How to Increase Views on YouTube?

Are you wondering how to get views on your YouTube videos and make money? Here are a few strategies to help you increase organic views on your YouTube videos.

YouTube was launched in 2005 as a website for sharing videos. Today, it is the most popular platform for watching online videos. Currently, there are more than 2 billion active YouTube users. The daily users on YouTube are over 30 million. If we look at the statistics, adults in the US spend 81% of their data usage watching YouTube. Around 694k hours are streamed on YouTube every minute. The YouTube app had the highest number of downloads in 2021 in the category of streaming and entertainment apps. Clearly, YouTube is a global phenomenon!

This blog will be beneficial if you have already started your journey as a Youtuber and are worried about fewer views on your videos. Continue reading to find out more!

Benefits of Higher Number of Views on YouTube?

As you have already read above, YouTube has a broad reach. It offers people an opportunity to build their brand and become famous. However, you will often see people worrying about views on their YouTube videos. Have you ever wondered why the number of views on your YouTube channel matter so much? 

Here’s why:

  • Monetary benefits:- You can join the YouTube partner program if you have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 public watch hours and earn money. Also, when you start getting more views on YouTube, you can collaborate with various brands as an affiliate marketer and earn a commission.
  • Increased revenue:- More views of YouTube videos will boost your brand’s credibility. It can help you generate leads through a loyal audience and earn more.
  • Improves SERP (Search Engine Result Page) ranking:- Higher number of views also helps improve your SERP ranking. 
  • Increase traffic to your website:- You can promote your business on YouTube. It can help increase the traffic on your website.

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How to Increase Your Views on YouTube?

Even though posting content on YouTube can be rewarding, it takes a lot of time to increase organic viewership on your channel. So, here are a few strategies to increase views on YouTube.

1. Post niche content:- One of the biggest mistakes you can make during your YouTube influencer journey is to post random content. Before you jump onto the bandwagon and start uploading videos on YouTube, you need to carve out your niche. For example, you can post comedy videos, informational content, technical or gaming videos, skincare, lifestyle, beauty, or cooking recipes. While figuring out your niche, you also have to keep your target audience in mind. In the US, 77% of YouTube users are between the age of 15-35.

It is best to stick to an age bracket. This will help define your audience so you can prepare YouTube strategies accordingly.

2. Add an impactful image and description and thumbnails: While this may come across as an essential tip, adding an image and a proper description on your YouTube channel is beneficial. It will boost credibility and help you engage with your audience. Also, thumbnails are equally important. It serves as a teaser to the video. As soon as people watch the thumbnail, they decide whether or not they can watch the entire video. Therefore, you should add attractive thumbnails to increase the number of views on YouTube.

3. Promote your channel on other social media platforms:- Even though it may sound disheartening, you must understand that you will not be able to increase views on your YouTube channel overnight. It is a mixed game of persistence and effective strategies. One of the best strategies to boost the number of views on your videos is to promote them on different platforms. Share the links of your YouTube videos on your Instagram stories, bio, Facebook, and WhatsApp status. You can also add the link to your YouTube channel on your website. In addition, you can post snippets of your videos on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook and add the link to your YouTube video. Another way to promote your YouTube videos is through email marketing. You can attach the links to your relevant videos at the end of the email or in your newsletter.

4. Engage with your audience:- Your job doesn’t end with posting videos on YouTube or sharing links. Once you have uploaded content on your channel, you will have to put extra effort into engaging with the audience. For instance, you should reply to as many comments on your videos as possible. You can do YouTube live streaming frequently to connect with your audience. Also, if you collaborate with brands, you can do one or two giveaway contests in a month by keeping a fun challenge for your viewers.

5. Be consistent:- One mantra that you must follow as a Youtuber is – Do not ghost your viewers. If you are determined to get more views on your videos, you should be consistent with posting content. If you post content daily on YouTube for a few weeks and then go missing in action for days, the audience engagement rate on your channel is likely to go down. It will take time to increase the number of views on your new videos if you upload new content after being absent for a few weeks. 

Therefore, it is best to create a YouTube calendar and post videos frequently. However, make sure that you do not post the same old content. Do experiment with your content and monitor what type of content gets the maximum attention from your audience.

You can also choose a specific time to upload your videos or start a live stream. Usually, people watch YouTube videos at night. So it can be the best time to upload your content and increase the number of views.

6. Create a playlist:– The key to increase viewership on your YouTube videos is to make the audience stay on your channel for as long as possible. One of the best strategies you can adopt to keep your audience hooked to your channel is to prepare a playlist of similar videos. You can also embed the YouTube playlists or videos. It means that the viewers can watch your YouTube video on other platforms like your website or Instagram without opening YouTube. It helps the viewers quickly watch the video and thus, results in more views.

7. Understand the YouTube algorithm:– No matter when or how you upload videos, the YouTube algorithm is the most significant determining factor for the number of views on your videos. When you upload videos on YouTube, you should understand how the YouTube algorithm works and which activity counts as views. The YouTube algorithm will add one view when viewers watch your video for at least 30 seconds. All the views during live streaming are also counted. A lot of people keep watching their own videos over and over again to increase the number of views. However, the YouTube algorithm will figure out if you do so. Therefore, it is best to boost organic viewers.

Also, to make sure that your videos frequently appear in the suggested section of YouTube, you should add relevant meta titles, descriptions, and hashtags for your video. It will also help improve the position of your video in the search results.


Despite the growing popularity of other social media platforms, the YouTube community members are high and loyal too. There is excellent earning potential as a YouTuber. Also, if you run a small business, informative and relevant content on your YouTube channel can help you get more leads. It can take a lot of time to grow your YouTube channel and increase the number of views of your videos, especially if you are clueless about social media or digital marketing. However, you can also learn social media marketing strategies via online courses. 

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Can I organically increase my views on YouTube?

Yes, you can organically increase views on YouTube by collaborating with popular brands or other YouTube influencers. Also, you can conduct live streams, giveaways, etc, to engage audience.

How to get views on YouTube?

There are several strategies you can follow to increase your views on YouTube. Some of the most effective tips include creating a playlist on your channel, uploading videos related to a particular niche, promoting your videos on various social media platforms, and engaging with your audience.

How to make my YouTube videos go viral?

The key to making your YouTube videos go viral is to post unique content that is either entertaining or informative. Also, ask your subscribers to share your videos.


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