How to Emphasize your Personal Strengths During an Interview

An Interview is your first impression on the employer and an opportunity to let them know why you are the best candidate for the job. Here you can Emphasize on your Personal Strengths and let them know why you are the appropriate candidate for the job

Personal Strengths During an Interview


Interviews are the most preferred medium for an employer to choose the best candidate for their organization. As a potential candidate, the meeting provides an opportunity to emphasize your strengths and show the employer that you can be an asset to their business. It would be wise to reflect on the personal strengths before appearing in any interview, and how they would help you become a successful employee. In this article, we would be discussing how you can emphasize your strengths and ace the interview. 

Emphasize on Your Personal Strengths

Cracking any interview would require a lot of preparation from your end. There are different aspects of the interview preparation. However, one of the most important steps would be reflecting on your skills, personal qualities, and strengths. This would help you emphasize your Personal strengths. During the interview, you can relate your own strengths to the ones the interviewer is looking for. This will allow you to show them how you fit into their organization and how you would succeed if given the opportunity. 

If your arena isn’t entirely sure of the strengths, here are a few things to ponder upon.

  • Identify the activities that you enjoy doing or that come to you naturally. Think about the underlying process, and what aspects make the entire process enjoyable to you. Once you identify such activities, try to relate the virtues to the ones which the interviewer mentions in the Job Description.
  • Think about the feedback that you have received over time. Work on the skills which have resulted in negative feedback. 
  • Various websites simulate real-life incidents to determine their strengths. Take a few of those tests to understand which traits pop up consistently. 
  • Think of the advantages that your role model has. This would help you in understanding the virtues that have helped him/her become successful.

Once you identify your personal strengths, it becomes easier for you to relate to your employers’employers’ needs. This makes it easier for you to connect to the interviewer. 

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Make sure to emphasize your personal strengths during the interview



There are a few commonly asked questions during an interview. Identifying your personal strengths gives you the chance to create impactful answers for these open-ended questions. 

These points come handy when framing answers for the questions where you can Emphasize your  Personal Strengths

  • You have found a lot of qualities that match those mentioned in the Job Description. Great! However, focus on the most essential qualities. Identify the most required skills and qualities and try to relate to them during the interview.
  • You could mention the conditions one by one, but be prepared to get cross-questioned. Try to think of one incident where the said quality helped you achieve your end-objective. 
  • Do not beat around the bush. The interviewers would not be interested in your strength if it doesn’t add any value to the organization. Try to keep the discussion on your strengths short and relevant to the industry you are applying for. 

Plan out different answers for the same question. Don’tDon’t forget to practice the answers before going for the interview. 

A few Commonly-asked Questions, and how you can use them to Emphasize your Personal Strengths

Interviewers use a few basic questions to find out more about the potential candidate. You might be technically strong, but if you fail to provide satisfactory answers to these basic questions, chances are you might be rejected. 

Let us look at the five most frequently asked questions and how you can emphasize your personal strengths while answering them. 

  • Introduce Yourself. 
  • What are your biggest strengths?
  • What is your biggest weakness?
  • Have you handled conflict before?
  • Why should we hire you?

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Introduce Yourself

This is the most popular ice-breaker among the interviewers. This question helps them unearth the qualities which are not mentioned in the resume of the candidates. Now, this seems easy to answer. However, it is a perfect opportunity to give them a sneak peek of the strengths that you possess. Make sure you Emphasize your  Personal Strengths subtly and tell them bits of yourself not mentioned in the resume. 

What Are Your Biggest Strengths?

This question allows you to emphasize your strengths that match the organization’s requirements. Read the Job Description well, and try to relate your traits to those mentioned in the JD. This would give you the chance to stay relevant to the needs of the organization. 

What is Your Biggest Weakness?

You are walking over thin ice with this question. Do not state the weaknesses directly. Instead, describe the steps that you have taken to overcome that particular weakness. It will show the interviewer that you are keen to work on your shortcomings. 

Have you Handled Conflict Before?

This question allows you to emphasize your strengths, which relate to leadership and team spirit. Answer this question with an incident where you dealt with conflicting opinions and the results of your actions. 

Why Should We Hire You?

This question is asked right at the end of the interview. It can create a lasting impression on the interviewer. Answer this question by relating the skills that you possess to the skills mentioned in the Job Description. This will also allow you to emphasize your strengths that would come handy in making you a successful employee. 


Cracking an interview is not a tough task. Being well-prepared and honest gives you a realistic chance of acing the interview. Emphasize your strengths, which are necessary from the organization’s point of view. Tailor your answers according to the needs of the organization. Follow all of the points mentioned well, and you can crack even the strictest of interviews. Follow upGrad for more such tips to ace interviews!

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What is the best way to highlight your strength during an interview?

Once you know your strengths, it is best to organise them to suit your questions. During an interview, you should highlight every detail about yourself that you think adds value to your life. It could be your communication skills, interpersonal skills, problem-solving skills, etc. The interviewer will not understand your background until you explicitly mention it. Planning to groom yourself with a couple of skills before an interview is a good idea. It is best to skill yourself with industry-specific strengths that will complement your knowledge. Furthermore, the idea of using a story while you put your strength on display could be a nice touch. Segregate stories that depict your past experiences, and parallelly fill the missing gaps. On top of everything, be confident with your body language, speaking skills, and how you present yourself.

How can you identify your personal strength?

Sometimes, many candidates freeze out before the actual interview. There are several reasons. However, there are many more that assist you in identifying your strengths. Start with understanding the things that you enjoy doing the most. It could be either solving a puzzle or writing code. That’s where your strength lies. The next aspect to look out for is the feedback you receive from others. It could be your leadership skills or communication skills that they have admired. This recognition will strongly help. Plus, you can take online tests to analyse your strengths better.

Is there a tip to give the perfect response in an interview?

It is not just essential to answer, but an effective answer is what creates an impact. Your strength makes you stand out from the rest. While responding, it is best to represent your strength that aligns with the job description. It would be great if you could use examples or scenarios from previous job experience and how your abilities have led the company to achieve milestones. All these factors will contribute to giving the best response.

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