Top 9 Hottest Tech Skills Companies are Looking For In 2022 [Complete Analysis]


Technology is never in a state of limbo, it is always evolving. The skills that were in demand last year become old as soon as the new year arrives. Employers expect candidates to possess the technical skills that are in trend. 

The technology sector is highly competitive. There are thousands of candidates vying for a few lucrative jobs. So, how can you stay ahead of the competition and craft an impressive resume? The trick is to constantly update yourself and be aware of the skills that employers are currently looking for. 

Learners receive an average Salary hike of 58% with the highest being up to 400%.

That is why to launch a stellar career, you need to acquire the top technical skills of 2022.

Top technical skills candidates should learn in 2022 

Here are the top technical skills you must master to kick-start your career in the tech industry:

1. Building a Chatbot

You must have noticed that Artificial Intelligence deals with customer service interaction and queries in many reputable websites. This trend is expected to grow further in 2020-2023. 

Chatbots pop up the moment you visit these websites. They’re designed to emulate human conversation unerringly and the technology that drives chatbots is Artificial Intelligence. Also learn how chatbots are making a stir in social media.

The reason chatbots are so popular is that they can be utilized for 24/7 service. They flawlessly handle customer queries, a higher volume of operations and other administrative tasks without the element of human error. 

AI-operated chatbots are being extensively deployed by all the major industries, from retail and healthcare to manufacturing and finance. That is why the chatbot technology is one of the top technical skills of 2022.

Chatbots draw on a wide database of instructions that are usually given to computers by humans. To construct nifty chatbots, you need Artificial Intelligence technologies such as –

Further skills needed to form a team that can develop chatbots are –

  • Node.js Skills and Node.js Developer 
  • JavaScript
  • Knowledge of DialogFlow or

It would also help if you have a thorough understanding of the requirements of the potential users and the probable problems that they might face. Learn how to make chatbot in Python.

2. Python

Python is a hot skill at the moment and the reason it is so sought after is that it is crucial to Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, which form the cornerstone of technology. A few other compelling reasons why you should invest yourself in machine learning with Python

  • It is the fastest-growing programming language at the moment, so it is in high demand. 
  • Python is immensely versatile. It is used in almost all fields of technology such as gaming, website development, machine learning, and scientific computing. Once you have acquired this skill, you will have the opportunity to exercise your choice and land a rewarding job, great pay in any segment of the vast technology industry.
  • Some of the world’s most famous tech behemoths such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, NASA, Netflix, Instagram and Dropbox rely on Python and hire people well-versed in it.

3. TensorFlow

In connection with Python, it should be noted that another hot skill that is going to be very popular in 2020-2023 is TensorFlow. 

Google developed this software, which is open-source, and it acts as an AI library. It helps developers craft neural networks that contain multiple layers. With graphs indicating data flows, models can be created. Companies use TensorFlow for –

  • Perception
  • Classification
  • Understanding
  • Discovering
  • Predicting
  • Creation 

The great thing about TensorFlow is that there are numerous books and tutorials available that can help you acquire this skill. Learn more about tensorflow project ideas for beginners.

4. Cybersecurity

The reason why the demand for candidates with an extensive understanding of cybersecurity is high is that even today there are major holes in cybersecurity that pose as significant a threat to companies. Companies are likely to increase their investment in cybersecurity to plug these holes and safeguard company technologies and secrets. 

Even police departments are hiring cybersecurity experts to help crackdown on crime.

To make a career in cybersecurity, you need to possess these skills –

  • Analysis of malware and its reversal
  • Detecting intrusions, breaches and attempted data theft with backdoor codes and Trojans
  • Fundamentals of programming language 
  • Risk analysis
  • Expertise in cloud security

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5. Microsoft Azure

Another hot skill of 2022 is Microsoft Azure. Cloud computing is a rage right now and that is why Microsoft has entered the fray with its own platform to help in this kind of computing. With the help of data centers managed by Microsoft, Azure can be used for-

  • Creating applications
  • Testing apps
  • Managing the apps 

The reason Azure gives you an edge is that you can create applications and services with any tool, language or framework of your choice. Microsoft Azure is the current favourite of the IT industry because it is cost-effective and extremely functional. 

6. Blockchain

When you think of electronic payment, electronic currencies or cryptocurrencies, the word that pops to the mind is blockchain, which is the foundation of the technology that powers electronic payment. 

It is a data structure that acts as a ledger and records transactions in many databases. It offers complete transparency and security. 

This technology is also utilized to create cryptocurrencies. Major banking and other financial institutions are making the most of blockchain, which is what makes it one of the top technical skills of 2022. Learn why blockchain is the future.

7. Neural networks

Just like the neural pathways of our brain control all the functions of our body, Artificial Intelligence to needs something similar so that it can be operated. This is where neural networks come in, and today it is one of the most crucial top technical skills

They are the computer equivalent of the complex network of the brain’s neural pathways. Algorithms and deep learning can be used to make AI ‘think’ and develop insight. 

A programming language like Python or a framework like TensorFlow can create an intricate web of neural networks that transmit data. 

The neural network is a hot skill because it can be used for-

  • Predicting market trends
  • Verification of data
  • Detecting fraudulent activities
  • Forecasting sales
  • Analyzing risk

Know more: Neural Network Tutorial

8. Linux Professional Institute Certification

The one operating system that will never fall out of favour is Linux. Linux is here to stay and you had better brush up your Linux skills. Linux forms the foundation of all other software in any computer, be it your average laptop or a supercomputer.  

To prove that you are a qualified individual with an extensive understanding of Linux, you need the stamp of approval from the Linux Professional Institute, which comes in the form of a certificate. It is likely to be one of the top technical skills in the upcoming years. 

9. Splunk technology

No list of top technical skills can be complete without including the Splunk technology. The big data of most companies is not generated by humans because we cannot handle the immense volume of monitoring, searching, analyzing, correlating, indexing, and developing reports. And all of this has to be done in real-time! 

That is why software like Splunk is deployed to mine staggering amounts of data. 


You need to possess the top technical skills to carve out a place for yourself in the brutally competitive IT sector. But the good news is that most of these skills can be acquired easily with copious amounts of attention and dedication. An exciting and fulfilling career awaits any candidate who masters the hot skills of 2022.

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