What is the Future of Data Science Technology in India?

Data science is the buzzword in the scientific and technological innovation world today. Data science applications are wide and varied, with the future expecting a great demand for data science specialists in various aspects of the IT world.

As per World Economic Forum, it is estimated that almost 463 exabytes of data will be created every day globally by the year 2025. The volume of data generated is nearly equivalent to 212,765,957 DVDs per day. With this massive volume of data piling up every day, it becomes imperative to study and analyse the raw data generated from different sources; this is where data science works to simplify the task.

What is data science?

Before we understand data science demand in future, it is crucial to understand what data science is in the first place. 

Data science is a data collection process, followed by data storage, segregation, and data analysis to retrieve value from enormous unstructured data, helping businesses and organisations to make data-driven decisions. 

Data science is also the scientific study of data which requires various tools and models, including machine learning tools, statistical and mathematical models, and artificial intelligence. Data science also deals with data wrangling and visualisation and data mining and analysis. 

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Making a career in data science in India

Candidates studying data science and related subjects know well how data science and artificial intelligence have made a strong entry into various industries like healthcare, travel, e-commerce, education, stock market, etc. 

If you are in India working as a data scientist, you can explore many other different roles, including:

  • Data analyst
  • Data architect
  • Database administrator
  • Data engineer
  • Business intelligence analyst

Some of the leading companies with high demand for data scientists include giants like Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, IBM, Accenture, etc. 

Becoming a data scientist 

IT professionals and students who aspire to become data scientists have undertaken an IT or computer science course. Some have also accomplished a Master’s degree in the subject and extended data science courses to upgrade their skill set. 

It is fascinating to note that many non-IT professionals and students are interested in machine learning, data analytics, big data, and artificial intelligence, perceiving the rise in opportunities.

Becoming a data scientist is not as easy as it seems. Here are some areas data science experts are expected to hone:

  • Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)
  • Big Data Frameworks
  • Knowledge of Python and other Programming Languages
  • Statistics
  • Statistical and logical thinking attitude
  • Knowledge of data processing, data exploration, data loading, and data transformation
  • Deep Learning

Having good communication skills is an added advantage. 

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The scope and future of data science in India

Implementation of data science and analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence have made data management highly convenient, with most of them making their way to India. Data science is expected to surge across various sectors with improved opportunities. With so many industries involved and seeking to incorporate it, data science demand in future is inevitable. 

How has data science impacted various Indian sectors?

Many Indian sectors have gladly accepted and implemented data science in their day-to-day business, covering significant operational aspects and determining customer behaviour. 

Here are some Indian sectors where data science has a huge impact:

  • Healthcare – The adoption of data science by the healthcare industry took place long back in India. Medical professionals can check and monitor clinical systems, billing and medical history, and more with the latest data science technology without juggling countless data records. 

With the implementation of data science, doctors and medical professionals can guide their patients more accurately by observing patient data patterns, leading to quicker recovery. Many people are now resorting to telemedicine, where you can carry online doctor appointments and consultations. Telemedicine is a data-oriented and technological platform offering smooth performance. 

  • Retail and e-commerce industry – It is one of the fastest-growing and booming industries using data science. With predictive analysis, the e-commerce and retail industry can successfully carry out customer acquisition and retention. The major e-commerce giants like Flipkart and Amazon use data-backed methodologies for successful business campaigns. These sectors rely heavily on machine learning to understand customer preferences and re-targeting ads.
  • Finance and banking – Customer satisfaction is the most crucial aspect of any business in any sector, and understanding transaction patterns is a vital metric to ensure customer satisfaction. It is possible to develop meaningful customer relationships with the data science implementation and find suitable solutions for customer problems. 

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The banking sector has accepted updated technology to determine debit and credit transaction patterns to minimise fraud risks, secure internet banking data, etc. There is also a vast improvement in the mode of communication based on customer preference. 

  • Agriculture – Along with providing food to its population of almost 1.3 billion people, many agricultural items are exported to foreign nations. Data Science and Artificial Intelligence have played a pivotal role in resolving various agricultural issues like monitoring crop health, combating weather conditions and providing suggestions to improve common crop issues.

Data Science also offers excellent help and support to farmers with training and proper skill development in inexperienced areas.

  • Education – Various kinds of problems inflict the education sector in India. Artificial Intelligence and Data Science-based methods and tools can address these issues. One of the best examples is online learning. Even without basic school infrastructure, students can learn through online learning. Depending on the kid’s learning style, it is possible to develop appropriate education and teaching materials through Artificial Intelligence.
  • Energy – People in India have become more aware of energy resources – renewable and non-renewable. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, it is possible to store and distribute renewable energy sources properly. 
  • Urban Infrastructure – Many smart city projects are running in India successfully. You will be surprised to know that data science and Artificial Intelligence are used in many of these projects. These projects’ primary areas of concern are urban planning, cyber-attacks, citizen delivery services, public safety, etc. Data science has been able to address many of these problems. 


Experts who opine data science as the future are correct. With the use and implementation of various technological innovations like artificial intelligence, data science, and machine learning, massive changes are on their way and aim to transform the whole world. 

Data science is being applied and implemented across various domains. Data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence contribute to higher levels of intelligent decision-making for businesses and organisations. As a result, the demand for proficient data scientists and data analysts is rising in various industries. 

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Q1: What is the scope and future of data science in India?

Answer: Data science is the future, which stands true for India. This evolving technology has transformed the world across all spheres. Demands for data scientists are rising in India with lucrative salary packages.

Q2: What is the salary of a fresher data scientist in India?

Answer: Data science demand in future is on the constant rise. An entry level fresher data scientist grabs a salary of almost INR 5 lakhs per annum. With experience, this package increases by leaps and bounds.

Q3: How safe and secure is a data science job?

Answer: As jobs in the data science segment are high in demand now, they are pretty secure and safe. Data science is the future and, hence jobs in this sector are bound to stay and get better with time.

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