Top 15 Highest Paid IT Jobs in India for Freshers & Experienced [A Complete Guide]

Since the genesis of humanity, Homo sapiens have been fascinated with creating something new. This quest of human beings has led the foundation of the discovery of these modern days’ sophisticated and state-of-the-art technologies that ease out the hardships of our lives. It seems that this quest for the invention is still drawing youngsters toward the Information Technology (IT) sector. Besides, when it comes to career prospects, techies are one of the highest-paid professionals.  

Why Choose Information Technology as a Career?

There are several success stories about people who chose Information Technology as a career. Be it Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg, the IT sector has a long list of icons who had made their fortunes starting from scratch. Here are a few reasons that make IT jobs a lucrative career choice:

Learners receive an average Salary hike of 58% with the highest being up to 400%.
  • Affordable Cost of Study: Although a lot of IT professionals are engineers, having a B.Tech or B.E. degree is not the only way to get a decent IT job. A few certification courses in specific areas or pursuing a vocational course in the tech sector can easily land you an internship. 
  • Dynamic Industry: The IT sector is rapidly changing with new innovations, making some ground-breaking developments which are shaking the earlier established technologies. This opens a window of opportunity on a regular basis that requires a significant number of highly skilled workers. Currently, blockchain and cryptocurrency is a rapidly evolving technology. 
  • Highly Paid Jobs: Like other fields, the salary of an IT professional also increases with experience and expertise. Notably, the increment in this sector is better than any other. On top of that, a research study conducted by the US Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) states that “the growth of employment in computer and information technology is up by 12% from 2018 to 2028, much faster than the average for all occupations.” In that case, the salaries of techies employed in the best IT jobs are also going to increase. 

Information technology is the field of dreamers and enthusiasts who are committed to making new advancements. 

Top 15 Highest Paid IT Jobs In India

1. Computer Programmer

Starting Salary: Rs. 200,000 & up

Average Salary: Rs. 504,182

Top Spot Expectations: Rs. 1,102,000


As a computer programmer, one needs to write and test codes for systems and software applications. The real-world implementations of computer programs are the real tasks for these techies. The skill requirement for this IT job is programming languages like C++, Java, Cobol, Python, and others.

2. Web Developer

Starting Salary: Rs. 192,000

Average Salary: Rs. 389,945

Top Spot Expectations: Rs. 656,000


Web developers are responsible for developing, designing, and managing websites. Besides gaining knowledge of coding and programming language, this is one of the highest paying IT jobs which requires a pinch of creativity and quest for designing.

Besides, the designing part, a web developer also looks after the technical aspects of any website which include reducing the loading time, the layout of the pages, and other general performance parameters. As per reports, the sector is speculated to grow by 27% between 2014 and 2024. That makes it one of the most in-demand IT careers.

3. Computer Support Specialist

It is hardly the case that all who use a computer have an adequate working knowledge of it. Now-a-day, computers and embedded systems are placed almost everywhere and used by a whole spectrum of people but not everyone is an expert in handling those and that’s where Computer Support Specialists come into the picture.


In this IT job, one needs to run tests on networks, perform maintenance checks, and troubleshoot potential threats. Generally, a Computer Support Specialist listens to any technical problem faced by users and gives some troubleshooting and repairing advice. It is not necessary that one finds a job in the IT sector only as a Computer Support Specialist. The expected job growth in this sector is almost 12% per annum.

4. Computer & Information Systems Manager (CISM)

Average Salary: Rs. 79,521

Job Growth: 15%


Popularly known as IT project managers, these techies are experts in their respective fields and work to find real-world solutions for technological problems. Like any other manager, they must take care of the workflow and roadmap of any projects that include planning of projects, assignments, and managing various phases of implementation of an operation. As a CISM, you will supervise and implement all IT related tasks while upholding the network stability and security. This IT job normally requires a Bachelor’s degree.

5. Computer Hardware Engineer

Starting Salary : Rs. 305,000

Average Salary: Rs. 396,132

Top Spot Expectations : Rs 487,000

Job Growth: 3%


Although a lot of tasks in any computer system are handled by software, the system is a combination of both hardware and software. And in order to keep the other half in working condition, the IT industry requires Computer Hardware Engineers. These techies deal directly with physical components of the system including processors, motherboards, memory chips, and many others.

Notably, once the system is built, it doesn’t require that much of H/W alteration, but regular check-ups of the system are necessary for smooth functioning. Hardware Engineers look after the physical health of a system.

6. Computer & Information Research Scientist

Job Growth: 11%


Computer and Information Research Scientists are at the forefront of the IT industry. They are responsible for harnessing computer technology for inventing the technologies of the future. Various sectors like business, medical, and many scientific fields, time and again, encounter complex problems.

Computer and Information Research Scientists are responsible for coming up with innovative solutions to handle those problems. A number of these techies work with or for governments or with universities.

