HR Resume Examples With Samples of 2024

Human Resources Management is an evolving field. If you’re looking for a job in HR, check out these HR resume tips before you apply.

The world today is brimming with opportunities. You just need to weigh your strengths, weaknesses and interests to decide upon the direction you want to move forward into the future. There are myriad career paths available that offer great scope for your future—one such career path which offers lucrative opportunities in Human Resource Management.

A company is backed by its people. Having highly efficient human resources can take the company to great heights. With the growing number of companies getting incorporated in the country, HR Management is currently in huge demand. Companies are looking for efficient human resource managers who can induct great talents into the company. 

What is Human Resource Management?

Human Resource Management is a process of hiring, selecting, providing training, evaluating the employees’ performances, ensuring safety, overseeing the worker’s policies, maintaining relations with trade unions, etc. Human Resource managers are responsible for taking the overall care of the company and ensuring that there is a free flow of communication among different employees and between the leaders of the company and employees.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a human resource manager?

Human Resource Managers are given many responsibilities, some of which are mentioned below-

The hiring of employees-

One of the first and foremost tasks is selecting the people joining the companies for various positions. They post advertisements for the company’s vacant positions and kickstart the selection procedure. They decide the number of rounds the interview has to be conducted. Firstly, they sort the application based on the resume and then take the further selection rounds, which comprise interviews, group discussions, etc. 

Training of new employees-

The selected employees are trained in the particular tasks they will be assigned. The employees get familiarised with the company’s culture, meet their colleagues, managers, and get their foothold strong in the company. 

Evaluating employee’s performance and providing feedback-

It becomes the responsibility of the human resource team to evaluate the employee’s performance and provide them with valuable suggestions and feedback. 

Providing perks to the employees-

The employees have to be rewarded for the efforts they put in and the role they play in the company’s success. Human resource managers decide upon the employees’ benefits based on their performance. Also, they oversee whether they have achieved the targets.

How to become a Human Resource Manager?

Due to the many job opportunities available in the field of human resources, it is becoming a popular career choice for youngsters. The steps for becoming an HR manager is listed below-

Step1- Earning a Bachelor’s degree-

It is necessary to have a Bachelor’s degree in either Human Resources or any related field such as Finance, Management, education, etc., to enter the world of human resource.

Step 2- Obtain relevant work experience-

Having work experience in a related field such as Human Resource Specialists, Training and Development Specialists, will be an added advantage if you wish to become a human resource manager. 

Having a Master’s degree can be an added advantage while applying for the roles of an HR manager. The Master’s degree strengthens your theoretical knowledge and makes you a desirable candidate for the role in human resources.

Skills you require as a Human Resource Manager-

Human Resource Management requires you to be adept in many interpersonal skills apart from technical skills such as-

Communication skills- 

An HR works as a mediator between the company and the employees. They communicate the company’s plan and requirements to the employees employees’ needs and complaints to the companies. Due to this reason, good communication skill is a must-have for prospective HR managers.

They should be good with numbers-

The work of an HR manager also requires crunching numbers, deriving insights from the data, among many other things. Hence, HR managers should have good knowledge of data analytics and should be good with numbers.

They should be a team player-

As the job of an HR manager entails dealing with employees and collaborating with them to complete the tasks on time, having a team spirit becomes a compulsory requirement. 

The first step you take while applying for any job is to send your resume to companies while applying for the required job position. The majority of the companies go for resume selection as the first step of the hiring process. According to the statistics, recruiters just take 7 seconds to look at your resume for accepting or rejecting it. Hence, it becomes essential to have your resume in a top-notch way. Your resume should make you stand out among the sea of applicants applying for the same job.

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Tips to make an excellent resume for the HR role-

  1. The headline of your resume should be clear and concise. It should clearly give all the essential information, such as name, email ID, contact number, and LinkedIn profile.
  2. Mention the name of previous companies you have worked with and give a short bulleted description of the roles you have performed there.
  3. Mention your achievements that seem essential for the role you are applying for.
  4. Highlight important keywords related to HR. 
  5. Don’t fill your resume with unnecessary details. Mention the points you feel will be essential for the role you are applying for. 


Human Resource Management offers an exciting career with a broad scope and high growth future possibilities. This is the reason for the increased preference for HR roles among job seekers. Human Resource Managers are responsible for hiring and training employees, which creates experienced and efficient teams who can complete the assigned tasks properly and contribute to the company’s growth.

Resume Sample





New Delhi, India


Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Management

University of Delhi

2010 – 2014


Compensation & Benefits

Payroll Performance Management


Human resources professional with 7 years of experience in conducting interviews, overseeing the recruitment process, and devising compensation plans. I am looking forward to an opportunity as a well-rounded HR manager at an established company.


Human Resources Manager

March 2018 – current / New Delhi, India

  • Led new recruitment processes for     100 new full-time hires
  •   Administered company-wide compensation and perks      plans
Human Resources Manager

January 2015- Jan 2018 / New Delhi, India

  • Provided guidance on employee relations.
  • Managed the company’s staffing, skill training, and organizational structure, 

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What is the average salary of an HR Manager in India?

HR Managers enjoy excellent compensation along with great professional exposure. The salary of an HR manager in India is around INR 8 LPA.

What is the scope of HR management in future?

HR management basically involves dealing with people, specifically employees. HR managers act as a link between the company and the employees. Due to the increasing number of companies that are being incorporated in the country, the scope of HR managers will only increase in the coming future.

How many types of HR jobs are there?

There are 3 HR job types: HR Specialist, HR Manager, and HR Executive.

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