Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Delhi [A Complete Report]


There was a saying by a very famous Chinese philosopher who went like, “Choose a job that you love such that you will never have to work a single day in your life.” He knew that if his ambition drove a person, that person would be self-motivated and have an awe-inspiring work rate, both of which are the ideal qualities that would lead them to success eventually. 

If we try to translate that famous saying in the current paradigm, we see that it still holds its ground but not quite firmly as one might expect. It is seen that while passion, love for the job, and ambition, among other things, are a great motivator to several people, but for the vast majority of us, they usually take the back seat.

Yes, we have an even better motivator than passion in the mix. That variable whose importance was somehow not correctly estimated in that famous saying is that of money.

We can quickly put money as the top motivator for one to choose jobs. Cash is even used to “compare” one job from another (even if they happen to be of two completely separate disciplines). The booming Indian economy is also one of the contributing factors to the whole shifting status quo.

Now, because of the connectivity and the sheer number of opportunities floating worldwide, it is easy for us to see and choose which job to choose over the other. But for some, it could still be a challenging skill to master. They factor in too many variables and get lost in their calculation. 

To help eliminate this confusion once in, we have compiled this list of the highest paying jobs in Delhi and what gets the highest paid jobs in Delhi entrails. However, one final note before we begin, the list you are about to read is in no particular order, so please read through till the very end. 

Highest Paying Jobs In Delhi

1. Data Scientist

There is no denying that data science has to be one of Delhi’s hottest fields. Although the entire sector is relatively new, it still boasts of the most lucrative opportunities for both excitement and money. Let us look at what makes Data scientists one of the highest paid jobs in Delhi. 

So, as the name might suggest, the job of any data scientist revolves around data. Any data scientist in any company is tasked with collecting and processing vast volumes of data daily. They are supposed to take a look at the data in front of them and are believed to draw significant insights that would potentially dictate even the profit margins of any company or organization. 

You would find data science to be an amalgamation of various fields. To be a successful data scientist, you should have the coding skills from a software engineer, stats knowledge from an expert statistician, and most machine and deep learning algorithms like that of a machine learning engineer.

If you find data science appealing, be prepared for all the hard work you would have to gain all the needed skills because the average salary of any data scientist in Delhi is about Rs. 10 Lacs INR per annum. Which in itself is a pretty huge motivator.

You can get a PG Diploma in Data Science from upGrad and IIIT-B to get the required skills and become a data scientist. On the other hand, you can get a Master’s in Data Science and work on projects to do the same.

2. Full-stack Software Developer

Software has been and always will be one of the most respected jobs in the whole sector of Computers and informatics. Hence, it is given that being a software developer in the capital city of Delhi should bring in top dollar.

But before we discuss the monetary side of things, let us take a look at what a full-stack software developer does. Every software and website is essentially an amalgamation of the pretty consumer-end (which is also known as the front-end) and the code-driven backbone of any software known as the server-end (or backend).

A full-stack developer is skilled enough to be able to do the development of both sides with ease. Software development was traditionally a job for two people handling the front and the back end, but a Full-stack developer changes everything by reducing and removing many problems associated with the old model; hence it is obvious why they are in demand.

To help keep up with the rising demands of skilled full-stack developers, companies are ready to shell out big money if you fit their bill. You can earn a check of around Rs. 14 Lacs per annum if you happen to be a full-stack software developer based in Delhi.

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3. Investment Banker

Investment banking has its name in one of the most rewarding sectors regarding the amount of money earned by a banker. Typically an investment banker would be tasked with giving financial advice to the company and individuals who employ them and keep them under their payroll.

You will rarely see an investment banker to be used at a small firm. Instead, you usually see them handling investments, IPOs (Initial Public Offerings), bonds, mergers, and even teh acquisitions of giant corporations. To be a good investment banker, you will need a sharp and statistical mind.

You should be fully aware of all sorts of strategies employed at the stage of international business. Not to mention you must have impeccable communication skills. You can expect to earn about Rs. 18 lacs per annum with such a tiring job. 

4. Corporate Lawyer

Yes, you will get to live out your days as depicted by your favorite TV shows, just like what you see in those shows. If you happen to become a lawyer, especially a corporate lawyer, you will earn a considerable sum of money.

Moreover, your base would be in the country’s capital, so you should be getting ready to fight some high profile cases given that you have the reputation and experience. If you choose to be a corporate lawyer, you will be tasked with helping companies provide a structure to their business, perform deals in their stead, and not to mention handling all the legal obligations that they might have.

