How to Settle in Europe? Best Ways, Requirements & Types of Immigrants

With booming job opportunities, scenic beauty and amazing climate, Europe has now become an ideal place for Indians to settle in. European countries have remarkable education systems with top-notch infrastructure that entices people from all over the world to take jobs here. Indians are also compelled by the exciting job opportunities in this continent, making them more ambitious to settle here. 

India is known to migrate to foreign countries for lucrative job opportunities. The net migration rate of India has been rapidly increasing since the 1950s to the present. According to Macrotrends, the current net migration rate is -0.342 per 1000 population, with a 3.93% decline from 2021. The rapid growth of migration is caused due to talented individuals seeking better job opportunities and living standards outside the nation. 

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Here we have listed down some of the jobs in Europe for Indians alongside the best country to live in Europe to perk up your lifestyle. 

Best Ways To Immigrate to Europe From India

Indian citizens can acquire residency and work permits based on their permanent or temporary stay in the nation. Here we have listed out some of the best ways to immigrate to European countries, be it for work or other purposes. 

  • You can enter the continent as a student, employer, employee, or investor. 
  • You can enter the country on a dependent visa accompanied by your spouse. 
  • You can possess a work visa to enter the Schengen countries. 
  • You can also enter the country by marrying a European citizen and obtaining permanent residency free of cost. Citizenship also comes complimentary with this. 

Requirements To Move To Europe From India

If you’re hoping to settle in Europe from India, be it under any circumstance, you need to keep a few things in mind starting from travel visas, documents and passports. Even though acquiring citizenship in European countries becomes a tad bit tricky, it is not unattainable. Here we have listed out the probable requirements while seeking immigration to Europe. They are: 

1. Language Knowledge With Proof 

You must be well-versed in the language of the country you are seeking immigration. It is, however, mandatory to know how to speak in English, other than local languages. Multiple tests will be held to examine your language proficiency in both English and the native language of the country. 

2. Possessing a Valid Passport 

You should possess a valid passport that is not older than ten years and at least valid for four more months. With a valid passport, it would be easier for you to migrate to Europe from India. 

3. Proof of Accommodation 

If you are looking to stay in Europe temporarily, you have to provide proof of accommodation. It will make it easier to get your application approved when you have a sponsor. You can provide your living plans if you do not have a sponsor. 

4. Contract Of Your Employment 

If your immigration is based on employment purposes, you should possess a prior experience of at least one year with your proof of employment from the organisation that has hired you. 

Evidence of Native Language Proficiency 

If you want to blend in perfectly within a European country, you need to possess native language proficiency in that particular country. You need to possess minimal requirements to stay in the country. Each Schengen member country has their own set of rules. If you want to settle in a Schengen country, here is the list of criteria you need to match to obtain a visa there. They are: 

  • Have proficiency in English and French languages. 
  • A full-time job experience of two years is required. 
  • You should be skilled in managerial occupations, professional occupations or technical occupations. You can also be skilled in trading to obtain a valid visa. 
  • You need to be financially potent to back up your immigration application. 
  • You should have a good moral character certificate.

Types of Immigrants in Europe

1. Workers With High Qualifications

If you can demonstrate that you are an expert in your respective field, you can obtain immigration in Europe under the particular clause. You should have a minimum of 5 years of work experience, or you have to pursue an elite educational qualification. 

2. Employees That Have Been Transferred Inside the Company (ICT)

Usually, people from third-world nations transfer from their country to Europe as they get offered a job opportunity from a European company. You will fall under this immigrant category if you immigrate from India to Europe. The circumstances would be the same if your current employer has a European branch and is transferring you internally to the nation where the department belongs. 

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3. Researchers 

If you are confining your research to a particular country in Europe or the entire continent, then you would fall under the “Academic Researcher” category as an immigrant. You must either be affiliated with an organisation or possess sufficient financial backup to fund your research. 

