Front End Project Ideas & Topics For Beginners [2023]

Are you aspiring to become a front-end developer? Then you should start building a portfolio right away! And the best to do so is by completing front end projects. 

That’s why in this article, we’re discussing many front end project ideas so you can get started and build a robust portfolio. Our list has projects of different skill levels so you can choose one according to your level of interest and expertise. 

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Front End Project Ideas & Topics

1. Build a Personal Site

One of the most straightforward yet challenging front end project ideas is building a personal site. You can start by making your site as your resume. This means you can add information about your experience, skills, and expertise on the website. Freelance web designers and developers tend to have beautiful personal sites for this purpose. 

You’ll have to use your knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to keep the website engaging, unique, and interactive. After completing this project, you should know how you can structure a webpage with HTML, style its elements with CSS, and make the website interactive with JS.

For starters, you should add a banner with your name and title on it. After that, there should be a small bio (or About Me) section along with your photo. You can have a separate contact me page on the website, or you can keep a ‘contact me’ section later on the page. 

Create a Weather App with the Dark Sky API

You can use HTML, CSS, and JS to build a weather application. To add the weather information, you can use the Dark Sky API. You can also use AngularJS in this project. You can use design-oriented libraries to make your website beautiful. The Dark Sky API will provide you with the necessary weather information of different places, so your job would be to show that information pleasantly.

After you’ve completed this project, you’d be familiar with many components of JS, Angular, and AJAX. 

This one is among the beginner-level front end projects. 

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2. Use JavaScript to Build a Quiz Game

We can easily say that JavaScript is the most potent tool in front-end development. It allows you to update the HTML and CSS of your website. It’s capable of manipulating, calculating, and validating data. You can use JS to build a simple quiz game and test your knowledge of this robust programming language. 

You should be familiar with DOM manipulation before you begin working on this project. You can start with a small quiz of 3-4 MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions). Assign individual values to the answers that produce a specific outcome. After finishing this project, you’d have learnt a lot about data management in web development. 

To take this a step further, you can add more questions with more possible outcomes, and thus, make the project highly complex. However, we’d suggest that you start with a small quiz, so you have a general understanding of how it works. You might be tempted to stylize the webpage a lot with CSS, but we recommend focusing on the quiz aspect more. If you aspire to learn web development, you should know what to work on and what to leave for other professionals. 

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3. Use Giphy’s API to recreate Giphy

If you’ve been using the internet for several years, you must’ve come across Giphy. It’s a search engine for GIFs, and it’s filled with them. If you’re familiar with performing DOM Manipulation by using JS or jQuery, then this project is perfect for you. The goal of this project is to build a beautiful page that you can use to find GIFs. 

You can use the giphy API to help you with this project. You can use it for free, and you won’t need to worry about the configuration. Their API will allow you to display popular gifs on your site, have an input which can search for relevant gifs, and have a ‘Load More’ button at the end of the search results to get more search results. 

This project will make you familiar with asynchronous requests. And if you’re using jQuery to build this project, then you’ll get to learn about the ajax method as well. Your web app could become highly sophisticated, which will help you get familiar with the name spacing and structural organization. 

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4. Use Bootstrap to Create a Landing Page

If you want to create beautiful websites, then you must be familiar with Bootstrap. It simplifies the web development and styling of your web pages. As a front-end developer, you’d have to create many landing pages. So, in this project, you’ll focus on building one by using Bootstrap. 

A landing page has multiple pieces of information, images, and even videos. You can start with a simple text and image-based landing page first; you can take inspiration from the web designs of multiple landing pages present all over the web.

On the other hand, if you want to make this project complicated, you can take inspiration from the landing page of our Full Stack Development Program. This is a landing page as well. You can try imitating its design and create a beautiful product. Learning about Bootstrap will help you substantially in building eye-catching web pages. 

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5. Build a Content Management System for your Portfolio

Content Management Systems are quite popular these days. WordPress, Magento, and Joomla are just some of the most prominent CMS solutions present on the web. As a part of your front end projects, you can build a CMS for your portfolio websites as well. There, you can store all the other projects you complete. Building a CMS will make you familiar with the workings of different CMS platforms too, and you’d know how you can use them to create better sites.

