Top 25 Interesting YouTube Video Ideas For YouTubers in 2024

A large global audience has emerged via YouTube as one of the most influential and popular platforms for content creators, businesses, and individuals in the digital age. In addition to millions of users uploading YouTube content videos every minute, YouTube offers tremendous visibility, engagement, and growth opportunities. Digital marketing has become essential to maximise YouTube’s potential and achieve desired goals.

Digital marketing on YouTube aims to optimise video content, reach and engage the target audience, and drive audience engagement. Tfhe intricacies of digital marketing are critical to success, from search engine optimisation to video promotion.

Check out this blog if you want YouTube content ideas for beginners in 2024, enumerating techniques, ideas, and best practices to increase your channel’s visibility, draw visitors, and encourage participation. The secret to flourishing in this competitive digital environment, whether you’re a brand, company, or freelance creator, is to embrace digital marketing on YouTube. 

Videos/Content for Beginners on YouTube

If you’re new to YouTube, focus on the basic concepts. Making straightforward, high-quality videos is essential to get the attention of your viewers. Here are YouTube content ideas for beginners

  • Introduce yourself

Create a video introducing yourself, including a description of your role, the type of material viewers will likely receive from your channel, how you can assist, and how frequently you post.

  • Tour of your city

As you explore the city on camera, capture your favourite tourist attractions, lesser-known locales, adorable cafes, and picturesque streets. Allow viewers to experience a virtual tour of what walking in your shoes would be like and explore a city they have never been to. 

  • YouTube Shorts 

Post 30-second videos on YouTube’s newest feature, Shorts, with easily digestible content suitable for snacking. It functions similarly to Instagram Reels and TikTok and is a terrific way to start with long-form videos by initially creating short-form content. 

  • Behind-the-Scenes 

People enjoy watching methodologies, so show them what goes into generating videos, how your business works, the entrepreneur, or your day-to-day activities as a creative person, parent or artist. Show people the behind-the-scenes action of your business, occasion, vlogging video, or YouTube channel ideas

Ideas for Educational and Tutorial Videos

A majority of YouTube users watch videos to pick up new stuff. You can make instructional films on any subject you are knowledgeable about or an authority. Here are a few of the best content for YouTube beginners to try out next.

  • Product tutorials 

Giving product lessons is the ideal method to promote your digital or physical goods, inform people about what they can do with them, drive them to your website, and garner some sign-ups. 

  • Workout routine video

If you’re a fitness buff and frequently create your training routines, share them with the world by creating tutorials. It may be a muscle-strengthening exercise programme that your readers can follow or a guide on performing workouts properly.

  • Q&A

Choose a question response from one of your earlier YouTube videos to motivate viewers to leave questions in the feedback section of each video.

These inquiries make for excellent discussion topics, and since hundreds of other viewers will likely have the same issue, it’s a win-win situation.

  • DIY videos 

A DIY film is an ideal option for innovative video ideas. For example, you might paint plant pots at home, decorate your home or office, or make origami drawings. 

Ideas for Making Review Videos 

Among the most watched YouTube videos on gadgets, cosmetic items, apparel companies, games, and even movies is a review. Reviews are popular because they save viewers time and money. Writing reviews takes some industry-specific comparative and technical expertise so you can provide a thorough analysis and let the audience determine whether it’s worth putting in the effort.

  • Sports highlights with review/commentary

Do you enjoy watching sports regularly, such as football? Create highlight or review videos for sporting events that feature a memorable goal or a brawl between two teammates. Even better, create live review YouTube video ideas for beginners like this.

  • Game reviews

It’s an excellent idea to start writing game reviews if you frequently find yourself researching about or purchasing a lot of games. Discuss the game’s mechanics, levels, strategies, and positive and negative aspects in your evaluations. 

  • This v/s that product reviews 

Talk about two identical tech devices from different companies, or compare two technological devices side by side. These videos are immensely popular since they help customers decide which fits their budget and needs. As a result, reviews that compare products are effective.

Quirky YouTube Video Ideas For Entertainment

YouTube users often consume funny videos because they’re lighthearted, engaging, and provide a break from reality. Go to YouTube and search for hot subjects.

  • Pranks

People enjoy watching prank videos because they represent the pinnacle of comedy. However, avoid cruel practical jokes that could cause harm to others. 

  • Funniest news bloopers

Everybody makes mistakes, right? Reporters are individuals; anyone who has ever taken a video knows they cannot always provide a flawless one-take. Sift through newsreels for humorous bloopers and construct a film like this while ensuring the tape isn’t nasty or damaging to anyone.

  • React to trending videos

Have you enjoyed a celebrity’s music video or tidbit from an interview? By acting out the clip, you may turn it into a humorous video and incorporate humour into your channel. 

