[Infographic] Top 7 Blockchain Applications & Real World Use Cases


blockchain applications infographic

One of the fastest-growing technological fields, Blockchain has the capability to offer comprehensive security, contracts and safeguarding digital assets. 

Let us talk about some of the best Blockchain applications and blockchain use cases which were earlier known as Crypto Currencies and Bitcoin. 

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Blockchain applications & Real World Use Cases

1. A smart Contract Between Parties (Propy, Mediachain, Burstiq) 

This technology helps you remove the middleman of your transaction and secures all the legalities by saving money and time both. It also helps you in content creation, making you more creative. 

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2. Money Transfer (Opskin, Circle, Chain Analysis, Chain) 

In the real world, money transfer has gained utmost popularity with its unique feature of cross-border payments, exchange for cryptocurrencies, real-time ledger system and all of this by lowering the third-party fees. We can see a lot of such blockchain use cases.

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3. IoT Operating Systems (Filament, Hypr, Xage Securities) 

IoT operating systems are now emerging to be some of the best technologies in the current era. It connects us to the world of sensors, devices and cloud infrastructures with utmost transparency and virtual incorruptibility. 

4. Personal Identity Security Crises (Illinois, Blockchain Initiative, Civic, Evernym, Ocular) 

A groundbreaking technology that is trusted by many state services to add a personal layer of security and identity by decentralising blockchain ledger to create an efficient and integrated environment for the blockchain community. 

5. Supply Chain and Logistic Monitoring (DHL, Block Array, Maersk, Shipchain) 

Automated scheduling, production of machinery, logistic planning and much more! By using blockchain applications, you can get data transparency with a single source of truth with more trustable and precise information that will help you a great amount of money every year. 

6. Government Use Cases (Voatz, State of Delaware, Follow my vote) 

Not just to the private companies but this state-of-the-art technology has helped the government as well with its high-end quality of protecting the sovereignty of state documents by using smart contracts and transparency

7. Media Use Cases (Madhive, Steem, Civil, Open Music Initiatives) 

This technology helps the intellectual property protection that maintains the integrity for musical assets online and even its royalty. Advertising agencies also make utmost benefit as they get to target their traffic in a precise manner. 

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We hope this article gave you an insight into the workings of Blockchain. Blockchain helps your marketing benefit considerably. You can target whom you are willing to; there will be no wastage of money. Reading this article, you will surely understand How Blockchain Works in Cryptocurrency. 

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