You can make the project more complicated by adding multiple features to your CMS. For example, you can add the option to schedule blog posts. Or, you can simply add an element of custom slideshows. After you finish this project, you’d be familiar with many components of web development and Content Management Systems. 

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6. Use Svelte to Build a List App

Svelte entered the industry in 2016 and is entirely novel in comparison to other popular frameworks such as Angular and Vue. However, it has the unique functionalities that make it stand out. And learning about it will surely help you in your career as a front-end web developer. Svelte offers better run-time performance because its applications don’t use framework references. Instead, its applications perform DOM manipulation. 

You can build a list app with Svelte, components, and event handlers. To style the app, you’ll use CSS. Your list app should have a simple and attractive design with multiple options such as using emojis or recording audio messages, through the app. List apps aren’t widely popular, but creating one will certainly look good on your portfolio.

This project will make you familiar with Svelte, web apps, and UX. 

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7. Create a Chatting App by Using Vue

Vue is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries. You should have ample experience in using JS before you work on this project. Performing front-end development for a chat app will surely enhance your experience. 

You should know the basics of Vue.js and using CSS frameworks. Creating a real-time interactive app will require some effort, but it’ll be worth it. You can take it a step further and add options of recording audio messages, sending files as well as images, through your platform. This is an advanced-level project idea, but it’s definitely worth the effort. You’d be familiar with user interface and user experience.

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8. Build an Audio Player App with the Quasar Framework

Quasar is a front-end, developer-focused framework that uses VueJS components. You can use it to create Hybrid Mobile apps, Single Page Apps, PWAs, and browser extensions. Quasar is relatively new in the industry, and learning about it will help you stay updated with the recent trends. While we’re focused on front end project ideas in this article, we can’t neglect Quasar.

In this project, you’d use Quasar to build an audio player app. You can take inspiration from Soundcloud for the design of your audio player app. Before you begin this project, you should be familiar with the android studio. This way, you can create a mobile app. You’ll need to use Wavesurfer, Cordova, Vue, and Quasar in this project. 

After you’re done, you’d be familiar with mobile development, high-end frameworks, and UI Components, along with the robust Quasar framework. 

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Learn More About Web Development

Completing projects is an excellent way to enhance your knowledge. Before you begin working on a project, plan out every step correctly. This way, you can avoid many errors and complete the project quickly and efficiently. You can head to our blog to find more project ideas on various topics. 

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What technologies are used for frontend development?

Frontend technologies are the determinants of success for any application. After all, the front end of software applications creates the first impression in users with their look and feel. Frontend developers, digital designers and web developers should be comfortable with frontend technologies depending on their roles and requirements. Essentially, frontend development mainly includes the web development part. Some of the most vital and popular frontend technologies for use in 2022 include HTML, CSS and JavaScript, along with React Native, React, Angular, NPM, Flutter, Vue.js, Bootstrap and Ionic, among many others. Using the right technologies is crucial to determining the quality and value of the final product.

Is frontend development tougher than backend development?

The frontend is everything that the user can directly view and interact with. Backend means everything that is related to the server-side of an application, i.e. everything that helps drive or run an application. Whether frontend is tougher or backend is a difficult question considering that many parameters come into play for each. Frontend development is no longer confined to learning only HTML, CSS and JavaScript; there are hundreds of libraries and other frameworks like React and Webpack that the developer needs to know. Backend development requires knowledge of various programming languages, database query languages, DevOps lifecycle. So the difficulty level depends mainly on the complexity of the requirements.

Is frontend developer role a good career choice?

The role of frontend developers is key to winning over the end-users, whether it is a web-based portal or a software application. How an application looks – its intuitiveness, ease of navigation, colors, and overall appeal depends on subtle elements that together can make or break the impression. So, skilled frontend developers are highly in-demand and are offered lucrative compensation too. Top companies worldwide are always on the lookout for professionals with the right balance of creativity, technical skills, and business understanding to create what exactly appeals to the target audience.

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