  • Parody videos

Make funny character imitations and exaggerate for comic effect to create parodies of popular songs, movies, and television shows.

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Listicle Video Content

Listicles are listed pieces of material presented in video format. They give you a brief opportunity to inform your audience, and they frequently have greater retention rates. Remember, a crisp ‘top X video’ attracts more attention. Here are a few YouTube content ideas for beginners:

  • Favourite apps

Have a list of the daily-utilised apps? Create a video listing your top 10 daily YouTube channel management apps. You may do the same thing for applications that students or businesspeople should use and for specific tasks like video editing or task management. 

  • Best restaurants

Do you frequently travel or eat out? Create fascinating listings of the top restaurants to visit by cuisine or location, complete with videos, photographs, reviews, etc.

  • Best YouTube videos

Do you watch YouTube a lot to gain knowledge? Make a video highlighting your top picks for the YouTube videos that people should watch on a particular subject, such as promotional activities, entrepreneurs, artwork, or grooming. 

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Kids’ YouTube Video Ideas

YouTube Kids is a different website section where children can watch only restricted content. Here are some excellent suggestions for developing kid-friendly videos:

  • Unboxing toys

Watching clips of unboxing is fun for everyone, regardless of age. Create a video of your child opening a toy and focusing on what’s inside, the toy’s functionality, and your child’s response. 

  • Kid-friendly cooking ideas

Create videos of yourself preparing easy meals for children, garnishing and serving them artfully, or quickly whipping up a tasty but healthy snack. Allow your child to prepare some meals without using a fire if you have a child who enjoys cooking.

  • Educational games

Many children use YouTube as a learning tool. So, you can think of and create films of educational games for kids that teach them new ways to recall things like numbers, colours, alphabets, homophones, etc. They can also be turned into a song, inviting audience participation. 

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Miscellaneous YouTube Content Ideas

In addition to the categories listed above, there are several videos you can create that don’t fit into any particular genre yet draw interest and views. To learn these strategies check out Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing and Communication from MICA.

  • Reaction videos

React to a different video or event and display a genuine version of your response. You could also create a video showcasing the outfits worn by influencers and celebrities at events and get viewers to comment with their thoughts. 

  • Live streams

Live streaming on YouTube is an excellent method to engage with viewers and present a more authentic and personal side of oneself. Simply talking about a trending subject, responding to comments, performing an instrument live, or playing a video game are all options. 

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  • Contests

Engage your audience in a contest by offering a prize that will get their attention, such as a gift basket or a 1-on-1 video call. This could involve a dance contest, a makeup competition, or a fitness competition. As they produce User-Generated Content (UGC) for you, such contests also increase engagement.

  • Opinion videos 

Do you have an opinion on the most recent governmental action or the newest development in your sector? Create an opinion video and express yourself freely. Use a whiteboard or visual components to make it more engaging for your audience. 

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Wrapping Up

As a YouTuber, digital marketing strategies can significantly enhance your channel’s visibility, engagement, and growth. There are plenty of YouTube video ideas out there in the digital universe. Choose which types ignite your ideas for you and resonate with your brand. The more creative, authentic, relevant, and enthusiastic you are, the more your audience will like you. 

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How can I optimise my video titles, thumbnails, and descriptions to increase views?

To optimise your video titles, thumbnails, and descriptions for increased views, ensure your titles are compelling and include relevant keywords. Create visually appealing thumbnails that accurately represent your YouTube content ideas, and write detailed descriptions with keywords, timestamps, and CTAs to engage viewers.

What are some practical ways to brainstorm and plan YouTube video ideas?

Some practical ways to brainstorm and plan YouTube video ideas are— conducting audience research, analysing trending topics, engaging with your audience for feedback and suggestions, exploring niche-specific forums and communities, staying updated with industry news, and drawing inspiration from other successful YouTubers.

Is it worth starting a YouTube channel in 2024?

YouTube continues to be a popular platform with a massive audience, and there are countless opportunities for growth, engagement, and monetisation. With dedication, quality content, and effective marketing, you can find success on YouTube in 2024.

Can you provide examples of successful YouTube channels with interesting video concepts?

The following are a few examples of popular channels with intriguing YouTube content ideas: TED-Ed (educational animations), Bon Appétit (culinary videos and recipes), MrBeast (creative challenges and philanthropy), Safiya Nygaard (experiments and fashion exploration), The Try Guys (funny and daring challenges).

What are some YouTube channel ideas that require minimal equipment and budget?

Some video ideas that require minimal equipment and budget include vlogs or day-in-the-life videos, Q&A sessions, DIY projects using household items, tutorial videos using screen recording software, recipe demonstrations, storytelling or spoken-word videos, and opinion or commentary videos shot with a smartphone.

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