4. Seasonal Employees 

If you have a temporary work contract in a nation within Europe, you are eligible to immigrate to Europe. You should provide valid evidence about your living arrangements and employment status. 

5. Students 

If you are a full-time student at a European University, you can move to Europe and apply for a student visa. You should have legitimate documents to confirm your stay, like health insurance, financial help and proof of application fee payment to study in Europe. 

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Advantages of Settling in Europe 

Europe is not only a melting pot of all nationalities and races, but it also has a fascinating history. It provides the best job opportunities alongside optimal methods of teaching. Here are some of the advantages that make Europe different from other continents. 

  • Europe provides a high standard of living with amazing scenic beauty. 
  • Europe promises opportunities for people to settle and give their careers a new start. 
  • The job opportunities in Europe are in technical fields like Law, Engineering and Business Administration. You get to learn new skills and give your career a new length. 

Best Countries To Live in Europe for Indians

Europe is now considered the epicentre of providing a quality lifestyle and diverse living experiences. There are several reasons, especially the third world nations moving on to European countries to improve their futures. Here we have listed a few countries that are ideal to reside in. 

1. Germany 

Germany is now the hub of the automobile industry, which is experiencing rapid growth as a global leader. Germany is consdiered the best country in Europe to live and work and it provides a high standard of living and is one of the top choices. It has the best economy and several routes of immigration. Berlin, the capital city, is the social hub for going out and meeting new people. If you’re aiming to move to Germany for work purposes, applying for an employment visa for the company you are transferring to can be a good choice.

2. Portugal 

With recent economic developments, Portugal is considered one of the best countries to jumpstart your career. It is famous for its environment and excellent educational opportunities setting it apart from other countries. Because of its outstanding quality of life, people are inclined to move to this country, giving their life a new shape. Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, has significant affordable living options that can benefit a beginner. 

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3. Spain 

Being a neighbouring country to Portugal, Spain is also the choicest country for people to settle in. They offer a high quality of life and an excellent healthcare system. It also has low expenses, which makes living conditions easy. If you are considering moving to Spain, you need to possess a valid work permit or get a freelance visa with enough financial means to sustain yourself in the country. You can also utilise Spain’s Golden Visa opportunity as well. 

4. Luxembourg 

Luxembourg is reputed for their highest GDP per capita and has been ranked as the second-richest country in the world for ages. Luxembourg is one of the best countries for you to move into if you want to give yourself the taste of a high-end lifestyle.

They possess amazing business technology and innovation, providing the highest salaries in Europe. It is bordered by Germany, Belgium and France, several hours away from Luxembourg and ideal for sightseeing. Immigration in Luxembourg is possible through the usual visa processes, as observed in other European nations. 

5. The United Kingdom 

If you are a fan of busy city life, the UK is the best option to settle down. The country offers numerous employment opportunities and impeccable social and health benefits. You can intra-transfer a company visa to relocate here. You can also apply for a family visa or investor visa if you also hope to invest in the country. 

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Europe is not only an epicentre of a business hub but is also known for being an amazing cultural hub as well. The continent has been providing various opportunities to people that have set them apart from other continents. People from third world nations such as India are seeking employment in European countries to perk up their living and give their future generation a greater life.

However, in some countries, the cost of living and expenditures can be slightly higher than in other European countries. So while you choose which country you want to settle in, do thorough research before making any decision. 

Is settling in Europe a good idea for Indians?

Europe is one of the top continents of the world that believe in promoting diversity and culture. You can have a plethora of job opportunities in this country that will be good for your career.

Which is the best country to live in Europe?

With plenty of job opportunities and great exposure, The United Kingdom is one of the best countries to live in Europe. It is a hub of diverse cultures that provides you with the best job opportunities.

Is applying for a European visa a complex process?

Obtaining a visa in some European countries can be challenging. However, visa applications in countries like Portugal, Spain, Poland, and Finland is comparatively more straightforward and hassle-free.

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