Full Stack Developer Resume Complete Guide & Samples

A resume can make it or break it when it comes to getting jobs. Your resume should stand out from the crowd and impress the recruiter. It should convey your personality and your professional expertise. That’s why writing a resume for a full stack developer role can be a little tricky.

It’s a broad field, covering many skills and experiences. Sharing them all in a resume can be cumbersome. You might end up writing a resume that’s too long. It is also possible that you write a resume that’s too short.

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In this article, we’ll be discussing how you can write an amazing full stack developer resume. So leave your worries, and let’s get started.

How to Write a Full Stack Developer Resume

A full-stack developer profile is entirely different from others. It’s a unique profession, so it has its unique requirements too. You will need to write your resume accordingly so that it stands out and convinces the recruiter.

Another thing that makes full-stack developer resumes unique is the amount of information you’d have to convey. As a full-stack developer, you must be proficient with both back-end and front-end languages. A good full stack developer must need to have knowledge of top programming languages. You’d have to share your knowledge in multiple programming languages such as CSS, jQuery, Ruby, etc.

That’s why we have prepared specific tips for the essential sections of a full stack developer resume sample:


The first thing a recruiter will read in your resume will be its header. You should keep the header specific and straightforward. Your header should have the following components:

          Your name

          Your contact information

          Your Github or Stackoverflow links

          Your blog link

The last two pieces of information make the biggest difference. As a full-stack developer, it is expected of you to have ample coding experience. Github and Stackoverflow are the places that can show how much informed and reputed coder you truly are.

Providing these links will give a lot more information about your skills and expertise to your recruiter than some other information would’ve done. It will also help you stand out.

Common Mistake with Header

Many developers make the mistake of ‘not’ entering their Github or Stackoverflow links in the header. They don’t realize how important it is for the client to see their past work.

Professional Summary

The tech sector is always evolving. The technology which is useful today might become obsolete tomorrow. Recruiters know this fact. That’s why they look for candidates who keep up with the market and continuously learn new technologies. In your professional summary, don’t just mention what you have accomplished.

 Instead, highlight your journey of learning new technologies and upgrading the skills. You should mention the technologies you’ve learned about and used in your past projects. If you have received any accolades for your development skills, indicate that in your summary as well.

What is a Professional Summary?

A professional summary is supposed to briefly tell the reader about your experiences, skills, and achievements. It should sum up your resume in a convincing fashion.


As a full-stack developer, you must’ve already worked with different programming languages. Your technical skills are quite an influential factor in determining whether you’d be accepted for the role or not. Find out about Full Stack Developer Salary in India: For Freshers & Experienced.

In India, full-stack developers who are proficient with JavaScript and Web Development earn the highest. Here are some other skills that are necessary for you to have as a full stack developer:

  1.       Node.JS:

 Back-end language, which is based on JavaScript.

  1.       Django:

 Fast, Python-based web framework which facilitates web app development.

  1.       Python:

 A programming language that is used in both front-end as well as back-end applications.

  1.       .NET:

 Developed by Microsoft, it is used for creating forms and similar sections on websites.

  1.       HTML & CSS3:

 Fundamental languages for adding, modifying, and stylizing the content present on a web page.

  1.       Java:

 One of the most popular programming languages it is used for developing web applications

  1.       Angular (or React, Vue):

JavaScript-based framework that is used in the front-end development web apps.

  1.       Git:

Open-source repository for management of changes made to codes, applications, etc.

  1.       MySQL:

 An open-source database that helps in handling large database connections.

  1.   Flask:

 It is a web framework which simplifies development through tools and libraries Your technical skills showcase your professional competence. Make sure that you check the job description properly and list out your skills accordingly. Mentioning skills that are irrelevant for the role would be a waste of time.

You will also have to add in some soft skills in your resume. Companies value soft skills highly, and mentioning them will help in convincing them that you’re the best fit for the role. You can opt for courses like Executive PG Programme in Software Development – Specialisation in DevOps which would be a great help to you in building your career towards Full Stack Development.

Full Stack Developer Soft Skills

Here are a few soft skills you can mention


          Team player



          Presentation skills

Other Sections

Apart from the sections we discussed above, your resume will have some other areas as well. In most cases, they are the following:




The best thing about these sections is that you don’t need to follow any specific guidelines, as we mentioned above. You can experiment a little here. You can opt to explain the tasks you did in completing a particular project or the reason why you were given special recognition.

Some people neglect these areas and enter the information blandly without any effort. By being a little creative, you can easily beat those resumes and stand out in the eyes of the recruiter.

Full Stack Developer Sample

full stack developer resume sample 2


Write the Perfect Resume

If you’re afraid about the quality of your resume, we suggest that you write a full stack developer resume sample first. Once you’ve written the sample, leave it for a few hours. Then come back to it and reread it. 


However, if you follow these tips, we’re confident that you won’t face any issues in writing the resume. What are your thoughts on these tips? Which section of the resume did you find the most challenging to write? Feel free to share your thoughts. Know Why Companies are Looking to Hire Full Stack Developers and have in and out knowledge about Full Stack Development.

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