How To Answer Why Should You Be Hired Interview Question

An interview is one of the most integral stepping stones in your career. It is an essential part of the selection process that evaluates your skills and whether you are the right fit for the role you have applied for. 

Most job interviews have technical rounds and examinations followed by the final step, i.e., the interview. Hiring managers conduct interviews to gather information about the candidate’s knowledge, skills, and previous professional and educational experience. This helps them determine one’s worth and if they are fit for the role.

An interview is an opportunity to sell yourself and highlight your skills. Hiring managers will give you this chance by asking one of the following questions:-

  • Why should we hire you or another variant like “why should you be hired”?
  • Why do you think you are a good fit for this position?
  • What makes you stand out/unique?
  • Why are you the best candidate for this job?

To nail any job interview, make sure you are prepared with a short and crisp summary of the main reasons why they should choose you. Your interviewer might not even ask you one of the questions mentioned above, but you need to be prepared to sell yourself and your skills. Brush up your communication skills to create a good impression on the recruiter make sure to prepare your why should we hire you answer!

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Tips To Help You Answer This Question

Interviewers ask candidates the question – “Why should you be hired?” – for a valid reason. It helps reveal how competent and knowledgeable the candidate is about the company’s vision, goals, and values, including its products and services. 

Here are some tips you can follow to address this powerful question with ease:-

Prepare for the question: You need to do your homework and additional research on the company history and the skill set required for the job position. Employers will be keen to know about the qualifications that will make you the ideal candidate for the company and for the role you’re interviewing.

Be confident: Preparation and practice will make you confident. Interviewers always look for a confident answer from the candidates. Try not to fumble while speaking and align your research on your fingertips so it doesn’t seem you’re struggling to find words to tell them. While confidence is key, do not boast about your achievements. It is good to be proud of your achievements, but the way you talk about your achievements is crucial – you should not sound arrogant or overconfident. 

Sell Yourself: A job interview is a chance to showcase your skills and qualifications. It depends on how you sell yourself for the role to land every job you interview for. Elucidate why you will be suitable for the job and explain that you have the skill sets to be perfect for it instead of giving them cookie-cutter answers like “I am the perfect candidate for this job, and I am passionate about what I do”. Do not fake your answers or over-promise. 

 Be Vulnerable: Being vulnerable is a unique way to stand out amongst other applicants. Start by highlighting the things you are good at and also talk about your weak points in a way that tells the recruiter you are willing to better yourself. Be honest about your skills and goals. 

 Know what you want: It is integral to know what you want before sitting for an interview. This will help build your confidence and help you answer most questions with ease. It will also help you determine what you want to do next. If you describe yourself as a smart or a hardworking individual, make sure to reinforce them by sharing relevant experiences.

Remember your core values: While appearing for an interview, you should always be aware of your core values and career goals. Being true to your passion and goals will help you become successful and ensure job satisfaction in the long haul.

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What To Avoid

There are certain Dos and Don’ts you should keep in mind to crack an interview. Below is a list of the things you should avoid doing at all costs in an interview when you explain why you should be considered for a position you have applied for.

  • Don’t be generic: An example of a generic answer is, “I have the qualifications, I am smart, and I want this position.” This is what most candidates want and will most likely say in their interviews. It does not add any unique factor to your character. 
  • Be humble: An interview is about selling your skills, abilities, and knowledge. Elucidate your experiences and skills to emphasize why they should hire you. However, try not to memorize as if you are reading out from a script. 
  • Avoid talking too much: Don’t blabber too much in your response because it may lead to your interviewer losing interest in you. State your qualifications and abilities crisply and concisely. 
  • Don’t Lie: Hiring managers expect efficiency with minimal drama and no excuses. You don’t need to put on a performance and highlight the positive aspects of yourself and be honest about your abilities. Most importantly, do not over-explain or make promises you cannot keep. Interviewers are highly experienced, and they can quickly call your bluff. So, own your truth!
  • Avoid financial Talk: Let’s face it. Everyone wants to earn money and gain financial stability. It’s one of the most important driving forces for job seekers. However, it’s highly inappropriate to be overly blatant about this aspect in a job interview – nobody will appreciate hearing that you only want the job for the money. 
  • Don’t undersell yourself: Although you should be humble, do not undersell yourself. A job interview is an opportunity to make yourself shine. While it is advisable not to brag about yourself, it is also important not to be overly critical of yourself. 

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Treat your job interview more like a sales pitch to explain to the hiring manager why they should hire you and that you are ready for the job. Prepare and practice with vigor well beforehand, keep your mind and thoughts clear, and nothing will stop you from nailing that job position you desire. 

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What are the qualities that make a good candidate?

The qualities critical for a job candidate are as follows:- Teamwork Willingness to learn Communication skills Motivation

What makes you different from other candidates?

Professional skills, personal qualities, areas of expertise, and impressive past accomplishments from your past or career goals prove your commitment to stand out from the other candidates. To start your why should we hire you answer must be unique but authentic.

What are the required skills for a successful career?

The essential skills you'll need for a successful career are as follows:- Communication skills Problem-solving skills Analytical and quantitative skills Work ethic and leadership skills

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