What is Google Bard AI? What to Expect? Will it tackle ChatGPT? New Features, Expected Release Date

Introduction to Google Bard AI

Bard is Google’s reply to the heated debate of Google vs ChatGPT, the latter being OpenAI’s revolutionary conversational chatbot. 

Google is a succinctly ‘AI first’ company and a leader in all things AI. Bard aims to surpass all its rivals with plans to assimilate it into Google search, allowing users to access it from the search bar. 

Although still experimental, Bard AI can plan events, answer questions, and even draft emails on complex subjects. Google Bard is now available in over 180 countries and three languages — US English, Japanese, and Korean. 

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What Is Google Bard AI?

Google Bard is a generative AI chatbot with conversational abilities that can analyse text prompts and respond with a textual response. Like other chatbots,  Bard AI can perform multiple tasks like solving maths, assisting in writing, and simplifying complex topics. 

Google Bard works much like ChatGPT, except Bard AI will pull its information from the internet instead of an existing data set. In fact, with each response, users will also get the option of ‘Google It’ that will take the users directly to Google search. 

How Does Google Bard AI Work?

Initially powered by the Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA), Bard AI currently uses Pathways Language Model 2 (PaLM 2) to support advanced features like coding and multimodal search. LaMDA offered less computing power than the more complex functionalities of Bard that advanced PaLM 2 offers.

Google uses its own LLMs, LaMDA, and PaLM 2, unlike other chatbots like ChatGpt and Bing Chat which use the GP series.

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Key Features of Google Bard AI

Google Bard offers features like dark mode, question-answer conversations, web search, coding, etc. Some features are:

  • Image-based results: If users ask a question which would be better understood with images,  Bard AI provides answers with images. For example, if you ask, “best places to visit in India”, it will create a reply with images for reference of the best tourist spots in India.
  • Conversational abilities: Bard has remarkable conversational capabilities, answering simple and complex questions with suitable responses. It may provide you with to-the-point answers or even open-ended responses that fuel your creativity. 

If you ask for its opinion or suggestion on more deep-thinking questions, it can provide you with inputs and opinions of its own. With the power of LaMDA and NLP techniques,  Bard AI can create human-like natural conversations.

  • Google Lens & Bard: Another exciting feature added to Bard is the integration of Google Lens into Bard. For example, you can use an image from your fun vacation and ask Bard to create a caption.
  • Dark mode: Most users love the dark mode of Google; now, it is also present in Bard. So whenever you are in the mood for dim-out working, Bard’s dark mode feature will be handy. 
  • Export option: This feature lets users directly export Bard’s work through this feature. For example, if you are trying to write an email, you can ask Bard to draft the email and directly export it to Gmail.

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How Does Google Bard AI Differ From ChatGPT and Other Language Models?

As two competitors, Google vs ChatGPT has been a hot topic since Bard’s launch was announced. 

Here are some of the key differences between Google  Bard AI vs ChatGPT:

ChatGPT Google Bard
Created as an experimental chatbot by OpenAI, it quickly gained over a million users, increasing its user base since its release. Created as a response to ChatGPT, it is meant to compete with ChatGPT and BingAI like other chatbot models in the market.
Impressive conversational skills, it can remember conversations and reply accordingly.  With its advanced technology, Bard AI is estimated to take conversational abilities to new heights.
It cannot integrate images into its replies It can provide image-based replies.
Has an information cut-off date of September 2021. Retrieves online information, making it much more reliable and factually correct.

Use Cases and Applications of Google Bard AI

While some features and applications of Bard are already available, other features, like creating AI images at par with Adobe’s high standards, will soon be added along with the feature to access Bard and all other G-Suite applications.

There can be several uses for Bard AI. Some of them are listed below:

  • Creative help and content generation

Google Bard can create content and ideas to help writers, poets, or creative individuals develop creative ideas and write-ups. 

  • Editing assistance

Google Bard can also help edit and proofread content to make it error-free. This comes in handy for writers and editors, assisting them in their work.

  • Come up with solutions

Bard AI can give solutions when users ask questions in the chatbox. These can be simple questions like ‘What is 2543 multiplied by 6853?’ or ‘Which is the highest peak in the world?’ 

It is an alternative to Google search, providing a faster browsing experience. One does not have to go through several search results with it providing the most accurate and best answer.

  • Guidance on subjects & situations:

Google recognises that users ask questions requiring in-depth analysis and understanding instead of simple factual answers. Questions like ‘Which musical instrument is the easiest to learn’ require more analysis and an opinion-based answer after a fact-check. Bard AI aims to solve this purpose by providing deeper analysis and guidance.

  • Entertainment & fun

Google Bard can make jokes, create puzzles, play along with your wishes, and be used for entertainment, research, and work. 

  • Personalised suggestions & research

Bard AI can remember previous chats and your preferences and provide customised results and suggestions for users. It can also be used for streamlined research, as it helps search and research topics effectively, smoothly, and much faster than other research methods. 

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Expected Release Date and Availability of Google Bard AI

Google Bard was released in March 2023 in the US and UK with a waiting list. Whoever signed up to use Bard had to be on a waitlist, and then they could use it after two or three days. 

Since May 2023, there has been no waitlist, and it is available in over 180+ countries. While it is only available in Japanese, Korean and English, it is also set to be added in 40+ languages. 

Potential Impact of Google Bard AI

Bard brings revolutionary features to a chatbot. There is an ongoing AI race in the world right now. Big names like ChatGPT, Microsoft GPT, and Google Bard are running at an unfathomable speed. Its impact has been debated over. While some say they are bound to take flight, others fear a crash landing. 

Without focusing on the long-term impact, which is sure to change the face of the world, we can safely say that combining the cutting-edge technology and features of Bard AI and the creativity of the human brain can create wonders. 

It has been stressed that Google  Bard AI is not meant to replace humans but rather work as an assistant that makes the work faster, easier, and simpler to accomplish within deadlines rather than doing the entire work alone. It needs human supervision.

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Concerns and Criticisms Surrounding Google Bard AI 

Bard AI, much like other AI chatbot models, has its own limitations. It lacks creativity, which is a problem with all AI conversational models. In addition, there is speculation on the ethical correctness of Bard. It might provide biased responses or responses that harm the sentiments of particular communities. Bard AI might also provide inconsistent answers or incorrect responses. 

For instance, at one of the demos, Google asked Bard, ‘What new discoveries from the James Webb Space Telescope can I tell my 9-year-old about?’ Bard gave an embarrassingly wrong response right at the demo.

Therefore, while this tool is revolutionary, users must understand its limitations and work around them accordingly. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Google ChatGPT?

Google Bard AI is a ChatGPT alternative. Developed by Google, Bard is a conversational AI chatbot that responds to users’ queries and prompts.

How to use Google Bard?

To use Bard, go to and sign in to your Google account. You can use Bard immediately, as there is no longer a waitlist.

Is Google Bard better than ChatGPT?

Technically, Bard has some impressive features and overpowers ChatGPT to some extent. One key plus point is that while ChatGPT has an information cut-off point, Bard uses information directly from the internet, making it much more reliable.

What are the best Google Bard alternatives?

Two alternatives to Bard are Bing AI and ChatGPT.


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