7. Big Data Engineer

Starting Salary : Rs. 427,000

Average Salary: Rs. 713,952

Top Spot Expectations : Rs 1,452,000

Job growth: 28%


Data is going to be the costliest asset in the future. However, data is just a raw collection of facts if no conclusion or analysis can be drawn out of it. The main task of any Big Data Engineer is to segregate those data chunks in the form of information packets so that some meaningful information or insights can be generated. This is one of the newly evolved areas in the IT field and is expected to be an industry with the highest salaried employees. 

If you’re interested to learn more about big data, check out BITS Pilani’s PG Program in Big Data Engineering which is designed for working professionals and offers job assistance.

8. Software Systems Developer

Starting Salary : Rs. 300,000

Average Salary: Rs 550,000

Top Spot Expectations : Rs. 1,000,000


This section of IT people works with the systems. Their main task is to develop system-level software. Since these experts must develop real-world solutions using technology, there is a vast opportunity for them to explore in fields like medical, military, industrial, and scientific. As a software system developer, one needs to harness the basic principle of computer science. So having a good command over basics can take you a long way in this sector.

9. Blockchain Developer

Starting Salary : Rs. 340,000

Average Salary: Rs. 715,101

Top Spot Expectations : Rs. 1,091,000

Job Growth: 517%


Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are overloading the market, especially the financial market, in a way that the invention of computers had done way back in the 70s. This decentralized technology is booming at a rapid pace and there is a huge window of opportunity for freshers to start their careers in this sector. The demands in this sector are unprecedented and are expected to go further up in the near future. 

If you are interested to create blockchain applications from scratch, check out upGrad & IIIT-B’s PG Diploma in Software Development – Specialization in Blockchain.

10. Software Applications Developer

Starting Salary : Rs. 266,000

Average Salary: Rs. 434,717

Top Spot Expectations : Rs. 1,655,000


There are two major types of software developers: system developers and application developers. As a system developer, one looks after the process of generating solutions. These experts work on embedded computers that are used in our day-to-day electronics like washing machines, refrigerators, cars, etc. 

Application developers create computer or mobile applications as per the requirements of the users. Optimizations of apps are a major task for these developers especially when the task undertaken is for any enterprise customer. Applications are generally specific to any business or for carrying out any task.

11. Computer Network Architect

Starting Salary : Rs. 741,000

Average Salary: Rs. 1,814,000

Top Spot Expectations : Rs. 3,871,000

Job Growth: 9%


Communication Network generation, handling, and management is the prime job for any Computer Network Architect (CNA). Be it LAN, MAN or WAN, CNA looks after all such communication channels in a network. Additionally, they also look after the initial planning of the network system as in which network is best suited in an area, organization or locality.

12. Information Security Analyst

Starting Salary : Rs. 310,000

Average Salary: Rs. 538,000

Top Stop Expectations : Rs. 941,000

Job Growth: 18%


Network security is the most important responsibility for any organization or a nation. No one wants to have a leaky network when it comes to handling data. Besides, a network needs to be protected from potential threats of attacks and unauthorized access.

The Information Security Analyst is one who looks after all such threats. The experts in one of the highest paying IT jobs laid out the foundation to carry out security checks. They constantly monitor networks and systems for security breaches and potential violations. Encrypting any network is also a primal objective of Information Security Analyst.

13. Computer Systems Analyst

Starting Salary : Rs. 395,000

Average Salary: Rs. 992,000

Top Spot Expectations : Rs. 1,485,000

Job Growth: 18%


It is one of the most sophisticated jobs in the IT sector. And therefore it is arguably the highest paid IT job. As a Computer System Analyst, one looks at the prospects of how an organization can upgrade its existing systems while upholding the existing level of reliability.

These professionals are highly trained and have years of experience. They discuss issues with the management, research new ideas, look out for innovation in the market and combine all these to find a way to adapt new changes in the system. As per speculation, this sector has a huge potential for growth and is one of the best tech careers.

14. Database Administrator

Starting Salary : Rs. 355,000

Average Salary: Rs. 705,000

Top Stop Expectations : Rs 1,333,000

Job Growth: 11%


For any organization, the database plays a pivotal role in taking decisions and framing policies. As the insights are drawn from data, someone is required to store, organize, and implement data effectively. And that is the exact task of any Database Administrator. The most common form of database that a database administrator needs to handle is financial or customer records. The Database Administrator is basically an inventory manager when it comes to storing data.

15. Network & Computer System Administrators

Average Salary: Rs. 735,423

Job Growth: 8%


In any organization, there is a network of computers and systems that needs to work in tandem to maintain the smooth processing of the whole system. The Network & Computer System Administrators are responsible to set up, maintain, and repair this network so that the firm can conduct business easily and meet its goals. Training subordinates to handle these systems and network operation is another important task of any Network & Computer System Administrator. 


Information Technology is still one of the most sought-after fields when it comes to career prospects and will be in-demand no matter what. Just like any other career, it requires a lot of learning. However, just having a degree is not going to help in your career growth. If you are someone who strives for the highest paying IT jobs, you should keep learning and adding new skills into your arsenal. 

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