Top 8 Highest Paying Jobs in US in Arts Field [A Complete Report]

Science, arts, and commerce are three branches of education, following which a candidate can sculpt a career for themselves. In arts specifically, the subjects offered are psychology, sociology, home science, music, liberal arts, and multimedia. By looking at these subjects, you can comprehend that this field inspires students to learn what they are more passionate about. 

Arts students are comparatively more interested and invested in their curriculums since the subjects reflect their liking. After completing high school and graduating from the arts field, students encounter various arts jobs. They either choose arts stream jobs that were a part of their curriculum or, in most cases, go for something entirely out of their syllabus. 

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Let us have a look at the potential arts jobs list that you can pursue ahead. 

List of Jobs That Come Under Arts Stream

1. Musician

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a musician and couldn’t proceed with it because you didn’t know how to do it? In order to be a successful musician, you don’t have to perform at a famous stadium or on massive platforms. You can learn music as a student, be a music teacher, or work in a production company and learn about the back end of those processes, which will help you with your career. 

Average Salary: $42,363 per annum

2. Animator

An animator creates a series of hand-drawn or digital images, which, when combined, create an illusion of movement. As an animator, you will be working in both 2D and 3D. Animators are highly demanded in television, film industries, games, media, etc. Movies like Disney films are all created through animation. 

Average Salary: $40,745 per annum

3. Art teacher

Being part of a teaching job is a very content and self-satisfactory experience. You will be sharing your knowledge about art and creativity with your students, which means you will earn by sharing your creative insights. You can set up an art studio and invite students of different ages to be a part of your art institution. As an art teacher, it will be a great opportunity for you to be inspired by your students’ creations. 

Average Salary: $52,359 per annum

4. Photographer

This arts field is prominently pursued and loved by many creatives. People inclined to click shots and capture moments can monetize their interest by taking photography as a career field. You are bound to flourish in this job as it depends on having more connections, so you will have to work on that. You can work as a freelancer, or you can be a part of a media team. You can do photoshoots which are well-paid services.

Average Salary: $44,475 per annum

5. Art Dealer

Are you someone whose creativity is showcased best in trading, business, and marketing? This profession is best for you if you have an observing eye and feel that art and artists make you happy. It’s hard to find a creative arts subject jobs list, but you’ll definitely love this one.

As an art dealer, you travel the world, meet new artists, collectors, and sellers, go to museums, and stay up to trend with creative art ideas. Your business agenda would be to collect and sell artistic pieces in various art showrooms.

Average Salary: $62,000 per annum

6. Fine Artist

This is one of the most obvious arts jobs, but one of the most difficult one as well. It requires a lot of discipline and dedication to express your art. You will need to have a solid portfolio of all your artworks and platforms where you can sell them. Until then, you can work as an assistant in an art studio.

However, until and unless you are not fully established, it will be difficult to earn good money. On the contrary, if you’ve established yourself, you can expect to earn high profits.

Average Salary: $55,583 per annum

7. Illustrator

After completing your fine arts degree, you can pursue your career as an Illustrator. An Illustrator creates customized images and art forms targeted toward a specific audience. For example, banners of a school fest, a book cover, or logos. Any art that needs a personalized touch is what you will have to create as an illustrator.

Average Salary: $27,871 per annum

8. Editor

If you are great at expressing your thoughts and have a flair for writing, this is the perfect job. As an editor, you will proofread content used in blog posts, websites, advertisements, social media, etc. It is a high-paying job since many institutions need an editor for their marketing and social media presence.

Average Salary: $57,942 per annum

9. 3D Artist

Unlike regular artists who use paints and a white canvas to draw their masterpieces, 3D artists create 3D art pieces. These are computer images made especially by drawing and designing software that must be thoroughly learned from scratch. It is a difficult skill to attain, but once mastered, you will receive high-paying clients.

Average Salary: $64,851 per annum

10. Technical writer

Technical writing is different from content writing or blog writing. As a technical writer, you will be expected to know about the niche that you are writing about. You must be well educated on the subject matter since technical writing is constricted to information and facts. You cannot be very broad in your subject matter. Precision towards the data is expected.

Average Salary: $61,924 per annum

8 High Paying Arts Stream Job Roles in the Us

Apart from the job mentioned above roles, the following is an arts subject jobs list with the highest paying salaries in the US.

1. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are skilled at creating designs for every media possible. Depending on the client’s needs, they create designs for logos, images, banners, brochures, illustrations, etc. They need to be specialized in working with computer software, as well as they need to have good artistic hand-drawing skills. 

Average Salary: $54,599 per annum

2. Film/Video Editor

As a film/video editor, you will have to be great at creating the right aesthetics in a video. Videos are shot from any angle and can have any colored themes. The video editor’s job is to ensure that the footage reflects a good story. They have to cut the video’s length, change the color schemes, whether it’s the contrast’s brightness and ensure that the result reflects the client’s vision. 

Average Salary: $48,935 per annum

3. Production Artist

A production artist is someone who helps design the media and assists the art director with the execution of the art piece. They also ensure that the created art is technically ready for publication. 

Average Salary: $44,874 per annum

4. Freelance Writer

A freelance writer is an independent worker who sells their writing services. They do their own research for writing content for advertisements, blogs, newspaper publications, social media, websites, etc. 

Average Salary: $50,234 per annum

5. User Interface Designer

A User interface Designer designs and creates user interfaces in software. They look after the user’s interaction with websites, applications, and games. 

Average Salary: $85,534 per annum

6. Interior Designer

As an interior designer, you are expected to provide aesthetic outlooks for various properties. You will be creating safe, functional, and beautiful interior spaces. You will have to be good at drawing hand sketches and also using computer software to make 3D sketches for the clients. 

Average Salary: $62,839 per annum

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7. Commercial Designer

Commercial designers are also known as industrial designers who create and design products by merging art and engineering. They use their creativity to make inviting products that are useful in the day-to-day lives of their clients. 

Average Salary: $68,037 per annum

8. Art Director

An art director is an editor who looks through all the images, illustrations, or artwork in a magazine, website, newspaper, advertisement, etc. They also work with the design team to ensure that the final outcome caters to the client’s needs. They have a degree in communications or digital marketing, such as one offered by the leading education platform. The Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing and Communication offers an excellent approach to walking this lucrative career path. 

Average Salary: $73,028 per annum

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As an arts stream student, you can expect to have various options while choosing your career. There are multiple arts stream jobs that provide high salaries in the US. You need to complete your bachelors in any arts stream course to opt for more job opportunities in the arts stream by learning new skills. 

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Which field provides the highest-paying jobs in the US?

Ans. STEM jobs are known to offer the most high-paying jobs in the US. These include software engineers, medical professionals, statisticians, data scientists, IT professionals, and more.

What are the best job posts for art students in the US?

Ans. Following are the best job posts for art students in the US: Animator, Photographer, User experience designer, and Graphic designer. These are the most generously paid job roles.

What are the career fields in arts and design?

Ans. The career fields in arts and design include Interior designing, Graphic designing, Fashion designing, Fine arts, and Illustration.

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