Top 10 Influencer Marketing Examples with Results: How to Excel?

Influencer marketing has become very popular, especially with the rise of social media usage. In simple terms, influencer marketing is a mix of traditional and modern techniques in marketing. It involves the idea of a celebrity using their identity to promote content-driven products. Influencer marketing typically occurs between a company or a brand and an influencer. 

In order to ace influencer marketing, you’ll need to master digital marketing with meticulous knowledge of SEO, SEM, marketing analytics, and content marketing. While looking at previous influence marketing strategies can strengthen your creativity, make sure you surf through the crevices of marketing strategies to find a suitable one. 

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If you’re looking for successful influencer marketing examples, you’re at the right place. Our list explores some of the most successful influencer marketing examples from the industry’s most famous brands.

Influencer Marketing Examples

1. Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts developed one of the most brilliant influencer marketing techniques to boost store sales. Their agency, Trillia, wanted to raise awareness about National Donut Day.

They offered special offers for the day and worked with Collab. Collab then chose eight popular influencers to spread teaser content on Snapchat. These eight influencers covered this campaign in 3 different time zones from the USA. Their content took over the hearts of the people and drove them to visit the stores to avail the special offer. 

Result: Because of this Donut Day campaign, Dunkin Donuts was able to reach more than 3 million people and engage with 40000 people. They gained 10x more followers on their Snapchat channel on National Donut day than they normally do in an entire month!   

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ABSOLUT partnered with the influencer marketing platform, Collectively to organize many eco-friendly and people-centric influencer-powered events. In addition, this campaign won the gold award for the best food and drinks campaign at the Influencer marketing awards in 2020. ABSOLUT curated attractive events on various social media platforms, especially Instagram. The main mission of this campaign was to increase ABSOLUT’s social engagement. 

The campaign went on for 8 months. Collectively created a team of bold social media content creators with a lot of determination toward protecting the planet. Several influencers from diverse backgrounds, from sustainability supporters to LGBTQ+ representatives, participated in this event.

These influencers invited their fans to immerse themselves in the unique experience provided by ABSOLUT. They also featured a 4-day event related to their commitment to sustainable production methods in Sweden. In addition, the famous artist and advocate David Lachapelle did a photoshoot recreating the Historic Stonewall March. 

Result: Over 8 months, the green earth campaign generated 612 posts by interesting influencers.  The campaign drive made an impression of 68.4 million and was answered 7.71 million times. Additionally, they featured 739.4k comments to create 8.6 million social media engagements.         

3. History Channel

History channel’s objective when they created their Tiktok channel was to quickly reach and make a strong impression on their target audience. This allowed History Channel to position itself as a relevant source of information for younger generations. 

They partnered with the influencer marketing platform, NeoReach and devised the “stay curious” campaign. NeoReach assembled a team of influencers with different types of audiences and was tasked with creating high-quality history-related videos.

Result: The creators did well when it came to the videos. The campaign engaged more than 21 million TikTok accounts and was viewed more than 12 million times. In addition, during this campaign, the HISTORY channel gained 50,000 followers.

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4. Häagen-Dazs

Häagen-Dazs wanted to raise awareness about how ice creams are important to New Yorkers during the summer. They offered a BOGO (Buy one, Get one) offer in their NY stores. Additionally, they collaborated with local influencers from New York to target the millennials.

The influencers from New York created social media content about Häagen-Dazs Open Container” – #HDOpenContainer. This quirky wordplay was relevant to New York’s situation at that time. The campaign allowed Häagen-Dazs to present themselves as a bold yet delightful treat you’d love to get your hands on. 

The campaign featured special rooftop parties and lived social sessions directly from the sampling parties. Their content was highly focused on New York culture and demographics. Different influencers targeted specific ZIP codes. In addition, to widen the campaign’s influence, the influencers shared content over various social media platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram. 

Result: This tailored campaign created an impression on 14.3 million people and engaged 27,400 people. 

