How can business and tech leaders acquire a doctorate and get a ‘Dr.’ prefix before one’s name?

We were attending a conference of business leaders in Germany when I noticed a curious thing. Of the 50 odd CXOs and senior management folks I met during the conference; a vast majority introduced themselves with a Dr. prefix before their name. When I enquired about this to a colleague in the Berlin office who also had a doctorate, she explained to me how Doctorate is seen as the highest level of expertise a person can have in their field of employment in Germany and Western Europe.

Even more curious, I asked her why a business leader or a tech leader spends so much of their energy getting a doctorate; isn’t that for academicians? She laughed and told me that it is just one of the ways to get a ‘Dr’ prefix before one’s name!

For an economy over-indexed towards specialization and a nation obsessed with perfection, there is no better way to signal one’s expertise and climb the echelons of a corporate career than getting a doctorate. The truth is that there are multiple ways of acquiring a doctorate degree for business and tech leaders.

It is through a DBA or Doctor of Business Administration, which is the preferred route since one can easily pursue a DBA while working.  Universities across Europe offer DBAs since there are so many takers and have hence created a curriculum that can be managed alongside one’s tight schedule at work. Internationally accepted and common ways of pursuing a doctorate world over include Ph.D.: Doctor of Philosophy, DBA: Doctor of Business Administration, EdD: Doctor of Education, MD: Doctor of Medicine, and EngD: Doctor of Engineering.

Germany, every year, churns out 29,000 doctorates and the vast majority of them join their industry. It is this pedigree of leaders with deep thinking ability and an eye for detail that ensures that the German industry and businesses are high on innovation. In fact, Berlin has one of the most dynamic startup cultures in Europe with companies making a global impact.

Interestingly the German & European education systems have figured out ways of letting people enter the employment phase early, while allowing them to upskill in parallel pursuing Master’s and Doctorate while working. This is where a DBA or Doctorate in Business Administration becomes a phenomenal idea. Multiple top Universities across Europe- especially the UK, Germany, and Switzerland have started offering DBA to business and tech leaders and ones aspiring to be one, allowing them to super specialize in their domains.

Individual doctorate programs which have a combination of thesis and instruction led curriculum ensures one can pursue the program in the subject one is already working on and hence reducing the additional pressure. Another best part is that these programs have evolved to majorly online, allowing even international students to pursue the same.

Such an idea will be greatly beneficial to our country where we have so much of a dearth of highly qualified people, not because of the lack of energy or enterprise but just the lack of options. With DBA degree courses available on online platforms like ours, make it easily accessible and offer a good return on investment as compared to an offline degree.

This course is carefully designed for working professionals who are looking for a transition into the C-suite and senior management roles while looking at becoming experts in their domain of choice. The professional doctorate degree also allows candidates to practice in the field and advance to leadership positions.

With the help of such online DBA programs, India can also have an increased number of Doctors from business and tech-driven roles who have the coveted ‘Dr.’ title to their name in record time. As a nation, our strength is our people, the best human resource available across the world who can solve complex problems in record time. All we need to do is to arm them further with courses and opportunities like this that are on par with other western countries.

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