishments.

3. Present Something Unique

Your unique profile will be the self-reflection frame of your application. Present the assessors with a picture of what your values and motivations are. Reflecting on what you are today from what you were, you can add certain traits that have made you a better person. 

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If you enlist a particular hobby or a sport, you can add details on the qualities of your idol in the field. Take your ideas in one place and what you value the most, presenting the panel to know you better as a person. The board is probably looking for a diverse class to fill the room. Present your strengths and life objectives that define you. Show your future career-map that befits the course you’ve applied for.

4. Fitting Attitude

The overall attitude of the essay should be a perfect blend into the positive description of your life values and your professional qualifications. The aspirations of your plan will map an end to selection.  

By discerning your presentation points, look for required skills the assessors want and focus on highlighting those abilities. You can have a light, affable mention on your choice of extra-curricular activities or hobbies, presenting another side of your nature. Do not add unnecessary details to it. 

5. Filtering Right

It is not required of you to spit out all your thoughts about yourself. You need to use the right filter in this process. Do not exceed the word count allotted by celebrating history. By analyzing what the institution demands of their students, work on the essential skills and traits that will help you secure your MBA course entry. 

Be authentic in your approach. By sharing your values and plan, tell them how you intend to grow with this opportunity. Focus on points that will add value to your application like community building aspirations, ideas that move you, commitment to impact changes, and participation activities.


You have to use your individuality up the growth ladder. This originality only needs a better presentation when attempting career outlooks. The above points in the topic will help you in this attempt forward. It would help if you recognized situations and probabilities in what to count when answering this “Introduce Yourself” essay. Your reflections in inclusion and exclusion points will help you while providing for the next step in your growth track.

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How important is the ‘Introduce yourself’ essay in an MBA application?

‘Introduce yourself’ essay is the first impression you make on your institute. Competition around is fierce. Hence you should focus on crafting a standout response. The MBA essay is the most critical element in the admissions process in the institute of your choice. You get an opportunity to convey your uniqueness and distinguish your identity in a sea of excellence. It makes sense to invest time, energy, and effort to write a state-of-the-art essay as it can be the make or break factor for getting into an institute of your choice.

What is the main information that should be included in the Introduce yourself essay?

You can start with gathering all the ingredients to be incorporated into your recipe. Your potential MBA institute has already reviewed your resume and letters of recommendation. So your audience is discerning for qualities and characteristics. MBA institutes look for leadership, ability to work on teams, analytical thinking, among others. They will also like to understand your personal strengths, passions, and unique stories. You can begin with who you are, and how your values and decisions have shaped your thoughts. What are the growth areas you want to focus on? What motivates you?

What is the objective of the Introduce yourself essay?

Your objective should be to leave a positive impression in the reader’s mind and make them curious to learn more about your abilities. Your focus should be to highlight what you are made of and what drives you. Your aim is to convince them you have more than what it takes to be part of that institute. The person on the other side of the table wants more than what he or she has in their hand about you. Hence your target should be to create an image of yourself with specific career aspirations and unique strengths.

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