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5. MTV 

MTV initiated a sex-education show on Snapchat. They contacted Laci Green, one of the famous sex ed YouTubers with a huge subscriber base. This new show aimed to provide sex education to the younger generation by giving useful advice and guidance. MTV used influencers to build a solid audience base.

In addition, these influencers made sure that the show continued to spread sex education among teenagers. MTV aired this show for 8 weeks and was played on their Snapchat channel. MTV invited several influencers with massive fanbases and asked them questions about sex and personal relationships. This resulted in a lot of meaningful conversations that attracted a lot of people. 

Result: Every episode in the series was viewed an average of 3-5 million times. The campaign received a massive 14 million views and was shared 439,000 times.

6. Dior

The 67 shades of Dior campaign’s mission was to increase its global influence. The campaign got its name as Dior selected 67 influencers to work with. They decided to flaunt all of their products in many shades. 

This is where influencers came in. Dior collaborated with famous influencers to represent each shade of their products. This event also allowed Dior to create content for its social media platforms.   

However, 67 influencers participating in this campaign had to pass certain requirements. They are listed below. 

  • A Large number of engaged viewers.
  • Improved content quality and traffic. 
  • Having followers from specific places.
  • Followers who are interested in fashion and beauty. 

Results: 67 influencers who participated in the event created one post every day wearing a different shade of Dior. These influencers managed to reach 2.66 million people. The posts made an online impression of 1.85 million impressions and created almost 600k engagements.  

7. Sony

Sony decided to demonstrate the positive gaming features any gamer can experience while using a Sony product. Therefore, Sony decided to work with influencers to promote their VR headset. Several influencers posted two pictures of themselves using the product in a light mood.

Result: On average, the posts by the influencers got 12k likes and 200 comments, along with an engagement percentage of 3.64%. On Youtube, the average number of views received by these influencer videos was less than 30k. These videos got 2,324 likes and 368 comments, with a 3.2% engagement rate. 

8. Sickhouse

Indigenous Media is one of the oldest production houses focusing on television and new-age social media content. To be more relevant than ever, they created a Snapchat film called “Sickhouse”.featured image

They worked with the famous influencer Andrea Russett, who posted 10-second snaps over five days. These snaps were bizarre and designed to confuse viewers. Andrea Russett reached a huge audience on Youtube, which crossed 2.5 million people. Ultimately, she declared with her followers that she had safely come out of “Sickhouse”. An extended 70-minute long video was also posted on Vimeo. 

Result: Sickhouse reached many people and generated 100 million views on Snapchat alone.    

9. Allen Solly

Allen Solly wanted to promote their chinos collection to attract young customers. As a result, Allen Solly worked with 22 influencers from diverse backgrounds to represent their local cities. This “ShootforSolly” campaign allowed Allen Solly to present chinos as an alternative to jeans. 

Result: This Shoot for Solly campaign engaged with 73,493 people and created a huge impression 712,203 times. In terms of Facebook, this influencer marketing campaign reached 2 million people and 3.2 million impressions.   

10. GymShark 

GymShark partnered with influencers over 66 days to promote healthy habits and encourage people to join Gymshark. Several TikTok influencers used the hashtag “#gymshark66” and shared their fitness routine. This allowed several end-users to follow the trend and eventually join GymShark.

Result: Gymshark’s Change your life campaign got 241 million views on Tiktok, and people made almost 750k posts from all around the globe. 

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Influencer marketing seems to be going a long way, given the recent boom in global internet usage. Therefore, this is the perfect time for you to attain skills that are in demand. To succeed in influencer marketing, you must grasp your target audience and the type of influencers used to promote your brand. To get good training for effectively using influencer marketing, avail upGrad’s tailored course now! Lastly, we hope these influencer marketing examples helped you.    

What are some of the brands that use influencer marketing?

Brands like Pepsi, Adidas, and Motorola utilizes influencer marketing to reach new audiences.

Who are some of the biggest Social media influencers?

Celebrities and personalities like PewDewPie and Kylie Jenner are one of the biggest social media influencers in the world.

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