How DevOps Online Course Can Kickstart Your Career

Amazon Web Services defines DevOps as ‘the combination of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools that increases an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity.’ By virtue of this speed, organizations are able to serve their customers better and also stay ahead of the curve when it comes to competition.

Under DevOps, the development and operations teams work together right from the development stage to deployment, testing, operations, and maintenance. Sometimes, the security and quality assurance teams also become integrated with the DevOps team. The team then uses technology and tools that help to get the work done faster because outside help is not taken or needed.

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Common DevOps practices include

Communication and collaboration
Infrastructure as code
Continuous delivery
Continuous integration
Monitoring and logging

Why DevOps matters

DevOps provides the following benefits to the organization:

Speed and rapid delivery

Build and release products faster. Then, fix them and make them better at the same pace. This ensures that you respond to customer needs quickly and also gain a competitive edge over them as a result. Continuous delivery and continuous integration are the cornerstones of this benefit.

Increased collaboration

More effective teams can be built when the development and operations teams combine. Responsibilities can be shared and the workflow can be streamlined to become more efficient. For example, the back-and-forth between the 2 teams can reduce due to the merging.

Increased reliability

Thanks to monitoring and logging practices plus continuous integration and continuous delivery, application updates and iterations can be rapidly delivered. One can also know how well the performance is in real-time. Infrastructure as code and configuration management keep up the quick responsiveness of the computing resources to respond to any urgent client or product needs.

No compromise on security

With DevOps, you can get the speed and rapid delivery without compromising on security. Configuration management techniques, automated compliance policies, and fine-grained controls all help to retain control and preserve compliance.

DevOps Online Certification

The above are all benefits that are crucial for an organization. At the most basic level, though, it requires each person in the merged team to take full ownership of their role and step up should something extra arise. They have to step beyond what their stated role is. This makes the DevOps role truly challenging but also rewarding.

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