The corporate lawyer also helps the company in writing fine prints like contracts and terms and conditions. You might find the job taxing at times, but the reward will be worthy of your efforts. You can earn about Rs. 9 lacs INR being a corporate lawyer.

5. Expert of Machine Learning

There is a lot of hype around the whole idea of machine learning, meaning the ability to create smart machines. While that is still a vision far into the future, the present technology, however, does allow us to get an insight into the future by looking at the past. Sound interesting, right?

Because that is the whole idea behind machine learning. Since machine learning allows us to build things that were deemed impossible earlier, it is understandable that it is the new fad. Not just that machine learning expert makes a ton of money as well, which makes machine learning one of the highest paying jobs in Delhi. You can earn around Rs. 8 lacs INR per annum with your knowledge of machine learning.

upGrad offers a comprehensive machine learning course with IIIT-B, which can help you learn all the skills needed to become an ML expert.

6. Blockchain Developer

Since the dawn of cryptocurrency, blockchain has cemented itself as one of the most popular sectors for any professional to work. Blockchain has ushered in a new era of decentralized and highly secure everything. Blockchain even promises to replace some of the most long-standing features of our status quo with their smart alternative (like smart contracts).

There are a lot of things which blockchain brings to the table. If you want to work on the blockchain, you can expect to earn in the neighborhood of 35 to 45 lacs INR per annum. 

You can become a blockchain developer by taking a detailed course in this domain. IIIT Bangalore has a blockchain certification program in which you can enrol and learn all the concepts and relevant skills to become a blockchain professional.

7. Management Consultant

There are many problems which companies, irrespective of their size, faces every day. Some of the problems deem an expert intervention. You will be one of these experts if you happen to go to the route and become a Management consultant.

If you like fast-paced jobs, you would love being a management consultant. You need to have a good financial background and a highly analytical mind to found reasonable success in this sector. Once you do, you would earn in the neighborhood of Rs. 11 lacs per annum.

To become a management consultant, you should have a Bachelor’s in economics, finance, business, the management or any related field. You can also get an MBA to enhance your career prospects and develop the skills this job requires.

8. Product Manager

In a market like today’s trillion-dollar companies like Apple thrives on releasing new products every year. Even a small delay in the launch cycle could mean increased competition, and sometimes the product itself is not doing well in the market. Another critical factor in the success of any product is the launch itself.

Continuing our example from the smartphone world, we have seen some great products not doing well because of how they launched the product. To help companies establish and monitor the cycle of any product, Product managers are hired. It is a highly coveted job, which also is one of the highest paid jobs in Delhi. In a good company, you can earn about Rs. 11 lacks INR per annum. 

To become a product manager, you will need certification in product management or an MBA with specialisation in marketing. upGrad offers a unique product management course where you get to learn in-demand skills such as user design, market research, and others from leading experts and thought-leaders. It has always been one of the best jobs in Mumbai, and dealing with money – yours and others – is the stuff of dreams.

9. Charted Accountant

If you took the commerce route in your senior secondary school, chances are being a CA or Charted Accountant was your dream job. CA boasts one of the nation’s most stringent selection processes but, all the efforts pay off when you finally become a CA. Because of such a low acceptance rate, a county like India faces a shortage of CAs.

So, if you like finance and providing companies to help with their taxes and helping them figure out terms like GST, you can choose to be a CA. The money you make is another factor of motivation. A CA in Delhi makes about Rs. 9 lacs INR per annum. But, you can earn a lot of money through the commission itself.

10. Marketing Manager

Marketing has to be one of the most critical factors for determining the revenue of any company. A good marketing campaign could be the difference between a great fiscal year and an awful fiscal year. Now, the traditional means of marketing do not fare well in the 21st century because of the whole digitization.

This fact opens up opportunities for a completely new set of people and the skills that they possess. This sector also boasts of being the reason for about 20 lack of jobs in India itself. If you like marketing or helping the company in their advertisement campaign, you would see this job through without breaking a sweat and bringing in about Rs. 7 lacs per annum.

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These are the top 10 highest paying jobs in Delhi– that will help you grow financially / that will be in demand. We hope we made choosing your career easier through this article. Money is a great reason to select a field, but you should also keep your interests in mind during the selection.

Which job did you like the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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