How to answer ‘why are you interested in this job’ Interview question?

While preparing for a one-on-one interview round, one must brace themselves to answer all types of questions sent their way. From analyzing soft skills to proficiency in technical skills, some questions can be challenging when presenting before a panel of recruiters.

But what about simple questions like “Why are you interested in this job?” or maybe, “why are you interested in this post?” The questions might appear to be the easiest but, in reality, are the toughest to answer. 

Giving a solid answer to such questions is crucial since many recruiters assess the candidate’s reliability based on their responses and mannerism. The employer always searches for candidates whose vision and mission align with the company’s objectives.

In order to offer you a glance at various ways to tackle such questions, we bring you this blog that comprises different methods and sample answers to questions like ‘why are you interested in this job?’ 

Let’s understand the reason behind this question and how to tackle it!

Why do employers ask these questions? 

Before knowing how to answer such questions, it is vital to understand why they are even asked in the first place. Asking the candidates why they want a job role or are interested in the position, the interviewer tries to find answers to the questions below. 

  • If the candidates understand what job position they are applying for.
  • If the candidate is passionate enough about the role.
  • Whether the candidate has prior experience working in a similar position.
  • Are the candidate’s long-term goals aligned with the company’s mission and vision?
  • Will the candidate be able to contribute positively to the company?

Therefore, a proper answer to the question “why are you interested in this job” or “why are you interested in this post” should satisfy all five of these concerns of a recruiter. 

Let’s see the right way of answering these questions with examples.

Best Way Of Answering “Why are you interested in this job?” 

While answering this question, the candidate must reflect on three areas.

  • Their alignment of professional skills with the job/company
  • The match of ideology 
  • A personal benefit 

Here are the three sections elaborated with examples. 

1. Alignment With Professional Skills

Candidates should always begin their answer by stating how the company/job aligns perfectly with the skillsets they possess. 


The job description for this work profile aligns significantly with my skills. Therefore, I believe I can be the perfect pick for this role, which will further assist the organization in achieving its goals consistently. 

Besides, I also noticed a set of duties that will enable me to upskill myself, which means I will also redeem an opportunity to grow professionally.”

Answering in the manner mentioned above will help the recruiter understand you are aware of the role and responsibilities related while holding the right experience for the said position.

Emphasizing expertise is crucial since it helps the interviewer see what they are getting out of this deal. An interviewee’s agenda should be to sell themselves and convince the recruiter that they can be an asset. 

For instance, while interviewing for the role of a data scientist, allow recruiters to know your experience and if you have relevant data science certifications from leading education platforms like upGrad, ensure to include it in your answer as well. 

2. The Match Of Ideology 

A company always wants to recruit candidates with similar ideologies. So, ensure your answer reflects that you are aware and appreciative of the culture and vision of the company. 


I am highly appreciative of the people culture of your company which prioritizes every individual’s interest above all. Your company being people-centric compelled me to apply for the position as I am also looking for a working space that values work and the people doing it simultaneously.

Try including more company-specific information in this answer to make it more relevant, such as what particular aspect of their work culture is so admirable. Is it the work-life balance they value or the cultural diversity and inclusion they adhere to? 

Also, to prepare this answer well, early research on the company’s mission and vision will be beneficial. 

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3. A Personal Benefit

At the end of the day, the company wants to recruit real humans with personal values. Hence, wrapping up the answer with something more personalized is very important. 


You can incorporate lines like 

  • “This has been my dream job/ company since I started pursuing XYZ course.”
  • “The location of this job is great, and I’ve always wanted to move there.”
  • “The job location is close to where I live, so commuting will be easier for me.”
  • “I have been using your product/ services for many years, and I am excited to work with your organization.” 

Sample Answers for “Why are you interested in this post?” 

Here is a summary of what a good answer to this question looks like.

