[Infographic] Top 5 Skills Required for MBA in 2023

After your graduation, one of the most sought-after educational courses is an MBA (Master of Business Administration). Aspirants looking for an MBA as their next step should ensure that they choose the right degree to obtain the skills to perform their best in their career. 

Here are a few reasons why an MBA is the right choice for you and your professional career

  • More than 97% of Global Fortune 100 companies want an MBA level individual who has excellent academic scores and can perform well in the corporate world. 
  • Every year, the number of MBA applications rises by 5.4% for a different type of program. 
  • Along with Men, there are 39% of women participating in the MBA Business School Programs. 
  • Owners of MBA degree are among the ones who are the highest-earning professionals, including the fields such as Finance, Economics, Marketing, etc. 

There are Several Skills Required For MBA, Here are a Few of Them

1. Communication Skills 

One of the most vital skills required for an MBA. Excellent communication skills and MBA go hand in hand. You have to be a good listener and understand clients’ expectations every day about various business perspectives and ideas. It is important to convey your message convincingly to the clients, customers and stakeholders. 

2. Initiative 

You must have the courage and strength to opt for new ideas, brainstorm several concepts and develop as a future leader. Keep growing and learning, thrive on adapting expertise in every corner of your profession. 

3. Adaptability 

An MBA aspirant should have the skill to adapt to circumstances & situations that come with market change and work in different industry experts’ dimensions. 

4. Ability to Pivot 

Every MBA student should have the capability to move as per the situation’s demands and meet their management’s expectations and unknown needs. 

5. Strategic and Analytical Thinker 

One of the best MBA skills you can possess. You should have a bigger vision to help the management and their business prosper and fonder. 

6. Planning and Organisations 

Should be organised and well-planned individual by keeping their professional and personal life well balanced 

What is The Requirement of Recruiters? 

  • Versatile skill set ( 72% ) 
  • Strategic mindset ( 71% ) 
  • Communication skills ( 69% )


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How do MBA programs help in personality development?

Along with business theories and skills, B-schools also train students to become effective managers and leaders of the future. They help in all-round personality development. By doing an MBA program, you learn personal, professional and social etiquette. Also, when you graduate from a top B-school, your credibility increases in the eyes of the recruiter. They view you as someone who is confident and ambitious. During the course of the program since you’re likely to interact with students from diverse backgrounds, your confidence and self-esteem gets a major boost.

What do employers look for in their MBA hires?

MBA students spend a great deal of their time accumulating experience, skills and knowledge. However, most recruiters from top tech and consulting firms look for candidates who can solve multi-dimensional problems, have great people and communication skills, have the capacity to drive key insights, be ambitious about their position, and use their skills in the best possible way. Lastly, beyond pure academic candidates, recruiters want to hire individuals who have a passion for other hobbies and interests.

Who should pursue the Executive MBA program from upGrad?

The Executive MBA program offered by upGrad is highly recommended for working professionals. No matter which domain you’re working in, you can pursue the program. Whether you belong to marketing and sales, HR, finance, operations, software or IT, this course is recommended. To be eligible for the program, you need to have a bachelor’s degree and minimum three years of work experience. Since it is an executive online MBA program, students can study and work at the same time.

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