How to answer for Reason for Job Change in Interview

With the advent of technology and new courses catering to upcoming or developing sectors’ needs, endless job opportunities are opening up in the job market. Therefore, there can be many reasons for leaving a company, whether for upgraded options, leaving or going into one’s comfort zone, etc. Not all experiences in a company can be good; some might be unpleasant, causing one to leave the company. 

It brings us down to how you should prepare to answer the question ‘reason for job change’ when you apply for new jobs. 

Always reflect on the good and bad sides of things instead of prioritizing the bad aspects. A balanced response will land you the position you have applied for in the next company. 

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Let us look at some more ways, tips, and tricks for answering this question that interviewers are bound to ask when applying for a new job. 

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Reasons for Job Change And How To Address Them In Interviews

There can be several reasons for wanting to change a job, and you must address your cause truthfully, without demeaning your previous organization. First, let us look into some of the good reasons for a job change and how to answer them.

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When you are looking for better opportunities?

One of the most common reasons for changing jobs is feeling they have limited opportunities and lesser things to learn at their current job. You can begin stating this to prospective employers who may like your active attitude towards new possibilities. Additionally, mention your long-term goals to solidify your ambitions. 

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When you want higher pay?

There is nothing wrong with wanting to switch jobs for higher pay. However, when you sit for an interview with a new company, make sure you don’t sound greedy. Instead, frame your answer by stating that higher pay is a motivational factor in working with greater efficiency. 

When you have other goals to pursue?

If you find better opportunities to pursue your dream, you can go for a job switch. It is quite an acceptable reason, but make sure you focus on your professional growth and not personal satisfaction. Also, update your resume if this is one of your reasons. 

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When you want job flexibility?

Work, family, and social life can be hard to handle, especially if you struggle to find time and balance these. Therefore, it is a valid reason to change jobs. However, to apply for a new job, always present yourself as someone who’s in charge of their health and happiness. Wanting job flexibility shows you aim for a balanced personal and professional life. 

When you get a better job opportunity?

Potential candidates with excellent backgrounds and experience will always find better job opportunities even while employed. It is natural to incline towards opportunities that promote career growth, better pay, and a push towards career goals. Make sure you cite what possibilities the job holds for you and how dedicated you are to attain those.

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Now let us look into some of the unpleasant reasons for changing a job.

When you are not fond of your work?

Many candidates are unhappy with their work choices and circumstances. It can be due to the wrong career choices or unfulfilled expectations at the organization. Every company aims to make its employees happy to retain talent, but things may not always go according to plan. Employees are free to take a step back from such situations. Explain your situation positively and tell them what drives you to be better.

When you need to travel too much?

Long travelling hours can be a major drawback for employees. If you can explain your valid reason smartly, the prospective employer will understand and appreciate your dedication to utilizing time wisely. Therefore, make sure you present it in a positive light and put your commitment towards making appropriate use of the time left.

When you get fired?

Applying for a new job after being fired can be challenging and grueling. While mentioning the reason behind your situation, make sure you accept your mistakes and not criticize your previous employer. Instead, extend a genuine reason, what you learnt from the incident, and you’re willing to learn from your mistakes. It shows a potential employer that you take responsibility for your actions.

When you aren’t fond of your company?

Not all companies are made for everyone, not all jobs are suitable for everyone. However, every professional experience counts and is a learning opportunity. Make sure you frame your answer by reflecting upon both the good and bad things instead of what you disliked most. Offer balanced responses that can help you get the job. 

Things To Keep In Mind

Interviews are incomplete without tricky questions, and it is essential to answer them in a sophisticated and professional manner. Therefore, make sure you follow these points:

  • Do not speak badly about your current or previous company and your superiors.
  • Make sure you don’t disclose your reason for the job switch is money.
  • Do not talk about your past issues with colleagues and management.
  • Never complain about your company’s work culture and policies.
  • Don’t be unclear about your reason. Be assertive and positive. 


While talking about switching jobs and finding the right reason for job change, it is essential to acknowledge that changing jobs can benefit your career through exposure. However, your chances of landing a good job start with a good professional course. 

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What do these interviews aim to accomplish for individuals switching jobs?

The primary objective of these interviews is to identify why a potential candidate wants to leave their current job and join a new one. These interviews also try to determine the reasoning behind the applicant’s decision.

Should you be factually descriptive or brief in your answers related to your job switch?

You should be as brief as possible in your reasons for job change answer. Also, you should not point out anything negative about your professional experience at your previous organization.

What is the most important thing before a job switch interview?

Research about the job you are applying for and learn about the domain to grasp the technical aspect and extend relevant answers.

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