9 Ways How MBA Makes Good Leaders

What is considered good leadership skills? And how does one acquire them? These are questions one has always pondered upon at some time in their life. After all, isn’t it every person’s dream to be in a leadership position one day, taking important decisions that will define the future course of their company?

This very ambition is also harbored by most individuals looking forward to pursuing a postgraduate degree in management – to become a more accomplished professional and develop essential leadership skills. They are thus giving rise to an integral question – How does an MBA make good leaders?

While it helps a great deal in nurturing a person’s overall personality, below are some pointers on how the MBA makes good leaders and fosters a person from a student to a better global citizen. 

1. Improves Knowledge

MBA is a postgraduate degree pursued by most candidates post two to three years of work experience. Hence, most students in the program are already well established in their careers. Therefore, studying in an MBA program further increases their knowledge base and introduces them to practical and theoretical aspects of concepts that add value to the expertise they already possess. This puts MBA grads in a position that is a notch higher than their non-MBA peers and gives them a more professional edge in their career.

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2. Instills Confidence

Being confident is a fundamental personality trait if one wants to move ahead of the crowd and create a position for themselves. Being armed with knowledge and a degree as intellectually immersive as an MBA surely aids this goal. An MBA degree introduces a person to a new world where there are professionals from different fields doing path-breaking things; this makes them have more faith in their skill set and talent, making them develop a more confident personality and public image.

How MBA Makes Good Leaders


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3. Teaches Entrepreneurship Skills

Another way in which the MBA makes good leaders is by inculcating entrepreneurship skills in them. An entrepreneurial drive and skill to make things happen is an essential quality in a leader. Every leader somewhere or the other is an entrepreneur – if not running an establishment for himself, then running it on behalf of the management and stakeholders involved.

Thus, with various kinds of courses and specializations involved in the MBA curriculum, a person learns how to create, innovate, multitask, and become self-reliant, thus learning end–to–end business and people management.

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4. Gives More Real-World Experience

MBA is one of the few degrees in the world that are heavily reliant on gaining real-world experiences. Since most of the candidates have rich work experience, the degree curriculum involves more on-ground projects and practical assignments that teach the theoretical as well as the physical application of concepts.

This teaches a person how to apply the knowledge he has gained and the use and misuse of the same. Thus, the exposure gained from these experiences will help them develop farsightedness and business forecast abilities – skills that are essential for a good leader desirous of running up the corporate ladder. 

5. Boosts Social Skills

Leaders are known to be good orators; they are bound to have good interpersonal skills and deliver speeches that motivate their team to work together towards a common end goal. For a leader to be able to manage a team of professionals, it is imperative that he/she should be a conversationalist. A person should know how to politely talk to their peers to work for them and talk themselves out of tricky situations.

An MBA degree is particularly helpful in this regard due to the innate focus it pays to nurture soft skills and hard skills. MBA students have to undergo hours of soft skills sessions where they are taught mannerisms from dressing to eating to building a conversation. These skills help candidates develop a pleasing social persona that makes them likable and respectful in the eyes of their team members and peers.

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6. Makes You Aware of Social Responsibility

With Industry 4.0 coming into the picture, an increasing number of stakeholders are judging an organization’s credibility based on the environment and social impact that the business makes. Thus, a good leader ought to be socially responsible to his environment, employees, and community. Moreover, such is the importance of social responsibility that most MBA programs also have a distinctive major in sustainability studies. Students are taught how to make a business more environmentally responsible and sustainable.

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7. Helps Innovation

In a world where there are innumerable options for the smallest of needs, it is vital to learn the art of innovation and creativity. MBA programs that wire students to think out of the box while making assignments and submissions thus teach potential leaders the value of innovation and help them grow onto their basics to create landmark products for their business ventures.

8. Think Strategically

Sometimes to bail a business out of a tricky situation, a leader needs to apply strategic thought and narrative to it. This is another domain where an MBA makes good leaders. During the course of the degree, MBA students are continually encouraged to read, research, and create innovative solutions to everyday problems. This helps them learn how to look at one problem from several different perspectives, thus expanding their thought process.

How MBA Makes Good Leaders


9. Manage Risks

In the course of their careers, leaders need to take various kinds of risks for the benefit of their companies and their peers. These risks, though necessary, have to be well forecasted and calculated. Coursework on risk management in MBA curriculums teaches a person how to study and calculate risks and thus makes them more responsible when it comes to taking a leap of faith.

How MBA Makes Good Leaders


MBA – the ladder for Leadership!

Lastly, becoming a good leader is more of an inbred quality than an acquired one. Though an MBA makes good leaders to a vast extent, it is also partly the work of the person indeed. Cultivating a habit of self-discipline and being consistent on your end goals further aids in this process. This being said, one needs proper guidance during their MBA course otherwise, it’s not worth it.

Check out MBA from Liverpool Business School to help you become a better leader. Any person desirous of assuming a leadership position one day should thus continually work on making himself better daily and making sure they are constantly learning and unlearning to build upon their existing skillset. 

Can an MBA improve my analytical skills?

Yes, it can. There are no two thoughts about the fact that an MBA looks good on a resume. Besides the degree that sets you apart, it is also the skills you learn during the course. While communication and problem-solving are the basic skills you will learn, at the core, an MBA program trains students on analytical thinking skills. It teaches students how to master analytical thinking and apply it to different situations. No matter what role you choose after your MBA, you should know how to address complex problems. In short, an MBA makes you industry ready.

What are the highlights of the Executive MBA program with a specialisation in Business Analytics?

The Executive MBA program with a specialisation in business analytics is managed and delivered in association with upGrad. It is an 18-months program that is AICTE approved. Students who opt for this program get to enjoy 200+ hours of live sessions, 360-degree career support, a 3-month industry relevant capstone project and business simulations from Harvard Business Publishing.

Is an MBA a global qualification?

Unlike any other master’s program, an MBA is a global qualification. That’s what sets it apart. When you choose a B-school to pursue an MBA, make sure you select one that is internationally accredited. When you graduate from such a B-school, you can be rest assured that your qualification is of relevance. Regardless of where in the world you do your MBA, you can get a job. It is also valued very highly in the workplace in India as well as abroad.

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