How to Work and Secure an Online Degree in MBA?

An MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree is the most logical step for aspiring managers to advance in their careers, regardless of their professional background and industry. It offers you a wealth of advantages and prepares you for the competitive business world. Apart from the high-end salaries and in-depth know-how of management principles, here are the top reasons why you should pursue a master’s in business administration:

  1. An MBA connects you to professionals from diverse industries who have unique perspectives on the world economy. 
  2. It enhances your marketability and prepares you for leadership and managerial positions.
  3. It teaches you valuable communication skills that are so vital to succeed as managers and executives.
  4. An MBA grants you an alumni status and expands your professional network to include brilliant and successful executives who can help you advance your career. 
  5. An MBA is your ticket to fulfilling entrepreneurial aspirations on a global level and working with high-strung personalities who challenge you.

Given the flexibility and affordability associated with online education, students are increasingly opting for online MBA programs to acquire globally acknowledged certifications from top universities. Apart from providing a shot at a broader range of job opportunities and lucrative salary hikes, an online degree in MBA offers you a chance to pursue higher studies alongside existing work commitments, thereby helping you strike a balance between your professional and personal life. 

If you wish to acquire an online MBA degree to attract high-paying job opportunities at top companies, upGrad offers a wide range of MBA programs in industry-relevant specialisations. This is what we’ll focus on today – the top MBA programs you can pursue to succeed on the global platform. 

Top 5 Online Degrees in MBA

1.MBA (Global) Degree from Deakin Business School 

Duration: 2 years 

Program fee: USD 14999

Who can apply: Experienced managers, management executives, and business owners/entrepreneurs in their mid to senior-level career stages possessing a minimum of 3 years of full-time relevant work experience and a bachelor’s degree with at least 50% marks. It is designed for working professionals or entrepreneurs looking to pursue global opportunities. 

This MBA program is offered by Australia’s top business school, Deakin Business School, in association with the Institute of Management Technology. It comprises 40+ learning sessions and 20+ expert sessions to help you gain valuable knowledge of Business Growth Strategies, Leadership, Strategic Thinking & Planning Abilities, Integrated Business Strategy Formulation, Design Thinking, Change Management, Financing Strategies, International Business, and Developing High Performing Organisations. 

The course also includes 10+ Harvard case studies and six weeks worth of MBA capstone projects sponsored by top companies across industries, some of which include Vodafone, LinkedIn, HP, and ITC.

On completion, you will receive a certification from Deakin and IMT Ghaziabad. Equipped with this degree, you can land lucrative job roles in Management Consulting, Strategy, Operations, Business Development/Sales, Marketing, Finance, and HR Management. Pursuing the course from upGrad provides you placement assistance to pursue global opportunities.

2. Liverpool Business School MBA

Duration: 20 months

Program fee: USD 8999 without immersion; USD 9999 with immersion

Who can apply: Working professionals, business owners or entrepreneurs in their early or mid-career stage with a minimum of 2 years of full-time work experience and a bachelor’s degree with at least 50% marks. 

This MBA offers specialisations in six functional domains, including Marketing, Finance, Operations, HR, Strategy & Leadership, and Analytics from UK’s Liverpool John Moores University, and a PGP in Management from IMT Ghaziabad. Apart from providing dual alumni status of LBS & IMT, the WES-recognized degree opens doors to pursue work opportunities on the global platform across Sales & Marketing, Business Development, Growth, Strategy, Management Consulting, HR, and Finance, among other domains. 

The course includes 40+ live sessions and 20+ expert sessions from leading management faculty and industry leaders. Our current learners work at leading companies like American Express, Flipkart, Zivame, Star Plus, and Kantar. The advantages of pursuing an MBA online degree from upGrad include:

Live doubt resolution sessions.

Job placement assistance.

  • Career guidance counselling.
  • 1:1 mentorship sessions with industry experts. 

Top 3 Career Opportunities after an Online MBA

A wide range of job opportunities an MBA graduate can pursue at multinational firms depends on the specialisation they choose. Global MBA programs equip students with the management and leadership skills to handle business operations on an international scale, specifically in finance, marketing, logistics, and trade. Here are the top careers global MBA graduates can opt for: 

1. International Management Consultant 

Average Base Salary: US$ 87,995 per year

A global management consultant is responsible for improving a company’s financial, IT, or marketing operations. Their job role involves reviewing a company’s status, researching and analysing existing issues and potential risks to suggest solutions to tackle them.

They also assess the work culture across all business units of a multinational enterprise and maximise productivity in a cross-cultural workforce. An essential part of their job is to travel overseas to determine areas that require cost and resource optimisation. Thus, they require excellent verbal and communications skills and proficiency with computers and mathematics. 

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2. Global Marketing Manager

Average Base Salary: US$ 99,770 per year

An international business manager’s job is one of the most coveted opportunities a global MBA graduate can pursue in the fields of pharmaceuticals, retail, healthcare, and technology. Their primary role is to stay on top of market trends in the international scenario, run profitable advertising campaigns for a global audience, and drive brand awareness.

They are also responsible for a company’s budget planning and communicating business processes to stakeholders and investors at meetings. A multinational marketing manager earns a relatively high salary owing to their vast scope of responsibilities.

3. Global Supply Chain Manager

Average Base Salary: US$ 97,117 per year

Supply chain management is a highly challenging as well as rewarding job profile. The scope of responsibilities and perks further increase when catering to a career in a global business environment. At the peak of their careers, global supply chain managers can command a high base salary of US$143k per year.

Their job description involves overseeing production supplies and ensuring their adequacy to meet global supply chain demands. They work in close association with senior management executives to improve supply and demand processes. They also develop and maintain productive trade relations in the foreign market while working with business or trade consultants. 

Boost Your Career Prospects with upGrad! 

With upGrad, professionals get a chance to pursue online MBA degrees from reputed universities and attract global opportunities without compromising their job responsibilities and commitments. Apart from the flexibility in timings, upGrad’s online educational format is highly cost-effective.

For instance, business owners or entrepreneurs can acquire an MBA (Global) degree from Liverpool Business School at 1/10th the actual cost! That helps you to transform your career. The program provides 1-on-1 mentorship from industry leaders, a 1-week immersion program at the University campus, dual credentials (MBA from LBS & PGPM from IMT), network with peers at offline basecamps and more.

To apply for upGrad’s courses, all you need to do is fill out an application form, and once you receive an offer letter, you can block your seat by paying a caution amount.

What should I consider when choosing an MBA program?

Deciding to pursue an MBA is a big decision. Therefore, there are several things you must consider. Some of them include proper accreditation and ensuring the program is certified and trustworthy, it should offer placement assistance and recruitment opportunities, one-on-one mentorship is an added advantage, and lastly the program you choose must align with your career goals and specialisation.

What constitutes work experience for an MBA program?

If you want to get into an MBA program, work experience is mandatory. Most B-schools admit candidates who have a minimum of two years of experience. However, nobody really talks about what kind of experience. Well, any job after your full-time bachelor’s degree in any stream is counted as work experience. Though we’ve mentioned jobs of any kind, training, volunteer work and internships do not count as work experience. Your work experience is only counted when it is a formal, full-time position that you were paid for. If you were in any leadership role during your work tenure, it is a plus.

How does MBA training help in career growth?

An MBA degree not just helps in career growth but also helps you grow personally and professionally. There are various analytical, qualitative, quantitative and strategic training skills you will learn during the program. These key skills will help you manage various aspects of a business which include production, development, financing, marketing and human resource. Besides this, certain MBA programs are designed to train students in various problem-solving strategies. This will help them tackle various situations in a business with ease and in a cost-effective manner.

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