The are many reasons why I am interested in this job. Firstly, by looking at the job role, I realized I could utilize my skillsets and perform efficiently. My prior experience with X (your expertise) can really help the company in Y (the area in which it will help). Along with that, what seeks my interest is that your company offers a great opportunity for growth, which is what I seek while contributing my skills to any place. I have read and heard generous remarks on the company’s workspace culture, which perfectly fits my personality and values. Besides, I have been using your products for many years now, and I must admit that just thinking about being a part of this company makes me very excited.” 

Avoid Giving These Answers

Now that it’s clear how to answer the question, let’s see what you should never include in your answer to a question like, ‘why are you interested in this position?’

Interviews are held to connect with the applicant one-on-one and assess their personality. So, it’s natural that the interviewer will be very observant about the responses or how they are given. It is good to express yourself in an interview, but certain things can put off the interview. So, let’s see what responses one should avoid giving to the “why are you interested in this job?” question.

  1. Actually, I really need a job. I stumbled upon your job opening and thought it would be interesting.” 

This may be a truthful or free-spoken answer, but it is inappropriate. The answer lacks sincerity which any company highly values. There’s a high chance that this answer will disappoint the interviewer and lower your chances of being selected. Besides, the hiring manager may also think the candidate is not serious enough for the role and might soon leave the company. 

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  1. “Working with this company will add great value to my portfolio.”

An answer like this implies that the candidate is self-centered and lacks a long-term vision. The answer also projects that the candidate already had one foot outside before getting hired, eventually making recruiters question your loyalty.

  1. “I’ve heard the company pays really well and provides additional benefits too.” 

A company understands how important it is to have competitive compensation to attract good talent. Still, most of the time, they are hesitant to hire candidates whose primary motivation is money. 

  1. “My previous company’s management was very poor, and the work culture was toxic, so I want a new job.” 

Despite your previous employer and workspace being toxic, refrain from criticizing your previous employer at any cost during an interview. Professional spaces work on connections, and you might not know if your potential employer is related to your previous working organization in any manner.

Tips For Giving A Better Answer

  • Research the position and workspace: Prior research helps demonstrate professionalism and preparedness before any recruiter. Your willingness to become a part of the company is apparent when you know the ABCs of a company and the applied role.
  • Research about the company: Apart from the job description they posted, having brief knowledge of the company is crucial. Understand their business model and mention it in your answer. It’ll demonstrate that you are interested in the company. Ensure to go through the social media channels or the About Us section of the company you’re applying to.  
  • Structure your answer: Try to maintain a flow and address the interests one by one. Make sure each part of the question is addressed within your answer. 
  • Ask questions in the end: It is better to keep the conversation going. So try to end your answer with your question regarding the job/ company. 

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Wrapping Up

Questions such as “why are you interested in this position?” or “why should we hire you?” seem easy, but it takes a strategic approach and a composed mind to frame a suitable answer.

Most of the time, candidates speak as soon as the question ends. This results in them giving an unstrategic and very unstructured answer. It’s always better to anticipate and take a little time before answering. This will ensure that your answers are well-curated with the right body language and emphasis.

The best way to prepare for an interview is to hold the proper credentials in the relevant field and experience that make your confidence apparent to the recruiters. 

upGrad’s Advanced Certification in Digital Marketing and Communication is a coveted degree that not only encourages sophisticated communication skills but helps you to explore further in-demand digital marketing skills, which is another must-have for young candidates. 

1. How to answer “why should we hire you?”

Your answer must contain the perfect balance of your skills, how they are relevant to the company you're applying for, and what gives you an edge over other candidates. Try keeping your answer precise and effective using keywords and confident body language.

2. How to answer “What are your weaknesses?”

Positively approach this question while maintaining honesty in your answer. Ensure that your answer has plenty of room to show you are actively working towards improving the lacking traits, which further ascertain that you are a promising candidate.

3. What questions should I ask the recruiters?

Some questions that you may ask the recruiters may include- how the management will measure the person's success in this position, what challenges one might face in this position, or what a typical work day/ week looks like in the company. Potential candidates asking questions to the recruiters represents that the candidate is genuinely interested in the position.

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